10 Effective Ways to Step Into Your Personal Power

It is common for people to feel lost at some point in their lives. Even when everything seems to work as planned, there may be a feeling that they are living on autopilot, lacking enthusiasm and motivation.

Not being able to feel fulfilled professionally, even if you are pursuing the career you have always dreamed of, can be an indication that you need to step into your personal power.

However, this task is not always easy, because most people do not even realize the potential that they could bring out if they spent some time on self-knowledge.

If this is the case for you, read on!

step into your personal power

What Is Personal Power?

Personal power is, in short, the ability to rely on your own resources, regardless of the position you hold.

In this context, personal resources are an individual’s skills, talents, and knowledge, but they also encompass the way in which they are put into practice and used to exert influence on the environment and on other people.

From the description of this concept, it is necessary to emphasize two points:

The definition of personal power is variable from person to person

If personal power is reliance on one’s own resources, each person has the responsibility to identify what his or her core set of resources is and, more than that, figure out how to make the most of his or her talents.

In this way, personal power has a different “look” for each person.

This statement implies that everyone has personal power, yet some characteristics are more socially valued than others.

In the Western culture, for example, extroversion is a praised trait, while in the East, the introverted and reserved attitude is more esteemed. Thus, individuals with profiles that deviate from the norm feel at a disadvantage.

This does not mean that people who wish to manifest their personal power should adopt the socially predominant characteristics.

On the contrary: this attitude diverges from the concept of personal power development, which always starts from self-knowledge for self-improvement.

Except in cases where one has this advantage in his favor, it is enough to know that it is necessary to be aware of external influences and often to resist them.

It is not a matter, of “swimming against the tide,” but of discovering how to manage your characteristics so that they become differentiators.

This is the main ability of people with well-developed personal power.

Personal power can be expanded

The second issue to be considered is that personal power can – and must – be worked on.

To do so, self-knowledge must be the foundation of this evolution.

From an attitude of self-observation, it is possible to perceive which patterns are repeated, whether in the form of communication, in professional and personal relationships, in the method of learning, or in the definition of preferences and priorities.

In other words, the highlight should be the adoption of an attitude of continuous improvement.

If personal power is a set of a person’s most relevant qualities, it is clear that the best way to awaken it is by polishing these attributes.

Moreover, without such development, it is not possible to have the confidence to manifest personal power.

How to Step Into Your Personal Power?

What do people who have succeeded in awakening personal power have in common?

Besides the ability to improve themselves with each new experience, these individuals take full responsibility for their own growth, but that’s not all!

Below are some of the attitudes that positively impact their performance.

1 – Have Clear Thinking

We know that it’s easy to lose focus along the way, and so a person who stays connected to personal power knows that they need time to self-center.

In other words, slowing down from time to time to put your thoughts and goals in order, evaluate the execution of your projects, and, if necessary, readjust priorities.

When this doesn’t happen, a gap occurs between the goal and the purpose. Before long the person involved may be asking himself: what really were the good reasons that made me decide to do this?

These pauses are also a good opportunity to reflect on one’s own behavior, to realize which reactions were appropriate and which were not, to draw some lessons from these experiences, and to provide a more appropriate response in the future.

2 – Empathy and Understanding

By being able to reflect on your own motivations and shortcomings, the empathy and understanding devoted to the mistakes of others are also broadened.

Therefore, professional and personal relationships tend to be more successful when the awakening of personal power begins.

Furthermore, due to the honest relationship that the individual establishes with himself, the perception about the intentions of the people around him becomes sharper.

In this case, improved interpersonal intelligence is a separate benefit.

3 – Surroung Yourself with Energy and Excitement

Displaying an enthusiastic and energetic attitude is the result of always being confident and aligned with your true purpose, and perhaps this is the most obvious characteristic of personal power.

This manifestation demonstrates comfort and satisfaction with one’s own personality.

So if you can’t get enthusiastic about a project that used to be important to you, maybe it’s time to ask yourself at what point the euphoria stopped being your companion on the journey.

4 – Have Courage and Leadership

Only people who are sure that their causes are significant demonstrate self-confidence and courage.

And these traits are also indispensable in situations where it is necessary to lead groups, be they large or small.

Being able to openly manifest leadership traits is a desire that many people have, even if they don’t know how they could achieve it.

As we have already mentioned, this is a socially esteemed trait, so people who fall outside the desired standard imagine that they can never be leaders.

However, when looking for ways to awaken personal power it also means finding your own leadership style.

5 – Make a Decision and Follow it Through

Before you can do anything in life, you need to mentally prepare yourself to tackle whatever hurdle that is standing between you and your goal.

The journey of stepping into your personal power is not an easy one; you will fall, you will feel like giving up, and there will be days that you just want to go back into your comfort zone where you do not have to take responsibility.

I, too, often feel like going back to my comfort zone. But each time you feel like going back, ask yourself this question:

Why did you leave it in the first place? If you have no intention of following through, then do not waste your time starting the process. You are better off binge-watching Netflix.

6 – Have a Method

After making that decision to step into your personal power, put together a plan. Determine what exactly you need to change to be in control of your life.

Set realistic goals. Sometimes the reason we easily give up is that we try to go from 0 to 100. Change doesn’t work like that. You need to be gradual.

Be kind to yourself by doing what you can when you can. The important thing is you are taking action.

7 – Discover, Learn and Master

Your goals may include improving your emotional intelligence, losing weight, or learning a new skill that will improve the quality of your life.

You need to research and learn additional information that you can apply during acquiring that new skill.

Develop a habit of dedicating a few minutes of the day towards learning and improving.

It may be 30 minutes a day of reading or watching a YouTube channel that will help you achieve your goal. You will be shocked by how 30 minutes a day can transform your life.

8 – Transform Your Lifestyle

There are things that you will need to let go of that take away from your personal power. As mentioned before, start small.

Don’t make drastic changes because your brain isn’t wired to make big changes. Like a child, you need to trick it out of your comfort zone.

For instance, if you usually wake up at 9 a.m., you cannot just suddenly start waking up at 5 a.m. That is too much of a drastic change for your body to handle.

If your goal is waking up earlier than you usually do, try waking up 15 to 30 minutes earlier than your usual time until eventually, you reach your intended goal.

Plant bits and pieces of actions within your daily routine that will help you achieve your goal.

9 – Get to Know Yourself

Getting to know yourself is one of the most powerful things that you can do to help yourself step into your personal power.

When you know yourself, you can control yourself, and when you can control yourself, you can control your life. And that is all that you need to be happy: self-control.

This period of staying at home is the perfect time to unravel things about yourself and understand why you do what you do.

One of the best things that I took the time to understand about myself was why I love the way I love.

Understanding your attachment style can help improve your relationships and taking personality tests can also help you understand a lot about yourself and what you may need to work on.

10 – Live the Present Day

The reason we often go through life as victims is because we often focus on things we cannot control.

We are stuck in the past we cannot change or we obsess over the future we know nothing about.

Stepping into your power is mostly staying in the present. Ask yourself: What can I do now? Because you can only control now.


If something in your life is not right, you’ve done all the best things you can do, and yet nothing has changed, investigate your feelings.

Think about what beliefs or resentments have not yet been released and work on them.

In the process of growth, it is important that we polish our personality, making it more pleasant.

And, for this, it is essential to go through a process of self-knowledge, learning to manage our emotions to improve our professional and personal performance, achieving a free and creative mind.

When you free yourself from resentments and understand that you and all human beings are here to learn. You will understand that making mistakes is part of the way and we all have weak points in our personality to be improved.

After this realization, the journey to step into your personal power will become lighter.