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Zudaifu Cream Review: Safe or Dangerous?

Zudaifu cream is a new topical treatment that claims to treat eczema, psoriasis, and other medical problems without causing irritation or drying out the skin.

Although Zudaifu cream is top-rated, it is not a licensed medicine, many sellers are branding it as a “natural” Chinese herbal remedy, but that might not be the case.

In this Zudaifu cream review, we are going to cover if Zudaifu is safe for use and many other aspects of it, so keep reading for more.

What Is Zudaifu Cream?

Zudaifu cream is a topical product sold in many online stores. It is aimed to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and others.

According to the advertised label, this herb aims to help the skin’s response in speed healing and relieve any condition symptoms.

The main component in Zudaifu cream claims to be very powerful in treating skin problems, and it is the only one of its kind in the world.

Most people who use natural Chinese herbal remedies for their skin problems, already have tried Zudaifu as part of their daily routine.

How Is Zudaifu Used for Treating Skin Conditions?

Zudaifu can be applied topically to the scalp or skin, although you can also take it internally if you prefer (in an oral solution).

You can find it in most health and nutrition stores online in different forms such as:

  • liquid,
  • capsule,
  • or cream.

If you have eczema, psoriasis, or any other similar skin condition, Zudaifu seems to be a good option, but is it the best one?

The cream acts fast, and it is easy to use, it is advertised as having no side effects, and it potentially can even help increase your immune system response.

When reading instructions on how to use Zudaifu cream, you won’t get any clear answer since most instructions are in Chinese or with a really bad translation.

All of these things are important to look for when choosing an herbal remedy for your skin condition.

Your health should always be your number one priority, only choose the safest options.

Example for Zudaifu cream review tube size comparison
Zudaifu cream tube size comparison

Is Zudaifu Safe to Use?

According to the FDA and NHS, Zudaifu is not safe to use. These entities firmly believe that no patient should endure any treatment for skin conditions without the proper medical follow-up.

Many people questioning Zudaifu cream reviews in the UK and Zudaifu cream in the US are being tricked by false online reviews.

Some of these reviews are claiming wonders with Zudaifu cream, and zudaifu FDA approved false statements, when in fact it is not. Be very careful with these false testimonials.

As if this was not bad enough already, people should check exactly what they have in their hands. Many websites and stores sell a fake version of Zudaifu.

There are some comparisons online of the Zudaifu original vs fake ones, but it is hard to trust if that is indeed a Zudaifu cream original.

But even if you check the Zudaifu cream ingredients of the original one, it won’t tell you the real composition. That is one more reason to stay away from it.

Why Zudaifu Is Not Considered to Be Safe

Many sellers claim you can use zudaifu cream without any major health hazards.

The main reason that makes its use forbidden (by the FDA and others) is the addition of strong steroids in the Zudaifu cream formula.

The addition of steroids does not change the active compound itself, except for the fact that it is being used to replace menthol.

Menthol is considered safer when used alone, so why risk using it with other components?

In clinical trials, the MHRA analysis revealed that Zudaifu contained the presence of the steroid clobetasol propionate.

This means that zudaifu cream’s side effects can be devastating (when used improperly).

Does this mean that zudaifu is a scam? Not exactly, but it’s not the healthy option either.

As with any other cream, there are pros and cons of using a clobetasol propionate cream for your skin care treatment.

Creams that make use of clobetasol propionate to treat your skin, must be supervised by a healthcare specialist.

When using a clobetasol propionate cream to treat your skin you should always follow the instructions for the treatment.

When thinking “is zudaifu safe for me?”, think again because the information we’ve collected so far is not so promising.

Dangers of Clobetasol Propionate Side Effects

Clobetasol Propionate can have a huge impact on your health, has listed many Clobetalsol side effects when overused and among them are:

  • Dry Skin.
  • Burning or stinging at the application site.
  • Flushing or redness of the skin.
  • Burning sensation of the skin.
  • Itching, scaling, severe redness, soreness, or swelling of the skin.
  • Skin rash, encrusted, scaly and oozing.
  • Skin irritation.

Why You Should Not Use Zudaifu Cream (Our Take On It)

According to,,, MHRA, and

Zudaifu cream is not safe, and if you are using it, you should stop the treatment immediately please contact your healthcare to seek an alternative treatment.

Zudaifu cream is available on the internet for as low as $20 give or take but some people end up paying more than it’s worth.

Some users said that Zudaifu cream ended up worsening their skin condition instead of helping it.

And the reason for this is that many people think zudaifu is FDA-approved, but it isn’t.

A lot of zudaifu cream reviews pop up online claiming extraordinary results, but in fact, they are just sponsored articles being paid for writing about it.

One of the main concerns of some consumers is the presence of acrylamide in the formula.

Acrylamide is known to cause skin cancer in lab rats and is not considered good for human consumption.

High concentrations of this substance are known to cause nerve damage and disorders in the nervous system.

Nevertheless, there are still many consumers who are convinced that Zudaifu can successfully treat their skin problems and are willing to pay full price to get it.

Besides the safety concerns, another reason why consumers are reluctant to try out this “herbal cream” as a skin care treatment is that they have heard mixed reviews regarding its effectiveness.

Some say that Zudaifu antibacterial cream does not work, while others are happy with the results.

According to them, the cream works because it contains herbs that stimulate the immune system of the body and improve its efficiency in response to infections.

In case you’re searching for more reasons why the Zudaifu cream is a potentially dangerous pharmaceutical product here’s why.

Zudaifu is also known for additionally containing these three contaminants which include:

  • toluene, which can result in liver dysfunction;
  • hydroxy ethane, which can cause serious skin irritation;
  • and carotenes, which can increase the risk of cataracts.

These ingredients are highly controversial and have caused a great deal of debate.

If you’re considering purchasing this cream as a natural Chinese herbal medicine, then you’re going to have to find your own supply or perhaps get it from somewhere else entirely.

picture of Zudaifu cream review example tube
Zudaifu cream review example tube

Another reason why consumers should stop using Zudaifu Chinese herbal cream is that it contains illegal synthetic steroids (which is the opposite of what it advertises as “all-natural”).

There are several synthetic chemicals found in Zudaifu which are used as active ingredients and they shouldn’t.

It is therefore essential for consumers to contact their health professional if they purchased it and are using Zudaifu for some time.

The synthetic chemicals on this list include:

  • corticosteroids,
  • hydroxychloroquine,
  • hydrocortisone,
  • tretinoin,
  • isotretinoin,
  • and methylprednisolone.

Studies revealed that the use of synthetic steroids (corticosteroids) will only hide skin symptoms for a while, and will not help to fix them at all.

Hence, it is wise to take a step back and look at the bigger picture before taking Zudaifu Chinese herbal remedy for your skin problems.

In addition to this, some experts have also concluded that there is no clear-cut proof that corticosteroids can help cure patients suffering from any type of skin disease, especially eczema and psoriasis.

You may be wondering why many people use this Zudaifu Chinese herbal remedy for eczema psoriasis and other skin conditions when you can easily find OTC creams from your local drugstore.

Well, this is because a significant number of drugs that are prescribed for skin conditions also make use of synthetic steroids.

And the hype that goes online along with mixed opinions doesn’t help mitigate this problem at all.

What Are The Zudaifu Cream Side Effects?

You should be aware that drugs just like Zudaifu can cause side effects like:

  • Rashes
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Chest Pains
  • Thinning of the Bones
  • Constipation
  • and even Death

So, in our honest opinion, if you are using Zudaifu cream, it would be best if you stop using it right now.

Always, prefer to use creams prescribed by healthcare professionals that contain natural herbs like dandelion root, wild yam, blessed thistle, echinacea, aloe vera, and licorice.

Zudaifu Cream Review: The Final Take

Despite being a well-known product marked as an all-natural Chinese herbal medicine, Zudaifu isn’t regulated.

Only healthcare professionals that are overseeing the manufacturing and distribution of specific medicines can recommend and prescribe them to their patients.

In the case of Zudaifu, the herbs and other compounds used aren’t allowed in some countries due to strict licensing requirements.

For more questions please contact your regular healthcare professional, and never use a new product without any kind of medical supervision.

UK Government official notice for Zudaifu Cream:

Key Takeaways

  • Keep Zudaifu cream away from young children. Zudaifu danger is real, do not endure your children to unregulated corticosteroids.
  • If you have an affected area of the skin or a skin allergy, don’t use Zudaifu cream.
  • Do not use Zudaifu cream for psoriasis, eczema, or any skin condition at all.
  • Always check the ingredients of new creams before considering using them.
  • Zudaifu has illegal steroids, if you are using it, please stop right now.
  • Drink purified water, it can be a great skin cleanser.
  • Zudaifu is not a natural Chinese herbal remedy as advertised.

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Is Zudaifu Safe?

Zudaifu cream is not safe to use as it is known to contain illegal steroids that can harm your skin when applied without medical supervision.

Is Zudaifu FDA Approved?

Zudaifu cream is not FDA-approved and it is forbidden to be sold in the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), and many other countries.

Zudaifu Original vs Fake

Zudaifu’s original cream has been rebranded with a new package to stand out from the many copies that exist out there. All the Chinese letters were removed and it now presents a toner color while the older package was of yellowish tones.

Fake ones present signs such as misspellings and different lettering positioning. They still keep the original color or a yellow one to mimic the original release.

Zudaifu vs Yiganerjing

Both Zudaifu and Yiganerjing aim to treat skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and others. But you need to be careful about how are you going to use it. Always consult your doctor before using any cream that you see online.

Does Yiganerjing Cream Contain Steroids?

It has been found in clinical studies that Yiganerjing cream makes use of synthetic steroids in its formula. This goes against the claim that it does about being an all-natural treatment.

What Is Zudaifu Cream For?

Zudaifu cream is a product that aims to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and others.

Are Chinese Herbal Creams Safe?

Not all Chinese herbal creams are made equal, some will be safe others not so much. Always ask your healthcare specialist for advice, they will know better what’s best for your specific situation.

Example of Zudaifu cream rebranded package.
Example of Zudaifu cream rebranded package.