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Carnivore Diet for Psoriasis: Health Benefits, Foods, and Tips

One of the best approaches when dealing with psoriasis starts by managing your diet and your lifestyle decisions.

Avoiding foods that can potentially promote inflammation is key to managing many psoriasis symptoms.

Implementing a carnivore diet to better control psoriasis symptoms, maybe a great solution to slowly improve and promote better eating habits.

If you want to know how to better improve your psoriasis symptoms by changing to a carnivore diet, check out these tips below.

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7 Benefits of Carnivore Diet for Psoriasis

These are the 7 benefits that can get you starting a carnivore diet to better control psoriasis symptoms.

Improve Insulin Sensitivity

One of the critical points for gaining weight is insulin resistance. This only happens when you eat too many carbs.

By starting a carnivore diet, you are eliminating this risk. You don’t eat that many carbs or no carbs at all, which means that your body won’t have so much glucose to process.

If you don’t need to eliminate that much glucose, you won’t need to produce so much insulin to push glucose out of your system.

By doing this you are not constantly bombarding your cells with insulin. That is a positive point because your cells won’t gain any insulin resistance.

When they stop responding to insulin production your blood sugar remains chronically high, and this leads to many issues that will downfall your general health.

When improving the insulin sensitivity you are reducing the potential risk for psoriasis exacerbations’ that thrive on body imbalances.

Weight Loss

Did you know that the carnivore diet can be effective in losing weight? Now you know! This type of diet can help you drop a few stones by:

Increasing metabolism of body fat:

When eating lots of meat and cutting out carbs your body will enter into a state called Ketosis.

When doing this, your body will burn the fat you eat and the fat you have stored as its primary fuel source.

If you happen to exit Ketosis for a day or two, your body will still be primed to use the stored fat for fuel.

Although after doing that your body is not technically on ketosis anymore, it will return to it quickly once you resume your diet behaviors.

Reducing hormonal fluctuations:

When the primary fuel source of your body relies on carbs, you are constantly experiencing perpetual crashes and spikes in insulin levels thanks to the sugar fluctuation in your system.

These imbalances will destabilize all hormones connected to fat storage, weight loss, and hunger.

With a carnivore diet, you are stabilizing the consumption of your body fat. This will reduce drastically any imbalance that can cause psoriasis flares.

Increasing Satiation:

When you ingest calories from protein and fat storage, your body will take longer to break them down. By doing this you will be full for longer periods.

This will reduce drastically food cravings. Carbs on the other hand, only increase your hunger hormones, leading you to eat even more carbs, especially when you’re bored!

Everybody knows that the #1 enemy of psoriasis is overweight. By reducing your general weight you are contributing to a positive psoriasis improvement.

Eliminates Plant Toxins and Anti-nutrients

Unfortunately, natural plants happen to have toxins and other substances like anti-nutrients.

These are linked to causing inflammation, allergies, vitamin deficiencies, bowel issues, and fertility issues.

Certain types of plants can have blockers that when ingested by the human body will prevent from absorbing important nutrients in a diet.

These cause bad absorption of calcium, iron, zinc, copper, and magnesium and will inhibit (to a certain degree) the enzymes you need for healthy digestion.

When you start a well-planned carnivore diet, these issues will all be eliminated from any exposure to your health.

While dieting in the carnivore diet you will be replacing any harmful chemicals contained in plants with animal-based nutrient-rich food.

Any external agent that comes in contact with your body is like a wick to trigger major psoriasis symptoms. By eliminating the chances for them you are also reducing any psoriasis risk.

Reduced Inflammation

The key element that makes a carnivore diet work so well with psoriasis patients is the low-carb intake. When this happens, you are reducing all the markers of systemic inflammation.

You are also opening your system to better process anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids while supporting a tremendous improvement in your gut health.

Improve Gut Health

A healthy gut plays an important role to mitigate any side effects of inflammation. By improving its balance you are drastically decreasing any risk for severe internal inflammation.

Your gut is also responsible for roles regarding your heart health, digestion, immune system, sleeping, and many others.

So, as you can see a carnivore diet may end up organizing a proper reset for your system, allowing you to start treating your psoriasis in the correct order, from the inside out.

Simplify Dieting

What many people love in the carnivore diet is the fact that it’s so simple. You don’t have to spend too much time planning, cooking, or worrying if certain foods are going to sit well on your stomach.

By simplifying what you eat, everything else will become easier and faster. You will release your time to work on other aspects of your life.

As a good practice, use it to work on other areas of your psoriasis that need immediate attention and care.

Improved Heart Health

Psoriasis patients tend to have a greater risk of cardiovascular diseases, this is why it’s very important to take really good care of your heart.

Carnivore diet doesn’t expose so much your body to risks like strokes and heart diseases, as long as it is planned and done properly.

Eliminating the risk for heart damage should be one of the main goals for every psoriasis patient, as their body becomes fragile if psoriasis becomes untamed.

What Is the Carnivore Diet?

You can experiment on the carnivore diet foods like:

  • Animal products
  • Eggs
  • Fish and meat

You will have to exclude other groups of foods such as:

  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Legumes
  • Grains
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables

In return, you will have better chances at weight loss, blood sugar regulation, improved mood, and the main benefit of all, reduction and elimination of major psoriasis symptoms.

Side note: Although eggs have a bad reputation for psoriasis you are leaving a lot on the table. Eggs are very healthy for your skin and you should consider including them in your psoriasis diet.

What Are the Side Effects of the Carnivore Diet?

Some of the temporary side effects of the carnivore diet are nausea and flu. These usually go away after 2-4 weeks of doing it.

During the adaptation phase, you may get some cravings, headaches, brain fog, and some irritability.

Can the Carnivore Diet Be Bad for Psoriasis?

The major possible scenario where the carnivore diet turns bad for psoriasis is if you have any allergic reaction to red meats and dairy.

And although we should abstain from red meat when suffering from psoriasis, truth is that when you control your portions, the risks for psoriasis symptoms are low.

Other individuals may react badly to the carnivore diet due to other factors such as kidney disease and diabetes.

This is why it’s imperative to always consult your healthcare specialist or nutritionist before attempting any changes in your current diet.

Can You Eat Peanut Butter on a Carnivore Diet?

Peanut butter is not part of a carnivore diet, however, some people maintain a weekly cheat meal to “reset” some of the body’s dependencies.

This helps them focus on the main objective of the carnivore diet for psoriasis and ultimately will keep them going for another week.

Even though is not recommended to eat peanut butter, you can use it to complement your cheat meal day. The goal here is to improve your health, not to make you feel miserable.

Feel free to include some of that threat in a weekly cheat meal for a change.

Is Yogurt Allowed on Carnivore Diet?

You can introduce yogurt into a carnivore diet. Some dieters tend to opt it out due to lactose issues.

The naturally occurring sugar that comes from lactose will also add some carbs to your diet, but since they are quite minimal, some people keep this food in.

Who Should Not Do a Carnivore Diet?

A carnivore diet unfortunately is not for everyone, people who:

  • Need to limit their protein intake due to kidney diseases
  • Are sensitive to food cholesterol or have cholesterol hyper responses

Should stay away from the carnivore diet as it isn’t the most appropriate diet to deal with their other limitations.

Your best bet will be to consult a nutritionist or your healthcare professional.

They will know better the best approach for your current health status. Don’t get your hopes down, some people just need a personalized plan.

With psoriasis, there is no “one size fits all” solution. But among the infinite possibilities, there is always something that will work beautifully for you as well.

What Happens to Psoriasis if You Eat Meat Only?

Let’s say you are already doing a carnivore diet for a month. If all goes well and your body responds great to the carnivore diet, you should already be seeing a great improvement in your skin.

Any red patches should be gone, and psoriasis plaques should be all off. You may still have some white spots that once existed as plaques, but that will go away in time too.

As long as you don’t exceed the meat consumption your risk for flare-ups should go down drastically, and this is where you start controlling your psoriasis.

Is Keto Good for Psoriasis?

A Keto diet can become a successful strategy to improve your psoriasis symptoms. It can also serve as a therapeutic option for the correction of your body’s metabolic status.

A ketogenic diet has a great potential to bring down any chances for inflammation and psoriasis flare-ups.

Should I Do the Carnivore Diet if I Have Psoriasis?

If you have psoriasis, changing any eating habit for a healthier and better one is always an improvement you should follow.

But that doesn’t mean that a carnivore diet is the best for you. Some people don’t react too well to drastic changes in their diet.

It is important to check with your healthcare professional if you can experiment with a carnivore diet before doing anything else.

Also, it might be a smart move to do a slow introduction to the carnivore diet, and gradually change it to full mode a few weeks/months later.

See how it goes and then decide if it is the best approach for you. As you may guess, not every diet will work for you and your psoriasis, so it is important to experiment safely.

If you happen to be able to collect the benefits that a carnivore diet can offer for your psoriasis, perfect! Now you have something that works well for you.

Always remember, balance is key for everything.