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5 Benefits of Saltwater Pools for Psoriasis

Medicine has come a long way since ancient times, but sometimes certain benefits require ancient knowledge to thrive.

This is the case of salt water pool baths for helping with psoriasis symptoms. When done right saltwater pool can be a great ally to calm down any psoriasis breakout.

Keep reading if you want to know more about what saltwater pool baths can do for you and your psoriasis, we got it all covered just for you.

benefits of saltwater pools for psoriasis

Top 5 Benefits of Salt Water Pools for Psoriasis

Saltwater pool baths are fun to do and they don’t take that long to start improving some psoriasis symptoms, here’s what you can benefit from them:

They Are a Gentle Exfoliant

Saltwater can act as a great exfoliant for psoriasis. It opens the pores of the skin and does a deep clean.

Another great advantage of it is the increase in blood circulation, this will allow your skin to better absorb moisturizers and other skincare products.

Psoriasis patients should consider saltwater polls as part of their psoriasis routine treatments.

Provide Scalp Psoriasis Treatment

A saltwater pool not only is great for your body but also your scalp.

It helps loosen and remove any psoriasis flakes present on the scalp while continuously stimulating blood circulation on it too

Moreover, a pool of salt water will reduce any chance for fungal growth as it can absorb excess oils and moisture present on the scalp.

Boosts Mental Health

This one is extremely important for any individual with psoriasis out there. Due to the strong stigma surrounding psoriasis, many patients suffer from depression and other mental struggles.

Doing regular salt water pool baths will help them fortify their mental strength and will reinforce their tolerance to stress.

Mental health should be taken seriously, especially if you suffer from psoriasis as it can have a heavy toll on your life.

Did you know: That enduring a water fast can be excellent for the control of psoriasis symptoms, know more here.

Reduces Allergic Skin Reactions

Another important aspect of doing saltwater pools is the improvement of the skin against major allergic reactions.

Salt water will have an active role in slowing down any adverse reaction that leads to allergic responses in the body.

This is why seasonal saltwater pool baths will benefit you greatly against other aggressive seasons for the skin (such as winter).

Increase Magnesium Levels

Having magnesium levels increased is healthy for your overall health. It helps support cell function and regeneration and it will help activate better absorption of Vitamin D.

Not only that but as magnesium levels rise, inflammation levels tend to go down, this will help tremendously against any swelling and joint inflammation.

You will also be able to do some hydrotherapy exercises that otherwise would be more difficult without any water, such as rotations and smooth movements.

Other saltwater Benefits for psoriasis Include

  • Kill any existing bacteria on the skin, just like baking soda does.
  • Breaking down psoriatic plaques that suppress the immune system.
  • Reduction of foreign substances that trigger immune responses.
benefits of saltwater pools for psoriasis symptoms 1


Is Swimming in the Ocean Good for Psoriasis?

Swimming in the ocean and drying your skin with a sunbath is one of the best things you can do for your psoriasis. Just make sure that the ocean water is clean from any sewer and pollutant oils.

Is Swimming in a Pool Good for Psoriasis?

Pools with chlorine can irritate your psoriasis and can even provoke severe reactions to your psoriasis. Opt to use salt water pools without any chlorine treatment, these will be the most beneficial for your skin.

Does Salt Water Make Psoriasis Worse?

As long as you don’t have any major reaction to salt water, doing salt water baths will reveal to be very healthy for your skin and your psoriasis.

Are Saltwater Pools Good for Psoriasis?

Saltwater pools are a great choice to treat and reduce any psoriasis condition. They will also benefit your entire body and boost your mental health. Saltwater pools are indeed one of the best treatments one can have for their health.

Pro tip: Epsom salt can be a great alternative to treat scalp psoriasis as well.

Side Effects of Salt Water Pool for Psoriasis

Saltwater pools have their pros but also they bare some cons, unfortunately, some people may not be able to tolerate them as they can suffer from certain disadvantages such as:

  • Saltwater pools can worsen certain types of skin with psoriasis as they become very irritated with it.
  • If applied at high concentration levels a saltwater pool will act as a corrosive and it will damage your psoriasis skin even further.
  • Your skin may become dry leading to cracks and open wounds, this is dangerous especially if you already have psoriasis to deal with.
  • People who already have unstable psoriasis symptoms may endure unbearable itchiness when using saltwater pools for the first time.
benefits of saltwater pools for psoriasis symptoms

How to Use a Salt Water Pool for Your Psoriasis (When Done at Home)

There are safe ways to use a saltwater pool for your psoriasis. And you should start by:

  • Do a patch test to know for sure that using a saltwater pool won’t give any side effects
  • Start using salt water pool baths 1-2 times a week
  • Avoid scrubbing it on your face as it may irritate your skin, use a small amount with a cotton pad.
  • Choose to use fine salt granules instead of coarse salt. Never use table salt for this.

To prepare your saltwater pool solution do the following:

  • Boil the water
  • Add 1 tbsp of salt
  • Allow the mixture to cool down
  • Use it and repeat it whenever necessary

Pro tip: If you can swim in ocean waters, they can have a lot of benefits for reducing psoriasis symptoms.

Should I Start Doing Salt Water Pool Baths for My Psoriasis?

Saltwater has proved to be one of the best therapies for the skin out there. It is full of benefits for psoriasis but also for your overall health.

One of the best things about using a saltwater pool is the fact that you can relax in it while nurturing all the benefits from it.

This not only will boost the health of your skin but also will energize your mental capabilities as salt is known to stabilize mood and relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

Being in great mental shape is one of the top priorities while dealing with psoriasis symptoms. They can be devastating when you can deal with them properly.

So as you can see there is an interesting symbiosis for psoriasis when you decide to do a saltwater treatment for yourself.

It is also a nice natural alternative instead of constantly recurring synthetic treatments. Salt water therapy is a must for every psoriasis patient whenever possible.

So now you know, every time you get a chance to do some saltwater bath, don’t think twice and enjoy yourself with it. Your mind, your body, and your psoriasis will thank you deeply for your decision.