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Yogurt Is Good for Psoriasis (And Even Better This Way)

Dairy products can be a curse to many psoriasis patients, they tend to irritate the intestinal tract and that leads to many psoriasis complications, but you should not see this as a general rule.

There are good dairy and bad dairy, and although high-fat dairy is strongly associated with inflammation, there are some safe choices that can benefit your gut (and your psoriasis).

Natural Greek yogurt can be a blessing for your psoriasis. In its natural form (without any extras), it has excellent probiotic effects and will help your gut fight inflammation.

If you have psoriasis and want to know what yogurt can do for you then keep reading because we got it all covered.

yogurt is good for psoriasis

Benefits of Yogurt for Psoriasis

Although many don’t know, yogurt can bring a lot of benefits to psoriasis patients, among them:

Evens Skin Tone

Psoriasis often causes white spots after its fully healed. This leaves an uneven skin tone and may cause some discomfort to some people when exposing themselves.

The lactic acid in yogurt will help with this, it will cleanse dirt and dead skin cells from skin while inhibiting tyrosinase production.

For the unaware, tyrosinase is a crucial enzyme for the production of melanin.

When producing more melanin your body ensures that your skin becomes darker and balances its overall tone of it.

Moisturizes and Heals Dry Skin

Yogurt is a great moisturizer, thanks to its rich source of B vitamins (B2, B5, and B12) it can hydrate, moisturize and heal dry skin.

Vitamin B2 is also able to act as an antioxidant and it will prevent any dryness in the skin caused by free radicals.

One of the main concerns with psoriasis is the lack of sufficient moisture in the skin, thanks to yogurt which will no longer be a huge problem.

Prevents Hair Fall and Boosts Hair Growth

What many people don’t know is that bad nutrition, pollution, and other chemicals are prone to damage their hair.

The nutrients and proteins contained in yogurt will nourish and strengthen the hair. Yogurt is not only great for preventing hair fall but also great for stimulating new hair growth.

Blocks UV Rays Damage

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of yogurt and the zinc in its composition, it helps actively to protect from sun damage.

When dealing with the damage caused by UVs, yogurt promotes skin cell growth and this will keep off wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

Treats Scalp Psoriasis Flakes

Another impressive feature of yogurt is the ability to ease and treat scalp psoriasis.

The anti-inflammatory effects of yogurt are great for helping soothe the irritated areas of the scalp, treat the inflammation going on and ease the itching.

Scalp psoriasis itching can be a curse. The itching will lead to more flakes and you are at risk of infection. Having something like yogurt to calm it down is an added value.

Treats Skin Infections

The natural anti-fungal and antibacterial agents present in yogurt will help control and ward off any potential risks of infections on the skin.

Inflammation is one of the things that can escalate psoriasis severity. And there is nothing worse than dealing with flakes and a serious infection at the same time.

Using yogurt to treat specific spots is a good strategy instead of using strong synthetic treatments that are very aggressive toward the whole body.

Acts as a Conditioner

With yogurt it is possible to fight the action of free radicals in your skin, this is done thanks to the source of antioxidants available in it.

Not only that, but yogurt is full of rich nutrients that will nourish the scalp and hair roots, resulting in smoother and shinier hair.

Other Yogurt Benefits for Psoriasis Symptoms

In addition to these benefits, yogurt is also able to help psoriasis patients with other areas by treating them directly.

You can apply yogurt directly on the spot if you have things like cracks or skin dryness to treating. It can be applied in:

  • Cracked Heels
  • Hands
  • Elbows
  • Face
  • and many other parts

What Kind of Yogurt Is Good for Psoriasis?

Non-fat (natural) Greek yogurt is the top choice due to the major benefits it has for psoriasis. Its effects on the gut will help boost immunity and will quickly regulate gut function.

It works great on your skin too as it won’t run down and splash on the floor like other types of yogurts do.

This kind of yogurt is preferable in the unsweetened plain version. Other flavors have sugar and sugary components added thus making it hard to trust in delivering the healthier benefits of it.

Is Probiotic Yogurt Good for Psoriasis?

Natural probiotic yogurt contains live bacteria that will help boost your gut health and will mitigate most of the psoriasis symptoms.

This bacteria is essential to maintain a healed gut and it acts by balancing the intestinal flora and fighting inflammation.

Is Curd Good for Psoriasis?

Some researchers strongly suggest that probiotics have an active role when it comes to managing psoriasis symptoms.

These beneficial bacteria can be found in curd, yogurt, and other fermented foods. They are also available in supplements.

Balancing the bacteria in the body can be of great help to the immune system.

Does Curd Help in Scalp Psoriasis?

Thanks to the good bacteria present in curd psoriasis can benefit from its effects. They will act in the gut and will help lower any present inflammation.

The curd will help maintain a healthy bacteria balance in the gut.

How Can I Identify Which Yogurt Is Good for Psoriasis?

One thing you need to do when buying your yogurt is read the label. But it is very easy to identify which ones are better for psoriasis. You have to:

  • Pick up natural Greek yogurt or another natural yogurt that has few ingredients.
  • Choose a yogurt that is plain and unsweetened, these have little added sugar.

Sticking to these choices will save you a lot of time. You can read the full label but when in hurry choose these.

Stay away from “light” or “diet” flavored yogurts, they are poison to inflammation. Choose plain natural, period.

yogurt is good for psoriasis probiotic

Should I Start Eating Yogurt for My Psoriasis?

Having a diet change can be beneficial for psoriasis patients. Using yogurt is just one of the many ways you can fight psoriasis symptoms.

One of the best things about using yogurt is that you are starting to heal your psoriasis from the inside out. Keeping your gut balance is crucial against psoriasis exacerbations’.

This will potentially lower the current risks for any psoriasis breakout and will prevent future ones.

Yogurt is one delicious food, it’s not something you’ll need several months to get used to, and it’s very cheap. This will keep your costs low (psoriasis can be quite expensive to treat).

Not everyone will be able to eat yogurt due to other complications like lactose intolerance. The best bet for these patients is to follow the advice of their healthcare professional.

But if you can eat yogurt without any problem at all, consider a change in your diet a try it out for some time. It can be an added value to your psoriasis and definitely, you won’t regret it.