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7 Reasons Why Shaving Head Will Help With Scalp Psoriasis

Shaving the head may seem a great idea to be observed by others, but when it comes to doing it in ourselves, it requires a whole new level of courage.

To some, there is no other way but to do it, to others it’s just fashion.

But in reality, most psoriasis patients view it as a way to solve many of their scalp problems and many others that come along with the ride.

Shaving your head completely can really help you heal your scalp psoriasis faster. There are a large number of benefits associated with it, but keep reading because we’re getting there in a sec.

reasons why shaving head will help with scalp psoriasis

Advantages of Shaving Head for People With Scalp Psoriasis

Shaving the head will bring a lot of advantages for people with scalp psoriasis among them are:

Reduction of Itching

Scalp psoriasis can provoke a lot of itching, and the problem with that is precisely when people scratch their heads.

When you scratch your scalp, the bacteria present in your hands and under your nails can cause a serious infection. This will drastically worsen your scalp psoriasis.

Having a shaved head will reduce itching by about 95%, and you can satisfy the itch by rubbing your hand instead of scratching.

It’s a Lot Fresher

Having a shaved head will also refresh your scalp. This may be helpful, especially in the summertime. Even if the sweat is more visible, you can always dry it.

With a head full of hair, sweat provokes even more itching. So although it may not seem, killing the urge to scratch an itch when you have scalp psoriasis is truly a blessing.

Accelerates Healing

Not having hair accumulating sweat and other bacteria will promote rapid healing of scalp psoriasis.

This is one of the reasons why many people tend to shave their heads when having scalp psoriasis. And it doesn’t take that long for positive results to appear.

Other Benefits of Shaving Head

You, Will, Look Younger

This may seem fiction, but not having any hair will make you look younger. You won’t have any more bad hair days, nor your hair will become damaged by the sun.

A clean shaved haircut will sit perfectly on your scalp and will take you a few years from your daily visual and from your shoulders too.

Cost Savings

No more expensive haircut bills, no more hair care products. It is estimated that the average American spends on average $25 monthly on hair care products.

But this value can go up to $100 when buying premium products.

Not to mention the biweekly stylish haircut that can go from $40 to $70. As you can see, using a clean shaved cut can have many benefits.


How much time have you wasted waiting for your hairdresser to be free? And how much time do you waste driving to go there?

Doing your own shaved haircut can spare you a lot of time, even if you take half an hour for the first couple of times, it’s still faster than going to a hairdresser.

Washing Is Easier

No more washing rituals, conditioner, shampoo, special oils, and back and forth routines. With a clean shaved cut it’s all about washing and drying.

It’s a whole lot faster to wash and even easier to dry, just soap it, wash it down, dry with a towel and that’s it. Easy!

Pro tip: Olive oil may also help ease scalp psoriasis symptoms, check it out.

How to Shave Your Head With Scalp Psoriasis

When shaving a head with psoriasis there are some things you need to have into consideration, because your skin will be hyper-sensitive keep in mind the following aspects:

Cut Long Hair First

You should never shave a head that has long hair. You need at least to trim it down first so you can begin shaving it.

If you have long hair cut it to 1 inch above the scalp, and this will prepare your head for the next stage.

Trying to shave a head with psoriasis and long hair will result in disaster, you will require multiple passing and it will become unbearable for your skin.

Take a Shower

Taking a shower will prepare your scalp to shave your head. This will open pores and will soften your skin, it will also release any flakes that can get in the way of your razor.

If you had long hair and you’ve just cut it specifically for shaving, showering before will clean any hair pieces that roam around freely on your scalp.

Don’t use hot water for your shower, scalp psoriasis can get worse when temperatures are too high, bath yourself using warm water only, it is the safest way to do it.

Use a Multiblade Razor

Discard the possibility of using cheap razors, use a quality razor that has at least 4 or 5 blades.

It will ease the cut and you won’t need to do so many passing’s in your scalp to get the shaving done.

This is truly important, if your skin is hyper sensitive using a razor multiple times in the same spot can hurt your scalp badly, especially if it’s full of flakes from scalp psoriasis.

Shave in the Hair Direction

Avoid going against the grain, use the blade in your hair direction. It may not be as short as you want, but remember that your skin is very sensitive right now.

Later on down the road, you can go against the grain when your scalp psoriasis is fully healed. But only if, you wish to continue your journey with a shaved head.

If you have scalp psoriasis, going against the grain can cause bleeding and possible infection of your scalp, be very careful while shaving with a razor.

Never Shave on Dry Skin

As incredible as it may seem, some people shave on dry skin. This is extremely harmful to the skin cells. Always do it with wet skin or preferably with shaving cream.

Shaving cream will soften even the toughest hair and it will make most razors slide easily on your scalp. It is really a must for doing it so.

If you have open wounds while having scalp psoriasis don’t use shaving cream on top of them. It might induce a burning sensation and will only worsen your condition.

Moisturize Your Skin Right After Shaving

Right after shaving your scalp, your skin will be sensitive. Dry it with a towel using gentle motion and apply some moisturizer.

It will protect your scalp from external agents and it will soothe your now “fresh” haircut.

Disadvantages of shaving head for people with psoriasis

Although there are a lot of pros to a shaved hair, there are also some cons you may want to know about, such as:

Risk for Dry Skin

Shaving all of your hair may reduce the production of sebum and this will lead to dry skin. To avoid these risks you will have to take some time and do proper skincare on your scalp.

Not everyone will need this, but it may happen during the first times you shave. Just be mindful of this situation.

Scalp Irritation

There is always a possibility of having the skin of your scalp irritated due to shaving. If this happens you will not be able to shave it again until you are irritation-free.

You will need to do some skincare to it and be watchful with any other risks. Having scalp psoriasis plus an extra skin irritation is not something to joke about.

reasons why shaving head will help with scalp psoriasis benefits


When you have your head shaved it can become a little breezier than you were used to.

Cold weather can also damage your skin, you will need to protect it with some skincare products or wear something to keep it warmer.

Not really a downside of being bald but something to take into consideration since we are dealing with scalp psoriasis.

You, Will, Need to Protect More

A head without hair will need constant care. You need to protect your skin again UV rays and other elements. You can either use products or other items like caps or so.

But it is something to keep in mind. Getting hot sun on your scalp may end up worsening your scalp psoriasis, so keep yourself safe from it.

Needs to Be Upkept Often

Keeping a shaved head will require constant upkeep to maintain. If you plan to keep it shaved, you might end up shaving it at least once a week.

Some people don’t like to shave that often, but when doing it for the sake of an improvement in scalp psoriasis, you might as well maintain it for a while until you let your hair grow again.


This one is more towards women than men. Some people aren’t able to see a shaved haircut without having the need to comment about it.

Some of those comments may not be the nicest thing you’ll want to hear, but it is a possibility. Just be prepared for some quick answers.

Does Shaving Make Psoriasis Worse?

With the proper care, shaving may improve your psoriasis. If you have fewer reasons to itch and scratch your scalp there is no valid reason for your psoriasis to get worse.

Shave with the right attention and apply some skincare products after it and you’ll be fine. It will only cost you the first couple of times, after a while, you’ll become a pro in doing it.

Will Shaving My Head Help My Scalp?

Shaving your head may help your scalp to be cleaned easier and heal easier if it has any wound on it.

Regarding hair loss, shaving will have no effect on it. Bigger hair density is only possible due to how close strands of hair remain. If they are falling, you will have bald spots no matter what.

How Can I Hide Scalp Psoriasis?

There are certain hairstyles that will allow you to disguise almost perfectly your scalp psoriasis.

But remember that scalp psoriasis needs to be treated with the right approach and that your scalp needs to breathe as well.

Should I Cut My Hair if I Have Psoriasis?

Cutting your hair short when you have scalp psoriasis will allow for better absorption of the scalp psoriasis treatments.

When you have long hair, sometimes the scalp will not be able to receive all the care it needs due to the thick patches of hair that are in the way.

How Can I Permanently Get Rid of Psoriasis on My Head?

Although there is no cure for psoriasis, living a healthier lifestyle and shaving your head, may help improve the psoriasis present on the scalp.

It is not an easy solution but the benefits are really huge. When you learn to control your psoriasis better, you will be able to let your hair grow again.

Does Shaving Head Damage Hair Follicles?

There is no evidence that supports that. Hair follicles are inside your skin, and shaving never penetrates that far deeper.

Even if you shave your head every day it would not have any effect at all on follicles.

reasons why shaving head will help with scalp psoriasis advantages

Will My Dandruff Go Away if I Shave My Head?

A shaved haircut will reduce the possibility of dandruff. When you are hairless, even if some shedding occurs, you will not have hair for it to hold on to.

And that’s why your head will be always clean and shiny. A shaved haircut really has its benefits.

Will My Hair Grow Back Healthier if I Shave It?

There are no studies that support that, shaving hair has no influence on the health of your hair.

Everything else you do has a bigger impact on it, from diet to physical activity and the surrounding environment.

Does Shaving My Head Thicken Hair?

That is a myth, the thickness of hair comes from the grouping of strands of hair. The closer they are, the thicker they will be. Shaving will have zero effect on that.

How Long Does It Take for a Shaved Head to Grow Back?

It will take around two weeks for your hair to grow back. However there is a chance for it to happen earlier, but it will grow for sure.

Is It a Good Idea to Shave My Head if I Have Psoriasis?

If you are struggling with scalp psoriasis it is always better to have alternatives than nothing at all.

If you have tried already countless products and had zero results, give it a go with a shaved look.

To some people, this can be a temporary solution that can really uplift their scalp psoriasis condition. Get familiar with what you will need to do and do it for the sake of improvement.

Shaved looks never get out of fashion and you might even become a fan of them!


Shaving your head may be a huge leap, and you really need to consider it before doing it so. Even if you regret doing it, remember that your hair will always grow back.

If it is for improving your scalp psoriasis I’d say give it a go, you’ll become surprised with the great results of it.