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Joining the Army With Psoriasis: Requirements and Alternatives

Joining the Army is a great career pursuit for many people.

The overall benefits, the advanced specialty training, and the good remuneration that U.S Army can offer, are a great way to boost your career and your life.

But if you want to join the Army while having psoriasis, it may reveal being a difficult task depending on the severity of your condition.

About 2% of the population serving under current U.S Military regulations are affected by the chronic aspect of Psoriasis.

joining the army with psoriasis

Why Is It Difficult to Join the Army With Psoriasis?

Being diagnosed with psoriasis affects the appointment and the recruitment of soldiers.

If an on-duty soldier is diagnosed with this disease, the soldier is referred for a throughout examination under the Army regulations 40-501.

This could lead to the exit from the military or be signed to another position. Between 2008 to 2015, attempts were made to treat soldiers with this disease in several ways.

But they were only deployed to combat medical camps. This is important to show that psoriasis in the US military is an important physical illness.

Treatments of psoriasis and its problems with soldiers are not recently unique to the U.S Military.

During the Vietnam War, the first Gulf War, the establishment of peace in Bosnia, and Operation Iraq Freedom, it was found that 2.1% of on-duty soldiers were suffering from Psoriasis.

But don’t let this news let you down on your military pursuit.

Even if you are not fit for the army due to psoriasis there are some great alternatives where you can build a career as well.

Work Opportunities for Psoriasis Patients Who Want to Join the Army

Joining the army doesn’t necessarily mean running straight into a battlefield.

In addition, there are many ways in which you can serve your country and where psoriasis will not be an obstacle for you.

Some applicants with psoriasis may be accepted into the army, but they will also evaluate the severity and condition of the disease.

Some applications may be considered by those who have previously been rejected for this reason, if their qualifications meet the requirements for the job.

There are many areas in the military where you can serve as a civilian. These are called army civilian careers (or jobs).

And they include areas such as:

  • Engineering
  • Retail
  • Marketing
  • Financial Services
  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Business Administration
  • Construction
  • Education

How Can a Civilian With Psoriasis Get a Job in the Military

  1. They will need to meet the basic requirements for the job.
  2. They will need to choose a branch of the military.
  3. They will need to choose a location.
  4. They will need to create and submit a well-written resume
  5. And prepare their application documents.

Just to put in perspective over 330,000 civilians are working on military bases across the world, in over 500 career fields.

joining the army with psoriasis civilan jobs

Can You Join the Military With Mild Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is enough to disqualify a person from joining the U.S military. It also disqualifies those who performing their services.

As we can see, Psoriasis as a physical ailment is a major concern in the U.S military.

Let’s be real here for a second. Would you be able to survive with Psoriasis in a rigorous military training environment?

There are a lot of things that could exacerbate your symptoms such as:

  • Heavy uniforms
  • Extreme heat or cold
  • Dirt, sand, mud
  • Wet clothing, Sweat
  • Allergies, bad reactions to some materials/equipment

According to a lieutenant colonel of the U.S military. When a physical examination is performed at the time of enlistment it has two purposes:

1 – Ensure that soldiers are completely fit and fully healthy.

2 – Guarantee that soldiers can complete their mission without any issues.

These circumstances can be difficult to fulfill when a soldier has psoriasis and needs medical treatment.

Why Is Psoriasis a Medical Exclusion Factor for the Military?

There are many reasons behind this. but the main ones are about cost and safety.

Millions of dollars are spent on training a soldier. If he fails to do his duty all the expenses are wasted and safety is compromised

All soldiers’ lives are extremely important and the minor risk factor can compromise all of them.

Although many of the effects of psoriasis can be mild, in some people the effects can be severe and that increases the possibility that their condition may interfere with the mission.

This can disrupt the team’s performance, and can potentially put the lives of others in danger. You will surely face tough situations when you are assigned to the army.

The stress of these conditions such as wearing a heavy uniform, and other types of equipment can cause severe itching.

Psoriasis can usually be controlled in a normal environment, but the physical and emotional stress during deployment could cause it to increase dangerously.

joining the army with psoriasis civilian

What if You Are Diagnosed With Psoriasis While on Military Duty?

Under U.S army regulation, every soldier undergoes a thorough physical examination. Before being sent to a mission and coming back from it as well.

What Happens if Psoriasis Is Diagnosed During the Physical Examination?

If psoriasis is detected during an exam soldiers are not dismissed as soon as psoriasis is initially diagnosed.

They are first provided with treatment facilities. Early symptoms can be controlled with medication, thus being easier to get better.

However, there is a possibility that the situation could worsen.

For this reason, soldiers infected with the disease are not sent to combat camps. But are assigned to places where their symptoms have better chances to stay under control.

How Does Psoriasis Affect the Army Duties?

During the army duty soldiers are deployed to many places that are warm and cohesive.

Soldiers often will wear heavy uniforms and helmets and that can increase the itching caused by psoriasis among other symptoms.

If you are on a mission and your psoriasis gets worse, you will not be able to work properly.

Biological treatments could be very effective but they would need a refrigerator to treat with regular injections. As one can imagine these are not available during deployment settings.


The military is a valuable asset to any country, and the safety of every soldier is paramount.

This is something written in stone and cannot be compromised in any way.

When you are fighting a war you have to move forward at all costs. You cannot engage another one in yourself.

Focus on careers you can achieve even with Psoriasis instead of the negatives of not getting into one. Think about the benefits and the positive impact you can offer to that job position.

Due to the growing awareness of psoriasis experts believe that in the future it may be possible to develop a drug that is biologically beneficial for those who want to join the army.

This may be just around the corner, but until then, make the most of it for your life.