Can Psoriasis and Vitiligo Be Related to Emotional Problems?

Being “green with hate,” “raw with nerves,” or “purple with rage” are expressions used to intensify feelings.

Besides being very common, they also indicate that our body sends signals to alert us that something is not right in our organism.

A sign that body and mind are out of balance.

Several researches in the field of psychoneuroimmunodermatology (an area of dermatology specialized in studying the relationship between skin and emotions) prove that the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems are directly influenced by the mind, and that emotional issues directly influence areas of our body.

Can Psoriasis and Vitiligo Be Related to Emotional Problems?

Dermatoses such as vitiligo and psoriasis are often related to emotional problems.

Characterized by the appearance of red, flaking plaques that are difficult to control, psoriasis generally appears on demanding, perfectionist, and critical people.

In addition to a genetic predisposition, emotional tension and stress can have an influence on the appearance and worsening of lesions.

In the case of vitiligo (dermatosis characterized by colorless spots that spread all over the body without any other symptoms), many reports point out the appearance of the first spots after emotional traumas and stress.

In both cases, in addition to medical treatment, it is necessary to investigate and treat the emotional aspects that may have contributed to the appearance of the diseases.

This is the only way to find effective and lasting solutions.