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Using Steam Rooms Safely and Effectively for Psoriasis

While it’s common knowledge that unwinding at the end of the day is great for both the mind and skin, many people wonder if this applies to those with psoriasis. The answer is a resounding yes! In fact, utilizing a steam room can provide numerous benefits for psoriasis sufferers, including improvements to both physical and mental health.

However, it’s important to take precautions to ensure safety during a steam room treatment. Keep reading to learn how to enjoy the benefits of a steam room while safeguarding your psoriasis.

steam rooms are good for psoriasis when used like this
Psoriasis flare-ups can be triggered by heat and sweat, but with steam rooms, you can manage your symptoms effectively.

Benefits of Steam Rooms for Psoriasis

Steam rooms can provide numerous benefits for people with psoriasis. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Soothes Itchy Skin: Psoriasis can cause intense itching, which can be difficult to manage. Steam rooms can help alleviate this symptom by providing moisture to the skin, which can reduce dryness and itching.
  2. Reduces Inflammation: Psoriasis is characterized by inflammation of the skin. Steam rooms can help reduce inflammation by opening up the pores and increasing blood circulation, which can help reduce redness and swelling.
  3. Relaxes the Mind: Psoriasis can be stressful and impact mental health. Steam rooms provide a relaxing environment that can help reduce stress, anxiety, and promote better sleep. This, in turn, can improve mental health and quality of life.
  4. Enhances Skin Health: Steam rooms can improve skin health by increasing blood flow to the skin, promoting the production of collagen, and removing toxins from the body. This can lead to healthier, smoother, and more radiant-looking skin.
  5. Boosts Immune System: Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition, which means the immune system is overactive. Steam rooms can help stimulate the immune system and increase the production of white blood cells, which can help fight off infections and other health issues.

Other Steam Room Benefits for Psoriasis:

  1. Improve Skin Health: Steam rooms are excellent for improving skin hydration, which is particularly important for people with psoriasis, who often experience imbalances in skin moisture levels. Additionally, the high heat and humidity of steam rooms can open pores and help sweat out impurities, leaving skin clean and refreshed.
  2. Lower Blood Pressure: Psoriasis patients are at increased risk of high blood pressure, which can lead to cardiovascular disease. Regular steam room sessions can help lower blood pressure and reduce this risk.
  3. Improve Circulation: People with psoriasis are at higher risk for poor circulation, which can lead to numbness, swelling, chest pain, and other issues. Steam rooms can improve circulation by dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface.
  4. Great Workout Recovery: Psoriasis patients who engage in heavy exercise or bodybuilding can benefit from steam rooms, which can help increase blood flow to muscles, aid in muscle recovery, and reduce post-workout soreness.
  5. Provide Great Relaxation: Steam rooms can be incredibly relaxing, which is important for reducing stress, a trigger for psoriasis flares. Relaxation can also improve sleep quality, which has numerous health benefits.
  6. Lower Joint Stiffness: Steam rooms can help loosen up joints and ease stiffness, particularly for people with psoriasis who are at higher risk for psoriatic arthritis.

Steam rooms are an excellent complementary treatment for people with psoriasis, offering numerous health benefits that can improve overall well-being.

steam rooms are good for psoriasis high humidity
Proper use of steam rooms can make a significant difference in managing psoriasis symptoms, speak to your dermatologist to learn more.

How to Use Steam Rooms for Psoriasis

To use steam rooms safely and effectively for psoriasis treatment, follow these steps:

  1. Hydrate your body: Drink plenty of water before and after your steam room session to keep your body hydrated.
  2. Take a shower: Take a quick shower to clean your body and remove any lotions, creams, or oils from your skin that may interfere with sweating.
  3. Dry off completely: Use a clean towel to dry off your skin completely before entering the steam room. Wet skin can become irritated and make psoriasis symptoms worse.
  4. Wear appropriate clothing: Wear loose and breathable clothing, like a bathing suit or shorts and a tank top. Avoid tight-fitting clothes or anything that may cause irritation to your skin.
  5. Set the steam room temperature and humidity: Set the steam room to a temperature of around 112º F (44º C) with the highest humidity setting. If the temperature is too hot, it can cause overheating and make psoriasis symptoms worse.
  6. Limit your time: Start with a 5-10 minute session and gradually increase the time to 15 minutes as you become more accustomed to the heat. Don’t stay in the steam room for too long, as it can cause dehydration and other health issues.
  7. Take a cool shower: After your steam room session, take a cool shower to remove sweat and cool down your body.
  8. Moisturize your skin: After showering, apply a moisturizer to your skin to prevent dryness and soothe any irritation caused by psoriasis.

By following these simple steps, you can safely and effectively use steam rooms as a natural remedy to relieve psoriasis symptoms and improve your overall skin health.

steam rooms are good for psoriasis benefits
Don’t let psoriasis affect your quality of life, try using steam rooms as a complementary treatment to ease your symptoms.

Side Effects of Steam Rooms for Psoriasis

  1. Overuse of steam rooms can lead to dehydration, which can worsen psoriasis symptoms. It’s important to limit your time in the steam room to a maximum of 15 minutes, and to drink plenty of water before and after your session to stay hydrated.
  2. Sharing a steam room with others can increase the risk of exposure to germs and bacteria, which can be harmful to people with psoriasis. Make sure the steam room is properly cleaned and disinfected before each use, and consider using it alone or with a trusted companion who practices good hygiene.
  3. It’s important to understand that steam rooms alone cannot cure psoriasis or other conditions. While steam therapy can help improve skin health and other symptoms, it’s only one part of a comprehensive treatment plan. To see the best results, you should also focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, a balanced diet, and good sleep habits. Consult with a healthcare professional to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses all of your needs.

Is Sweating Good for Psoriasis?

Sweating can worsen psoriasis symptoms on the scalp and face, as well as areas with more friction.

Does Sauna Affect Psoriasis?

Infrared sauna can offer benefits for psoriasis by soothing the skin, while traditional sauna may dehydrate the skin further, causing more harm than good.

Does Heat Help Psoriasis?

Humidity levels play a role in easing or worsening psoriasis symptoms, with higher humidity potentially helping alleviate symptoms. However, heat alone may trigger psoriasis flare-ups, and other factors also contribute to symptom severity.