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Are Eggs Bad for Psoriasis? (Only if You Do This)

Eggs are highly nutritious and they are great at supplying almost every nutrient you need. Not only that but they can also help you in weight loss and other healthier benefits.

Unfortunately for psoriasis patients, tasting eggs cannot be a recurrent option.

Eggs have in their composition a polyunsaturated fatty acid called arachidonic acid that may lead to psoriasis complications if eaten.

But there’s a way for people with psoriasis to taste this delicacy without suffering any consequences at all.

If you have psoriasis and like to eat your occasional egg without psoriasis complications then keep reading because we have a solution for you.

eggs are bad for psoriasis

Benefits of Eggs for People With Psoriasis

Even if you have psoriasis, you will still benefit from the healthy nutrients that eggs have to offer. They are an Egg-Ceptional superfood because:

Eggs Are Rich in Unique Antioxidants

Eggs have two unique antioxidants called lutein and zeaxanthin and these are crucial for your eyesight.

They can reduce the risk for eye diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration. They will also protect your retina against the harmful effects of sunlight.

They Are Highly Nutritious

This superfood is loaded with vitamins, minerals, good fats, high-quality proteins, and various trace nutrients.

They do have everything needed to develop a baby chicken. From here, you can only imagine the rest.

Can Help You Lose Weight

The composition of eggs is something quite amazing, they can pack a lot of protein and fat in such a small space.

By doing this they become a filling food. This means that it will take you longer to digest them, leading to the consumption of fewer calories.

Combining eggs with a low-carb diet can help you lose a few stones along the way. This is so crucial for getting rid of psoriasis symptoms.

The closer you are to your optimal weight the better are your chances of not having psoriasis exacerbations’.

Side note: A carnivore diet can also be an added value to psoriasis, follow the link to discover its benefits.

May Support Heart Health

Eggs will help you to have a healthy heart. Everyone knows that psoriasis patients need all the help they can get when it comes to heart issues (they face a greater risk of getting them).

They help reduce insulin resistance and will raise HDL (the”good”) cholesterol while lowering LDL (the “bad” one).

When following a low-carb diet, eggs can complement its benefits.

Eggs Are Loaded With Choline

Many people don’t know this but eggs can give you a good dose of choline, this lesser-known nutrient is very essential to human health.

Choline helps organs such as the liver and the heart. It will have an active role in preventing neurological disorders.

The best sources for getting choline are eggs and beef liver. One egg can contain up to 113 mg of choline.

It is so important that just by taking it, pregnant women can lower the risk for neural tube defects. This eliminates the major chances for decreased cognitive function in the baby.

Why Eggs Can Be Bad for Psoriasis?

When eating eggs in excess they will potentially trigger severe psoriasis symptoms throughout your whole body.

This may happen because:

  • Your body is already overloaded with inflammatory foods.
  • You are already experiencing internal inflammation.
  • You’ve eaten too many eggs or derivatives with eggs.

In these situations, your psoriasis will most likely flare up soon. You either detox your body by eating clean or resort to anything synthetic to get you through the inflammation period.

How Can I Eat Eggs if I Have Psoriasis?

You can eat eggs each 2 weeks as long as you don’t eat more than two eggs at once. Here’s how can you do this:

  • Eliminate eggs for 2 weeks, and eat your normal diet.
  • After being OFF eggs for 2 weeks, reintroduce them in smaller portions, like just 1 egg (if you are not sure how you will react).
  • If during the next 2 weeks of having reintroduced the egg(s) NO reaction appears, you can continue to eat them as long as you respect that schedule (every 2 weeks you taste egg(s) once).

Pro tip: You can repeat this process with another food you’ll wish to try.

Can I Eat Eggs for Breakfast if I Have Psoriasis?

You can eat eggs at any time even if you have psoriasis. This counts for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even as a snack. Just keep in mind to respect the interval where you should eat them.

Overloading your body with potential inflammatory foods will cause psoriasis symptoms to trigger. But if you do it in a controlled way, you can eat eggs whenever you want.

Can I Eat Eggs With Other Food if I Have Psoriasis?

You can taste your eggs along with anything else of your choice. But choose your selections wisely, overloading your body with inflammatory foods can lead to psoriasis outbreaks.

Always have balance in your diet when eating eggs with other foods. Moderation is the key to success.

Are Organic Eggs Good for Psoriasis?

Organic eggs are very healthy even if you have psoriasis. Balancing them into your diet may give you rich nutritional values.

Plus, you have the benefit of eating organic eggs, they are healthier than normal eggs.

Can I Eat Quail Eggs if I Have Psoriasis?

Quail eggs are also another great food to have in your diet, and you will indeed receive all the nutrients quail eggs have to offer for your body and your psoriasis.

A word of caution, quail eggs may be small in size but they are as well packed with all the goodies that also come in larger eggs.

Be careful with your doses of quail eggs, without knowing you can be ingesting more than you should. Have some common sense when eating them and you’ll be fine.

Can I Eat Raw Eggs if I Have Psoriasis?

You shouldn’t eat raw or undercooked eggs in any circumstance. Raw eggs raise the risk for salmonella food poisoning.

Only eggs produced under the British Lion Code of Practice can be eaten raw. And even so, they are redistricted to the elderly, pregnant women, infants, and children.

Side note: Many children have a food allergy to eggs and although most of them outgrow that by the time they go to school, some caution is advised.

Do Eggs Worsen Psoriasis?

When consumed in moderation, eggs aren’t able to worsen psoriasis.

It is known that arachidonic acid can be a strong trigger for psoriasis symptoms but it is not enough to cause them overnight.

Usually what happens is that your body is already at the edge of inflammation, and when you consume eggs all hell breaks loose, inflammation starts, and your psoriasis takes over.

Can Eggs Cause Scalp Psoriasis

Eggs do not cause scalp psoriasis per se. The excessive ingestion of eggs can provoke an inflammation in your body that will lead to a psoriasis exacerbation.

That will reflect in any part of your body, from head to toes. While it may not be specific in triggering scalp psoriasis, it can indeed exacerbate all types of psoriasis in you.

eggs are bad for psoriasis triggers

Can Eggs Cure Psoriasis?

It is unlikely that eggs can cure psoriasis because there is no cure for psoriasis.

You can enjoy your occasional egg, and even if you have psoriasis, eggs will give you some nutritional benefits but don’t expect anything else from that.

Should I Eat Eggs if I Have Psoriasis?

Being an egg lover or not, if you wish to taste them occasionally there’s no questioning why.

It is understandable your concerns regarding psoriasis effects, but as long as you respect the egg “abstinence” period there’s no major risk in tasting them.

There are a lot of scenarios where eggs are presented in your diet and you are completely unaware of them (and end up eating them anyway).

Eggs have been part of our diet for a long time, and even if you can live without them there is no harm in having them once in a while just for the sake of diversifying your diet.

Also, keep in mind that leading a stressful life can trigger psoriasis symptoms even without eating any inflammatory foods (like eggs).

Many people have severe psoriasis flare-ups thinking it was caused by foods they ate, when in fact it is due to stressful traumas caused in their daily lives.

Balance your diet, follow a healthy lifestyle and if you want to, taste your delicious occasional eggs without any consequences (you can thank me later).