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Whey Protein and Psoriasis: Benefits, Cons, and More

Starting a healthy lifestyle is not always easy as it seems to be. The workouts, the diet, and the next day’s body aches are things that not everyone will be able to endure.

Luckily there are some supplements you can take, to help you go through the roughest times of this adaptation period, such as whey protein and others.

But what does that mean for psoriasis patients? Can a person with psoriasis consume whey protein without any consequences or exacerbation’?

Whey protein can be very beneficial for psoriasis patients and can even help with inflammation issues, but there are some things you should have in mind before using it for the first time.

If you want to know how to consume whey protein for recovery without messing up with psoriasis, just keep reading because we are going there in a second.

whey protein and psoriasis benefits cons

Is Whey Protein Good for Psoriasis?

Using whey protein as a recovery supplement can potentially improve the inflammatory symptoms caused by psoriasis.

Instead of relying on certain foods to provide your protein intake, you can use whey as an occasional protein source.

Limiting foods that can provoke inflammation is an added value for your overall health, so replacing them with whey protein can prove to be a great alternative.

Can I Consume Whey Daily for Psoriasis?

There is no reason to believe that it is bad for psoriasis to consume whey protein daily.

Like everything in life, whey protein should be consumed in moderation and accordingly to your energy spent.

Just don’t make it the major source of your daily calorie intake, the key to good psoriasis control is to maintain a balanced diet.

Reasons Why Whey May Help With Psoriasis

There are many reasons why whey protein can be highly beneficial with psoriasis, among them, are:

Helps Losing Weight

Weight loss is very beneficial for psoriasis patients. When consuming whey protein you can promote successful fat loss.

Whey protein will function as an appetite suppressor, you will end up reducing the number of calories intake.

One of the main benefits of whey is to promote muscle growth. When you stimulate your body to grow muscle mass you end up losing the fat.

When consuming whey you will be boosting your metabolism, this will help you burn more calories which results in substantial weight loss.

It Is an Excellent Source of Protein

Whey protein is the liquid separation between milk and cheese production. It is a high-quality protein and it contains many essential amino acids.

This makes whey very digestible and it will be better absorbed by your gut when digested. Thanks to this, whey is one of the best dietary protein sources available on the market.

Enhances Antioxidant Defenses From the Body

Antioxidants’ role is to lower the oxidation in the body. Oxidation is not good for psoriasis as it may trigger many of the disease’s symptoms.

Consuming whey will help reduce the majority of oxidative stress and will promote better health by decreasing the risk for chronic diseases.

May Reduce Inflammation

When damage occurs in your body, it produces inflammation. This phenomenon is not 100% bad when done in the short-term, only in certain circumstances becomes chronic.

As we know, chronic inflammation leads to risk factors that may provoke many diseases and they will hurt your health in the long run.

Having your share of whey will help reduce these inflammations and will give you the benefits you need to fight back any psoriasis symptoms.

Helps Lowering Blood Pressure

Patients with psoriasis have an increased risk of poorly controlled hypertension. This is one of the risk factors for this disease.

Several studies have shown that consuming whey protein can help with the reduction of blood pressure.

Although it is more effective in individuals who already have high blood pressure, the ones who don’t can still benefit from the other benefits of consuming whey as a protein source.

Pro tip: Whey protein shake with peanut butter can be beneficial for psoriasis, know more about this here.

Can Be Beneficial to Treat Type 2 Diabetes

Another benefit of taking whey daily is its capability to moderate blood sugar. Whey will promote the increase of insulin levels and the sensitivity to its effects.

If we compare whey to other sources of protein, whey has better benefits. Thanks to the perfect nutrient isolation of whey, it can act as many medications for diabetes.

Consuming whey protein before or after a high-carb meal seems to show better moderation in blood sugar levels.

Can Work as a Filler

When you consume whey you will feel satisfied. Whey protein can be a great filler, this will help you even your daily diet.

Sometimes that’s all we need to control psoriasis better. If you don’t have the urge to eat foods that lead to inflammatory responses, you will be able to keep your psoriasis under control.

Using whey to do this “trick” can be an added value, not to mention that you will still receive the benefits whey has to offer.

Reduces Cholesterol

Individuals with psoriasis that have higher LDL (bad) cholesterol are at serious risk for heart diseases.

Consuming whey protein as a substitute for certain protein foods that come loaded with fats can help reduce significantly the total LDL cholesterol present in the blood.

High cholesterol in psoriasis patients leads to serious strokes, it is really dangerous.

Does a High Protein Diet Help Psoriasis?

High protein intake may increase skin inflammation. Everything that is done in excess may lead to serious consequences.

When dealing with psoriasis, the key to managing many of its symptoms is diet moderation.

Although consuming protein through whey may be beneficial for psoriasis patients, overloading your system with it may reveal itself tragic.

In case of doubt always consult your healthcare professional.

Does Whey Protein Trigger Psoriasis?

There are no studies that reveal that, however, some individuals may be more sensitive to some of the other nutrients contained in whey protein.

When that happens they need to work on a different protein intake strategy, and with another product as well.

There are a lot of ways to consume protein in your diet, whey protein is just one of them. You need to see what sticks well in your system.

Does Whey Protein Help Psoriasis?

Many studies can prove that consuming whey protein can help many individuals who suffer from psoriasis.

The major benefit of whey intake is to reduce many of the risks that pose a threat to heart diseases.

The regular and controlled consumption of whey can be an added value to them.

Does Whey Protein Increase Inflammation?

Unless taken in excessive doses, there is no evidence that whey protein can increase inflammation levels in individuals.

However, people that are more bowel sensitive can react badly to some whey protein formulas, and thus will have inflammation to it.

You will need to experiment with whey samples to see what is the most indicated solution for you.

Does Whey Protein Improve Skin?

Whey protein can boost the natural production of collagen and elastin. This helps fight aging and other skin issues.

Consuming whey can help to keep skin smooth and get rid of wrinkles, dry lines, and other unnatural aging elements.

Can I Have Whey Protein While Taking Ayurvedic Medicines for Psoriasis?

When doing a specific treatment for psoriasis, you should take it until the end. Then after finishing it, you can start another one or experiment with different approaches.

Mixing treatments or products may provoke bad reactions from excessive intoxication in the body.

Whey protein can be very beneficial for fighting your psoriasis symptoms, but only when doing a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Should I Consume Whey Protein if I Have Psoriasis?

The benefits of consuming whey protein while having psoriasis outrun many cons of it. But the good news is that you can order a small sample of whey and try it for yourself.

Never exceed the recommended daily dosage and in case of doubt, always talk with your doctor, they will know better your condition and may suggest better alternatives.


The popularity of whey is growing each passing day. It is rewarding to know the many benefits whey can offer to psoriasis patients.

And the best part is, if starting a healthy lifestyle, whey can help actively in achieving the best fitness goals while promoting better health along the way.