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How Superstar Tom Hardy Deals With Psoriasis (All Revealed!)

One might only imagine the misfortunes of winning the psoriasis lottery, but what many don’t know is that it is indeed a lottery, anyone can have it for sure.

This is the case for one of the biggest Hollywood actors, Tom Hardy! He is best known for roles such as Bane, Alfie Solomons, Eddie Brock, Charles Bronson, and many more.

Tom Hardy has been battling psoriasis since ever, in fact, he always manages to get some best roles on the big screen and still keeps his psoriasis well hidden from the public eye.

If you want to know how Tom Hardy is the master of psoriasis disguise, keep reading because we got it all covered just for you.

how superstar tom hardy deals with psoriasis

How Tom Hardy Deals With Psoriasis?

It is not easy to unravel the true opinion of Tom Hardy regarding psoriasis, as he tends to set it aside to focus on more important things.

But we can have a clear idea of what he does with his life to help psoriasis symptoms surrounding it. This is what he talks about during his interviews.

  • Although Tom loves his privacy and being alone he shares that it is important to connect with people, especially with the ones who you love.
  • He states the importance of a good education but doesn’t like when people let it be above humility and politeness.
  • Dreaming bigger is very important to him, and he states you shouldn’t be afraid to always do it.
  • He teaches us to love people, to do something for them even if we don’t like it because it is the right thing to do.
  • Hardy endorses that everyone should treat their next one as if they were the CEO, even if that person is just a janitor.
  • He is conscious that we are all survivors because we can control fear.
  • There is no wrong in liking fame and its beauty, but at the end of the day, we are all human beings and should act as such.

There is no real secret for Tom Hardy to deal with his psoriasis as we can see. To be human is his best bet, and he sure has a lot to teach us about that.

Like many psoriasis patients, he lives his life day by day, beating challenge after challenge, and recommends everyone to do the same.

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for dealing with psoriasis, but we sure can look at Tom Hardy as a fierce example to follow.

Does Tom Hardy Hide His Psoriasis?

Not really, Tom is a front-up guy. He is truly genuine and he doesn’t hide anything from anyone regarding his psoriasis. He is very open while talking about it in interviews, and we can see that it’s something that doesn’t bother him that much at all.

Is Tom Hardy Using Makeup to cover his Psoriasis?

Although many of his roles end up covering his psoriasis with makeup, he usually doesn’t use any makeup on his typical days.

In fact, in some of his roles, his psoriasis is very noticeable even with makeup. But as you can see that doesn’t stop him from scoring big in many of his roles.

how superstar tom hardy deals with psoriasis makeup

Is Psoriasis the Reason Why Tom Hardy Has Many Roles With His Face Covered?

Although Tom Hardy’s psoriasis is sometimes visible on his face, that is not the main reason why he gets so many roles with a covered face.

According to Christopher Nolan (director of The Dark Knight Rises and Dunkirk), Hardy is a brilliant actor who can make a character stand out even when having his face fully covered.

This is why Nolan loves to work with Hardy in roles like that, and it is one of the main reasons why he is preferred in such movies.

Quoting Nolan’s words. “That is just the unique talent of the man, he’s extraordinary.”

Does Tom Hardy Has Tattoos?

Yes, Tom Hardy has a lot of tattoos, around 30 to be precise. He got his first tattoo at the age of 15 and has no plans to stop growing that number.

They all represent important things in his life such as former lovers, life events, and family.

Is Tom Hardy Following a Diet Plan to Deal With Psoriasis?

Unless Tom Hardy is preparing himself for some big roles he doesn’t state following anything in particular.

When he’s working out to act in some specific role, he tends to follow diets based on protein and key nutrients that best serve him to reach his goal.

His favorite dish is sticky pork cutlets, as you can see it goes a little off from lean protein and complex carbohydrates, but hey… it works for him.

how superstar tom hardy deals with psoriasis career

Has Psoriasis Stopped Anything in Tom Hardy’s Career?

For those who don’t know Tom Hardy’s life story, psoriasis was probably his least concerning problem. Hardy had a rough past coming from a background of drug and alcohol addictions.

But he’s sober for 16 years now (and counting). And by watching his career as it unfolds, we can easily see that psoriasis is not stopping him from doing what he loves most, being himself.

To put in perspective Tom Hardy is:

  • A Mixed Martial Arts fan and his workouts usually involve sports like MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, and others.
  • Loves people and loves to help others he is known for not stopping ever when it comes to that. He’s always active with some active charity campaign.
  • He’s a family man and is always busy with his kin.
  • Tom Hardy is a well-known actor but also a screenwriter and producer. He even got a short career in rap.
  • He loves ballet, he is such a die-hard fan of it that goes every year to the nutcracker and supports actively the English National Ballet.

As we can see, Tom Hardy’s psoriasis is not stopping him from anything in particular. Of course, he must have his days, like many psoriasis patients.

But looking through the spotlight of his career, psoriasis is just another bump he conquered in life. May he be of great inspiration to all patients battling psoriasis out there.

That tomorrow becomes the best you can have for yourself with or without psoriasis major symptoms.