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Steam Rooms Are Good for Psoriasis (When Used Like This)

Everyone knows that relaxing and unwinding for the day is one of the best medicines for your skin and your mind, but what about the people who suffer from psoriasis? Can they do it too?

Of course, they can, using a steam room can be one of the most beneficial things one can do for their psoriasis, it has many advantages and it is also an added value for your mental health.

If you want to know how can you do a steam room treatment in safety for your psoriasis then keep reading because we have it all covered just for you.

steam rooms are good for psoriasis

What Are Steam Rooms?

Steam rooms are super-hot rooms designed to increase body temperatures but unlike traditional sauna, steam room heat is powered by boiling water thus making it very humid and full of “wet” heat.

This will not dry your skin further nor will provoke more inflammation for your psoriasis. A steam room can help psoriasis by moisturizing the patient skin, the high humidity in a steam room is a welcome relief for psoriasis symptoms.

It will ease any itching and burning sensation. The relaxation provided in steam rooms will also allow a psoriasis patient to relax and low-stress levels that negatively affect psoriasis flare-ups.

Benefits of Steam Rooms for Psoriasis

There are a lot of benefits that steam rooms can provide to psoriasis patients, among them are:

Improve Skin Health

One of the best benefits of steam rooms is the ability for improving skin health, this is only possible thanks to the hydration that it can provide for the skin.

Psoriasis often unbalances the skin hydration but steam rooms can do an overall balance again.

You will also benefit from clean skin, due to the high heat you will sweat from head to toe, this will open your pores and will sweat out any impurities present on the skin.

Lower Blood Pressure

Psoriasis patients unfortunately are at risk for higher blood pressure, this is a tremendous risk for cardiovascular diseases.

When you do a steam room session you are enabling your body to promote the decrease of blood pressure, this will prevent conditions like strokes and heart diseases.

Improve Circulation

Having better circulation is crucial for psoriasis patients, when bad circulation occurs it often leads to numbness, swelling, chest pains, and other consequences.

Psoriasis patients unfortunately are at higher risk for bad circulation due to their condition.

But when doing a steam room treatment they can positively improve their circulation as heat tends to dilate blood vessels and move the blood toward the skin’s surface.

Better blood circulation means better oxygenation for the cells and in turn, they’ll do better regeneration, as you can see this is of great value for the entire body.

Great Workout Recovery

People who have psoriasis and often do heavy exercises like bodybuilding or other intensive workouts have great advantages in doing steam rooms for their skin.

Muscles are usually sore a lot after workouts and in the following days when you do steam rooms the heat will diverge the blood flow from the core and will shift it into your muscles.

This effect increases muscle recovery and will bring some relief as the recovery process tends to be less painful.

In sum, steam rooms will help decrease the consequences of muscle damage that is generated by working out intensively.

In psoriasis patients, this recovery time could take a lot longer, but not with the proper use of steam rooms.

steam rooms are good for psoriasis high humidity

Provide Great Relaxation

This is probably the biggest reason for everyone to do steam rooms including psoriasis patients. The relaxation provided by enduring a steam room is otherworldly.

You will leave a steam room feeling like new, and you will feel relaxed and refreshed for another day. This combined with a good night of sleep can do many wonders.

Not only that but steam rooms are key to minimizing the stress effects on the human mind. Stress can cause a lot of psoriasis triggers, this is why individuals that suffer from it should try it at least once.

Lower Joint Stiffness

Enjoying a good steam room can help you loosen up your joints and consequently it will ease any stiffness that you may have.

Individuals with psoriasis sadly often suffer the consequences of it because of the higher risk for arthritis. Doing occasional steam rooms can help delay and even prevent severe cases of psoriatic arthritis.

Thanks to the increase in blood flow during a heat room session your muscles and joints will benefit from better nutrient intake and better oxygenation in injured sites.

If you have psoriasis you should consider a steam room session for your health.


Does Steam Help With Psoriasis?

When not overused steam can help psoriasis by benefiting the body with better blood circulation, this will lead to better recovery of psoriasis symptoms.

Is Sweating Good for Psoriasis?

Sweat can increase itching and aggravation psoriasis symptoms on the scalp and the face. Areas that have more friction during sweat can also be at risk for psoriasis exacerbations.

Does Sauna Affect Psoriasis?

Sauna (infrared) can provide some benefits for psoriasis as it can soothe your overall skin when done properly. A traditional sauna can dehydrate even further the skin of psoriasis patients.

Does Heat Help Psoriasis?

Heat by itself will potentially trigger psoriasis flare-ups, it all depends on the humidity of your surroundings. Higher humidity tends to ease psoriasis symptoms, while lower humidity will worsen them. Although both conditions have a role in psoriasis they are not the only factor for major symptoms.

How to Use Steam Rooms for Psoriasis

Steam rooms are very easy to use and they are perfect for soothing dry and scaly skin, when you are treating psoriasis with steam therapy you must do the following:

  • Start by hydrating your full body then hop in the shower to take the excess.
  • Dry off completely and then put on your sauna apparel.
  • You should set the steam room at the highest humidity setting.
  • For starters you should not overdo your time, stay at a max of 10 minutes. In later stages, you can increase that for 15 minutes at 112º F.
  • When you’re done shower to get rid of sweat and hydrate again. And you are done for the day.
steam rooms are good for psoriasis benefits

Side Effects of Steam Rooms for Psoriasis

  • When you overuse a steam room it can lead to dehydration thus worsening your psoriasis problems, staying more than 15 min can be very harmful to your skin
  • When sharing steam rooms with others it can host their germs and bacteria if they are not properly cleaned. If you can do it alone or with someone you know (that is hygienic) even better.
  • Steam rooms alone cannot do miracles to psoriasis and everything else, they are only a complement to aid faster recovery, you will need to lead a healthier life to enjoy the proper benefits of it.

Should I Start Using Steam Rooms for Psoriasis?

It’s always good to have options, especially if they allow us to diverge from the path of synthetic solutions. Turns out that steam rooms can be one of those solutions for psoriasis patients.

Steam rooms can treat more than just psoriasis, they can allow you to treat other areas of your body and your mental health too.

People often look away from the psychological part of psoriasis but truth is, it has a lot of impact on the disease itself. This is why steam rooms are essential to also work on that area of your health.

Now that you know the power of a steam room for helping psoriasis symptoms it’s time to try it out.

If you have already tried it and had good results, feel free to share this article with someone who might appreciate it.