Can Psoriasis Move on to the Hands?

Psoriasis on hands may not be quite as common as in the skin or on other areas of the body, but it can still be a worrying problem.

Psoriasis doesn’t “move” to your hands because it’s not contagious, but it can impact your entire hands for sure.

Psoriasis on the hands can cause your epidermis to become inflamed, scaly, and flaky.

In some Psoriasis cases, your skin can become severely damaged.

Can Psoriasis Move on to the Hands?

Psoriasis can appear in these 3 ways:

  • only on hands
  • first on the body and then in the hands
  • at the same time in the body and in the hands

There are certain factors that can contribute for an inflammation in the hands.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about any genetic predispositions that may lead to psoriasis in the body and in the hands.

But there are some things you can try to make sure that any psoriasis you do get on to the hands does not continue or become worse.


To fully understand how triggers influence psoriasis on the hands, you need to really understand how psoriasis works.

There are many treatment options and plenty of home remedies out there that can help you alleviate the symptoms.

These can give you a great relief from the hassle and pain associated with psoriasis. Don’t despair, there is always a way!