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Peanut Butter Is Good for Psoriasis (Thanks to This)

Nowadays there are a lot of foods that we should think twice before including in our diet. And although we should carefully select them, there are still a few that might surprise us.

That is the case for Peanut Butter, what many don’t know is that peanut butter can be a powerful ally in a psoriasis diet. Its benefits can boost the fight against many psoriasis symptoms.

In the article we are going to cover many of the benefits of peanut butter and what can it do to aid your psoriasis so keep reading for this and more.

peanut butter is good for psoriasis

Benefits of Peanut Butter for Psoriasis

Peanut butter is more than a snack, it is mostly used as a quick energy booster but when properly introduced into a balanced and healthy diet it can benefit your psoriasis symptoms.

Here are the best benefits of peanut butter for psoriasis:

Gives You a Healthy Heart

The healthy fats present in peanut butter are essential for protecting your heart against damage. They can control cholesterol buildup in your arteries.

The potassium contained in PB is also able to keep everything else at a healthy level as it will regulate the heartbeat and ensure the proper function of the muscles and nerves.

People who suffer from psoriasis need all the help they can get to their hearts since they are at higher risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Has Many Skin Benefits

Peanut butter is high in Vitamin E, this vitamin is very important to protect your body against free radicals, excessive UV exposure, and other harmful agents.

Moreover, the monounsaturated fats in peanut butter are great at keeping your skin clean and with a natural radiance.

Individuals who are recovering from a psoriasis breakout need to double their skin protection against free radicals.

Gives Energy Boost

One of the side effects of psoriasis is the fact that you’ll be really tired sometimes. The occasional peanut butter snack can give you just the energy boost you are needing.

It will also cut any craving that you might feel due to tiredness. And it may be just enough to get you through “that” moment while keeping you going on.

Promotes Fat Loss

Consuming peanut butter in moderation aids in satiation. When adding it with another food (e.g., bananas and chia seeds) it will keep you full a lot longer.

When eating less you are promoting fat loss, this is a huge advantage for psoriasis patients as maintaining a healthy weight is important to control some aspects of the disease.

peanut butter is good for psoriasis 1

Lowers Stress Hormones

In the long run, peanut butter helps you lower the levels of stress hormones. PG contains beta-sitosterol (a plant sterol), which is known to normalize high cortisol levels.

It will also educate your body in getting used to balancing cortisone with other hormones during times of great stress. Beta-sitosterol will also help improve the body’s immunity.

Stress is one of the most dangerous psoriasis triggers, keeping it off your system is one of the biggest priorities for the sake of your health.

Combat Toxins

Another advantage of peanut butter is the ability to protect against the existent pollution in the air.

Although this can be achieved from the outside with natural products like coconut oil, it is an added value to be able to do it from the inside out as well.

People who psoriasis have higher skin exposure to toxins due to psoriasis wounds, having extra help discarding those toxins is always welcome.

Reduce the Risk for Diabetes

Eating peanut butter in moderation is known to aid in reducing the risk of diabetes. Of course, this has to be well controlled, but studies have shown that PB can reduce this risk by up to 20%.

Unfortunately, psoriasis patients are at higher risk for diabetes and this is where peanut butter comes in handy.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Peanut butter is amazing, the potassium in it will not only aid muscle contraction but also will keep blood pressure low.

Cardiovascular diseases are known to be linked to potassium deficiencies, to make the most of it opt for an unsalted version of peanut butter.

Psoriasis patients are once again at higher risk for high blood pressure, snacking with peanut butter doesn’t seem such a bad idea knowing this.

Promotes Better Sleep

A good night of sleep is crucial to recover from psoriasis symptoms, peanut butter contains an important amino acid (tryptophan) that will help achieve this effect.

Making PB as a nighttime snack can be a great routine for relaxation and prepare yourself to catch up on those lost hours of stress about whatever.

Aids Bone Health

Vitamin K is another vitamin present in peanut butter. It will aid the transportation of calcium throughout the body and normalize blood clotting.

This is essential for extra bone health, psoriasis patients have an increased risk for arthritis and other bone-related problems, preventing this with peanut butter snacks is a gift from the gods.

peanut butter is good for psoriasis

Side Effects of Peanut Butter for Psoriasis

  • When consumed without moderation, peanut butter will make you gain weight, this is not healthy for psoriasis or your general health.
  • You can be exposed to pesticides, a lot of farmers use pesticides and herbicides to ramp up peanut production, and this is no exception to peanut butter.
  • Too much PB will cause hypertension and this is the opposite of what we want to achieve to aid psoriasis patients.

Should I Start Eating Peanut Butter for My Psoriasis?

As you can see peanut butter can bring its share of goodness to many psoriasis patients out there. The secret to success is to consume it in moderation.

Peanut butter can be an added value when mixed with other foods as long as they’re psoriasis friendly. You can get twice the boost with smaller bites.

This not only will save you time but it will save you money as well. Dry fruits have topped their prices during the latest years, but even so, they should be included in your diet.

Peanut butter can be a great way to overcome those 2 problems. You can manage to consume it with a snack throughout the day without the need for planning and it’s cheap.