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Lemon Is Good for Scalp Psoriasis (When Used Like This)

Who would have thought that one of the most common household fruits can be packed with a lot of goodness to use on the skin?

Citric fruits like lemons can be a great natural product to get rid of dead skin cells. They are full of vitamins, antioxidants, and a whole lot more.

If you want to know how can you use lemon to get rid of scalp psoriasis then continue reading because we got a great article for you.

lemon is good for scalp psoriasis

Benefits of Lemon for Scalp Psoriasis

There are a lot of great benefits that you can get from using lemon in your scalp psoriasis, among them are.

Increase of Collagen

As we age collagen levels tend to fall flat, not only that but collagen is responsible for better and quicker cell regeneration.

This is one of the strongest reasons to try lemon for your scalp psoriasis. You will potentially be promoting faster healing in scalp wounds and you will fight off any free radical damage that goes in your way on a daily basis.

Fights Inflammation

Before blasting yourself with expensive over-the-counter (OTC) products you should give a shot to try lemon juice for fighting any scalp inflammation.

The citric acid from lemon helps remove dead skin skills that are responsible for clogging pores.

When skin pores clog that usually leads to bad absorption, therefore, delaying any treatment efficiency that might want to do.

Regulation of Oily Skin

Oily skin can be problematic when you are dealing with scalp psoriasis.

When a scalp produces too much sebum it increases the chances for an allergic reaction and if not properly cared for, it can become severe.

Scalp psoriasis usually increments drastically scaly patches on your scalp, but when dabbing some lemon on it you can potentially reduce the effects of it.

Antifungal Properties

Another great benefit of lemon is its antiseptic properties present on it. They can be effective against harmful bacteria like E Coli and Staphylococcus.

Lemon can provide good relief for patients who are already dealing with scalp psoriasis infections and want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

It is essentially perfect for treating small wounds and other cuts on your scalp.

Fades Scars, Blemishes, and Discoloration

Although not common scalp psoriasis may lead to certain scarring on the scalp that may lead to loss of hair and other issues.

This is only possible thanks to the bleaching qualities of lemon juice, the citric acid will help exfoliate the skin and slough off any dead skin cells, this accelerates cell renewal and will leave the scalp strong and healthy.

Other Benefits of Using Lemon on Scalp Psoriasis Include

  • Magnesium: Lemons are rich in magnesium. This is an important mineral that actively promotes better collagen production and reduces the aging process.
  • Vitamin C: Most citric fruits provide good vitamin C intake which is also an important piece to fight off the effects of free radicals from the skin.
  • Calcium: This mineral is essential for maintaining healthy skin. Usually, people that have dry and itchy scalp have calcium deficiency, reversing this effect is definitely an added value.
  • Citric acid: This acid is very helpful in exfoliating the skin’s surface and removing dead cells away. It will also shrink larger pores, leading to less clogging and potential bacteria accumulation.

How to Use Lemon for Scalp Psoriasis

You can use lemon on scalp psoriasis by:

  • Applying directly the lemon juice on your scalp a leaving it for 5-10 as a pre-shampoo treatment. This will allow the lemon to penetrate your scalp and act upon it.
  • Afterward, just rinse it with warm water and wash your head with a mild shampoo. You can repeat this a few times for consistent results.

It is possible to also mix lemon with other ingredients to treat scalp psoriasis, you can do this by:

  • Pair the lemon juice with other preferred essential oil or exfoliant like sugar and apply it before regular shampooing.

Side Effects of Using Lemon for Scalp Psoriasis

There are some strong side effects that you need to know before using lemon on scalp psoriasis. If you feel any of the following symptoms while using it you should stop immediately and wash it off with water.

  • increased flaking
  • dryness
  • stinging
  • redness
  • burning
lemon is good for scalp psoriasis before after

Should You Start Using Lemon for Scalp Psoriasis?

You don’t need to spend a lot of lemons to test their benefits on your scalp. Plus, it’s another natural way to treat your scalp psoriasis without recurring aggressive products.

This doesn’t mean also that you should go straight ahead and use lemon on your scalp psoriasis. But you can keep this suggestion to try on when nothing else seems to work.

When in doubt you can always talk to your doctor and ask their opinion about wanting to try some lemon for your psoriasis. They will know what’s the best solution applicable to your situation.

In the end, the decision will be yours to make. If you already tried lemon for treating scalp psoriasis before and had great results with it, feel free to share this article with someone who would like to try it out too.


Can I Use Lemon for Scalp Psoriasis?

You can use lemon juice to treat scalp psoriasis, however, some people have severe reactions to it. The citric acid from the lemon may cause skin irritation, some caution is needed when using it.

Can We Apply Lemon on the Scalp?

It is possible to apply lemon on the scalp. It’s most effective when using it as a pre-shampoo treatment. Using it before washing your hair usually guarantees better results.

Is Lemon Good for an Itchy Scalp?

Lemon is known to contain antiseptic properties, they can help actively ease any itchy in your head. Be cautious about any open wound or active irritation going on as it might sting a little bit.

Is Lemon Harmful to Hair?

As long as the lemon juice is fresh, there is no risk of damaging your hair. However, when exposed to the sun lemon juice can damage your hair’s outer sheath. This is why washing lemon juice off after 5-10 minutes in the head is better.