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Is Enduring Psoriasis a Reason for Divorce?

Having psoriasis may not be the most important thing in a marriage but sure has its toll on it.

While the thought of two different people happily ever after seems very romantic, truth is, that psoriasis is among the top reasons for divorce in a marriage.

Psoriasis can deeply contribute to marriage breakdown, but there are always things that can be done to avoid divorce.

We are going to analyze some insight on this matter and address some of the most important issues, so keep reading for more.

is enduring psoriasis a reason for divorce

Why Does Psoriasis Cause So Many Divorces?

There could be infinite arguments to discuss psoriasis and divorce, but instead of addressing hypothetical theories let’s focus on what matters.

1. Lack of Honesty

Be truthful to your partner, don’t lie to them about your condition in the first place. Always make them see what psoriasis truly is.

If they like you, they will stick around and bare with you through the good and the lesser good times of psoriasis.

Never hide that fact from them, they will feel cheated later on down the road.

2. Over Complication of Things

Only psoriasis patients know what they go through some days. Psoriasis can be painful, they can feel shameful and they can be depressed due to the stigma around it.

But don’t make it a personal quest for your partner to lift you every time you’re having a bad day. Develop mechanisms to help you go through those days. Physically and mentally.

If you need mental help, feel free to search for a specialist. And if you need physical help feel free to search for it as well. Start right away treating your issues, don’t leave them for later.

Your partner should indeed be on your side through good and bad times, but don’t let it be a full burden on them. You have to take initiative to get well by yourself.

3. Not Addressing the Relationship Problems

When you are in a relationship, you need to work on it as such. The couple’s struggles should be addressed first, then later on the individual problems.

Although it might seem a little selfish it is not. Couples need to coop between the struggles of the day than focus entirely on their self struggles.

It may be hard to manage both simultaneously but you need to if you want your marriage to work.

If it is asking too much, you can always get some couple counseling to help you out. But the answer will always lie in the ability to cooperate instead of self-centering focus.

Does Psoriasis Affect Marriage?

Psoriasis is among the top causes of marriage breakdown. People who suffer from psoriasis are prejudiced due to the stigma surrounding the visual aspect of psoriasis.

Around 50% of psoriasis patients don’t want to disclose their condition to their partners, this ends up leading to serious marriage complications later on.

What Emotion Causes Psoriasis?

People who have psoriasis suffer in the majority from emotional stress. And this has a great impact on their overall health.

Major stress leads to itching which in return causes psoriasis flares to pop up all around the body. If not managed well, psoriasis can get worse very quickly.

How Does Psoriasis Affect You Emotionally?

Unfortunately, there is a lot of stigma surrounding psoriasis symptoms. If a psoriasis patient is not strong enough mentally, it can lead them to depression.

It’s not easy to be rejected by people just because of the way you look. No one should have to endure that, but it is a reality in our world.

How Do I Tell My Partner I Have Psoriasis?

You should be very open and honest about it. Your partner has to know every aspect of your true self to love you and respect you in full.

If you begin with honesty and trust, that will be the best step to start a solid base in your relationship. If they decide not to stay, you have to accept it.

It is better this way than to have a relationship based on lies.

Is Psoriasis Contagious Through Kissing?

Psoriasis is not contagious in any form, it is completely bonded to the person who has it. It will not pass on to any partner through kissing, touching, or even sexuality.

How Can I Help My Partner With Psoriasis?

There are some things you can do to help them with psoriasis such as:

1. Be Patient

A person with psoriasis will have it badly from time to time. This means some plans might get canceled. Be patient on those days and opt to do something else with your partner.

Don’t let it be a bad day, adjust yourself to the circumstances and do the best you can to be a good day as well. Always have a plan B.

2. Start a Healthy Lifestyle With Them

Some of the strategies to control psoriasis require the adoption of healthy habits. You can do this with your partner.

Of course, this means changing the way you diet, exercise, and introduce relaxing activities. This will be beneficial for both of you.

Bring it to the table, talk about it and elaborate a plan to execute. The sooner you start, the better both of you will feel.

3. Be Happy With Them

Life is hard with or without psoriasis, the key to happiness for both of you, is to be thankful for what you have. Learn how to communicate effectively and make the best of life from it.

When you are strong as a couple, other struggles are just normal ups and downs of life. If you love them and value them, make them see that and be happy together.

Did you know: It is possible to follow a career in the army even if you have psoriasis.

Should I Divorce My Partner if They Have Psoriasis?

Nothing can truly prepare for a divorce and everything can be a reason for it. You are not obliged to endure a lifetime with a person who has psoriasis.

However, if you love them give them at least a chance to do some couple therapy and work it out.

Many couples’ problems are not the conditions they endure together but yes, the lack of communication that surrounds their lives.

Be open to failing but most importantly be open to trying again, in preference with the right foot.


From a rational point of view, psoriasis is not the best justification for a divorce or even to break up any relationship with a girlfriend, boyfriend, or anyone else.

Although it may have its role in a relationship, it is best to work out the circumstances that surround it, than to shoot right away as the main culprit.

Work your differences and don’t be afraid to search for external help if needed. You will be thankful later.