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Is Dove Soap Good for Psoriasis? (Only When Used Like This)

Searching for a good soap that goes well with your psoriasis is a daunting task. You might need to do some trial and error, and we already know that with psoriasis that doesn’t work well.

You need to know firsthand what are you applying to your skin and how well will it possibly go from there.

Dove soap may be a great alternative for people with psoriasis. Since they have sensitive skin, dove soap is a mild composed soap that can sit well with your psoriasis problems.

If you are thinking about using dove soap with your psoriasis, we are going to cover all aspects of it just for you, just keep reading for more.

dove soap is good for psoriasis

Benefits of Using Dove Soap for Psoriasis

Dove soap has some benefits that might be of great help for psoriasis patients such as:

Minimize Skin Breakouts

In its essence dove soap is composed of hypoallergenic properties, this keeps the skin from reacting abnormally and breaking out.

And although dove soap is designed mainly for oily skins it can help with the itchiness and flakes that go along with psoriasis.

It will also help soften any existing scales and may accelerate their fall thus shortening the healing process time.

Gently Cleanses the Skin

One of the main concerns with psoriasis is the risk of infection due to dirt and external agents (such as free radicals).

Dove soap may be of great aid in removing dirt and other aggressive forms from the skin. It is suitable for regular use and it will enhance the overall skin appearance.

This will also lower the risks for breakouts from psoriasis, as it will fight off some of the external causes that can have a direct action on it.

Nourishes the Skin

Dove soap composition has ingredients added at the right ratios that offer a nourished look. This is essential to maintain healthy skin.

It will mostly be noticeable at a physical level and will help any troublesome skin to have a better presentable aspect.

Hydrates the Skin

Regular use of dove soap can help minimize skin dryness. One of the main goals of the dove soap is to promote a healthy skin complexion.

This is done by moisturizing any dry skin in need of care and reducing skin roughness to avoid any cracks and other frail events that may cause active wounds.

Pro tip: Some people also like to use goat milk soap for hydrating their psoriasis, check it out.

Which Dove Soap Is Best for Psoriasis?

That would be the dove deep moisture body wash because this product contains many of the hydrant ingredients present in traditional moisturizers.

Other soaps may have an alkaline pH that will unbalance your outer skin layer and will lead it to become dry and frail.

Is Dove Soap Recommended by Dermatologists?

Some dermatologists may recommend dove soap over non-branded soaps when dealing with psoriasis.

However, this doesn’t mean that your dermatologist may say the same for you. Each treatment is personalized and you may get different options than the general recommendation.

Always follow the instructions provided by your healthcare specialist.

dove soap is good for psoriasis hair

What Are the Side Effects of Dove Soap in Psoriasis?

Unfortunately, like many other products dove soap can also have potential side effects. They may appear when trying for the first time but may persist if it’s not a good fit for your skin.

While washing your psoriasis with dove soap you might experience side effects such as:

Skin Irritation

It is quite normal that dove will not correspond to every psoriasis patient’s needs. In its formula, dove may contain specific ingredients that will cause minor reactions.

When experiencing itchiness and irritation after using dove the best solution is to just stop using it. If you have psoriasis and have an allergic reaction to dove, things will only worse from there.

Skin Sliminess

Some people can experience skin sliminess with dove. Dove soap contains moisturizing cream and some psoriasis patients’ skins are very sensitive to it.

You can get accustomed to this in time, but if you have hypersensitive skin it may not be that good to take risks with it.

Skin Dryness

When using dove for the first time you may experience skin dryness. This is not good for psoriasis patients as it tends to worsen their conditions.

You can moisturize your skin after bathing to counter these side effects, but if they persist after the first week, the dove soap will not be the best fit for your psoriasis.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Dove Soap for Psoriasis?

There are many reasons to use dove soap, but having hypersensitive skin is not one of them.

Psoriasis patients with this level of sensitivity in their skins should only use recommendations from their healthcare specialist.

And even those recommendations may need some trial first. If you don’t react that bad to new products then there is no reason why you shouldn’t use them.

People with hyper-sensitive skin usually opt by using coconut-based solutions.

Should You Shower Every Day With Psoriasis?

Yes, showering is an important task to maintain healthy skin. Sweat and other impurities accumulate in our skin, throughout the day. Thus it is of utmost importance to shower daily.

Psoriasis patients should do it with warm water and in preference moisturize their skin afterward. It is also important to be gentle while drying the skin after a good bath.

Is Dove Soap Good for Itchy Skin?

Dove soap is known for being easy on the skin and for cleaning it very well. These are characteristics that fit well in a soap design for calming down an itchy skin.

And that is one of the main reasons why many people with psoriasis choose dove as their body wash, thanks to the help that provides for dry itchy skin types of skin.

Is Dove Soap Bad for Psoriasis?

A product like a dove soap may be a healthy choice for bathing with psoriasis. Since it is a mild soap it will not be aggressive towards sensitive skins with psoriasis.

However, even with these psoriasis-friendly ingredients, dove soap may not work for some people, so is it imperative to search for other solutions.

dove soap is good for psoriasis shower

Should I Start Using Dove Soap for My Psoriasis?

Using dove soap may be a good product to wash your psoriasis and to substitute some aggressive solutions such as body washers and others.

Dove soap is often recommended to people with sensitive skin because its formulation of it is mild (when compared to others). This is why many people with psoriasis use it.

Many dermatologists recommend trying it out not because it’s the best but because it is better than many soaps out there.

People with psoriasis need to choose well what they put on their skin. Thus the recommendation of dove over non-branded ones.

And although dove might not be the perfect solution for you, it is far-off a better solution than any kind of random soap out there.

You just need to give it a go and see for yourself. If your psoriasis is pleased with it, then you’ve gained some great skin points in there. Keep using it, until you find something better.

Key Takeaways

  • Dove soap is formulated to help with psoriasis dry skin and keep moisture locked in.
  • One of the main advantages of dove soap is the presence of its hypoallergenic properties in it minimizes the risk for psoriasis breakouts.
  • Like other products, it may not be a good fit for some psoriasis patients as some side effects may occur.