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Vegan Diet Benefits for Psoriasis

Recent medical studies point out the fact that a plant-based diet can help Psoriasis patients to reduce some symptoms and even make them disappear.

Of course, not everyone is open to a change in their diet like that, but it’s always worth pondering the benefits vs the change, and seeing what can come from that.

In this article we are going to discuss the benefits of the vegan diet for Psoriasis, so you can improve your skin and live the lifestyle your body deserves.

Vegan Foods That Can Benefit Psoriasis

Here are eight vegan snacks that will give you a healthy boost of protein:

  • Twisties (food product) – Twists made from soy instead of wheat.
  • Almond Butter – A tasty plant-based spread.
  • Lentil/Garbanzo beans Hummus – This is a great snack if you need to watch your weight.
  • Coconut Oil – This is one of the best natural calories to use with your meals.

    A tablespoon of coconut oil has approximately the same amount of calories as one egg, yet it takes just a fraction of the time to cook with.  

    Coconut oil can be used in many dishes, and on both savory and sweet foods. It’s a healthy oil to consume.
  • Cereal – Look for cereals that have low sugar content and high levels of fiber so they can give you better satisfaction (a full stomach sensation).  
  • Organic Apple Slices – Apples are an excellent source of fiber, and are filling as well. They also contain pectin which is great for slimming down.
  • Chia Seeds – These seeds can be added to a lot of recipes giving one extra protein without changing the taste at all.  They are also great for adding a little extra fiber to your diet.
  • Applesauce –  This is a simple ingredient to add to your diet. Just be sure that it’s unsweetened so you don’t have added sugar.
Vegan Diet Benefits for Psoriasis


  • Peanut Butter – One of the best ways to get plenty of protein is by eating protein-rich foods like peanut butter and peanut butter spreads.

    Most peanut butter contains about 50 percent more protein than other types of nut butter, so if you are looking for a healthy snack then look no further.
  • Plant-based food products can contain a lot of protein as well. Soy milk, soy meat alternatives, and vegan protein powders are all excellent options to include in your diet.

    When you are trying to lose weight, eating low-calorie plant-based foods will help you shed a few pounds very quickly and with no big effort at all.

How Can a Vegan Diet Help Psoriasis?

A 2018 study revealed that people with psoriasis may benefit greatly from a vegan diet introduced in their daily life.

The key that makes this diet so successful is the fact that it is mainly composed by:

  • low inflammatory foods (such as red meat and dairy),
  • and it’s high in anti-inflammatory foods (vegetables, fruits, and healthy oils).

Can a Vegan Diet Clear Psoriasis?

A vegan diet can clearly help reduce psoriasis symptoms, by reducing inflammation there will be fewer lesions, thus the number of plaques will also reduce.

Long term vegan diet could even help to mitigate completely psoriasis symptoms for good.

Although there is a chance they can come back, the inflammation would definitely be weaker than before.

Pro tip: An alternative diet using whey protein can control with great success psoriasis symptoms.

Should I Start a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet to Help My Psoriasis?

You don’t need a whole food plant-based diet to help your psoriasis, having balanced whole foods is a great approach as well.

But it is a fact that a whole food plant-based diet, can indeed help to reduce psoriasis inflammatory issues.

What Happens to Your Skin When You Stop Eating Meat?

Going meat-free will definitely help your body internally and externally. When you cut meat from your diet, your skin will clear and it will glow.

This happens because you will be consuming higher amounts of minerals, antioxidants, and fiber from a plant-based diet, and it will be very beneficial to your skin.

Plant-based diets can have a huge impact when it comes to detoxifying your body and clearing your skin.

What Happens to Your Skin When You Stop Eating Meat and Dairy?

Consuming less meat and dairy will help to decrease the toxicity in your body and your skin, a plant-based diet will clear most residual toxins and will regulate you internally.

Also, when you intake fewer meat calories, it will reduce significantly the skin oil production. When this happens there is less chance for outbreaks to occur.

Introducing a plant-based diet can be beneficial to boost your skin health and your overall health as well.

Did you know: Carrots can bring great benefits for psoriasis

Do Vegans Have Better Skin?

There is no hidden formula in a vegan diet, in fact, a vegan diet requires you to eat greens and fruits, opposing to dairy, meat, and other processed stuff.

Just this alone will boost the skin health of every vegan who does it as a lifestyle.

The intake of those healthy foods will increase the consumption of many natural antioxidants, which in return fight free radicals and promote better skin appearance.

The general impact that a vegan will get on their skin, comes directly from their eating habits and their general lifestyle.

Do Vegans’ Skin Age Faster?

That is a myth, following a vegan diet won’t make your skin age faster nor it will make your skin age slower.

Although there are many benefits while making a vegan diet a lifestyle, they do not influence your age attributes.

Do Vegans Look Younger?

Vegans do not look younger compared to people who follow other diets, however, one might say they could potentially live longer, thanks to the benefits associated with their diet lifestyle.

Why Going Vegan Will Benefit Psoriasis Patients?

Psoriasis patients suffer a lot with their skin condition, not only of the difficulty they endure but also because of the stigma around it.

If going vegan means a reduction in psoriasis symptoms and visible flares, maybe it is worth considering it for a while to see how it goes.

Nobody chooses to be born with psoriasis but they sure can control part of what triggers it. Going vegan sure seems to be a doable and approachable mid-term solution.


Some people believe that a vegan diet for psoriasis is more effective than other kinds of diets when it comes to losing weight fast.

That’s because vegan diets tend to contain more fiber and that helps the body to get rid of fat faster.  

You should talk with your doctor or see a nutritionist before making any big changes in your diet, it is important to get enough nutrients from all of your meals.

Note to reader: The key to successful results is based on moderation and promoting healthy habits for your body and your skin. does not endorse or exclude the possibilities from the topic discussed in this article.