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Dogs Are Attracted to Psoriasis (But Don’t Let Them Do This)

We all love our pets, they are friendly and funny and sometimes they will lick us from face to toe if they can.

This is especially true with dogs and we can observe this almost every time we get near one.

There will be some days when your dog may be attracted to your psoriasis and will start licking it. Although is mainly ok to let them do that, you should be careful with some things.

If you want to know when it’s ok to let your dog lick your psoriasis, just keep reading because we will get there in a second.

dogs are attracted to psoriasis

Reasons Why Dogs Can Be Attracted to Licking Psoriasis

Many reasons can lead a dog to lick your psoriasis but we’ll focus on the main ones, which are:

Your Dog May Be Stressed

Stress is one of the factors that lead dogs to lick a lot.

Dogs cannot meditate or talk about it so they turn their heads to the most comfortable thing they can do to alleviate stress, which is, licking their owner.

What happens is, when you have psoriasis in your hands it may seem that your dog is licking it, but that is not the case.

He Is Grooming You

This behavior comes from a long way back even before humans started to domesticate wolfs as pets. Dogs may groom themselves but they also groom their pack.

And even tho they do not ride in packs anymore, they still have kept this behavior.

So, sometimes your dog may be just grooming you (exactly where you have psoriasis), and that is ok. They are just being instinctive.

He Is Showing You Affection

Dogs can sense their owners’ state of mind, and they usually react actively to it. It is quite normal for you to arrive home just to be well received by your best friend.

And even more, if you’re having a bad day. Dogs will do what they can to cheer you up, which includes licking your psoriasis.

Your Psoriasis Tastes Good

As a psoriasis carrier, it is normal that you frequently use a lot of products to maintain your skincare. They will have different smells and textures.

It happens that, when dogs smell something new or funny, they will try to discover what’s that all about. They discover by licking stuff, and that’s one reason to give a small lick in your psoriasis.

He May Have a Medical Condition

Unfortunately, your dog may be suffering from OCD, PICA, or any other medical condition. This leads them to lick stuff obsessively.

It is quite a surprise but it may happen for a dog to obsess from psoriasis in your skin. In reality, they obsess with the texture of the flakes, but they end up licking them ceaselessly.

He Is Showing Submission

When a dog licks your skin, he may be just showing some submission to its owner. And even if you have psoriasis, they will not mind licking it.

To them, you are what you are, even if you have a characteristic that is not present in other humans, they will still love you regardless.

Can My Dog Catch My Psoriasis?

A dog can’t catch your psoriasis by licking it. Psoriasis is not contagious and will not be transmittable if your pet dog licks you.

Why Does My Dog Like to Lick My Psoriasis?

Dogs don’t lick psoriasis per se, they are just behaving like dogs. Part of being a dog is represented by behaviors shown towards its owner.

And licking represents part of those behaviors. They will do it no matter what, it’s the dogs’ nature.

How to Stop Your Dog From Licking Your Psoriasis

Dogs will lick their owners for many reasons and although some occasional licking will occur for bonding, you should put an end to if this behavior might represent some risk for your psoriasis.

You can train your dog to stop licking you by:

  • Ignore them when they lick you, if a dog doesn’t get any attention they will quit.
  • Reward their good behavior, and give them a treat every time they behave well.
  • Distract them with another thing when they try to lick you, puzzles tend to work well.
  • Be consistent, if you want them to stop for good, don’t allow that behavior anymore.

Benefits of Owning a Dog For Psoriasis (If You Still Haven’t Got One)

A dog can be a great friend but more than that, a dog can be a true ally against psoriasis. How come, you may ask? I will give you 8 awesome reasons.

1. A Dog Can Cut the Risk for a Stroke

The inflammation caused by psoriasis won’t affect just your skin but also your blood vessels too. This increases the risk of a stroke.

Owning a dog can help relieve stress when you pet them. It is believed that petting a dog as a daily activity will help reduce risks for cardiovascular diseases.

2. Having a Dog Will Improve Depression

We all know what psoriasis is capable to do to your mental health. The social stigma around psoriasis can affect your mood and other aspects of it.

Having a dog will help you fight depression back. You will have constant companionship and you will have a purpose to fulfill.

3. A Dog Can Help You Sleep Better

Psoriasis symptoms can cause challenges when it comes to sleep time. Having a dog around you in the room can help you fall asleep peacefully.

Studies have shown that people who snooze with dogs nearby rest better when compared to others that don’t own any pets at all.

4. Owning a Dog Will Make You Get Some Sun

Having a dog also means constant walking outside. This will oblige you (in a good way) to leave the house and walk your pet.

Your dog will be extremely happy and you’ll get a little sun while doing it, it’s a win-win situation.

5. Interacting With a Dog Will Help With Your Blood Pressure

One common factor in people with psoriasis is high blood pressure. Psoriasis outbreaks seem to react fiercely to high blood pressure.

Several studies have shown that having a dog can help lowering blood pressure when compared to others without pets.

6. A Dog Will Keep You Active

Owning a dog will require you to move around constantly. They can be very active depending on the breed you choose. But that will be a good thing.

The more physical you get the more beneficial will be to your psoriasis. Having an active life promotes your well-being and reduction of psoriasis symptoms.

7. They Will Ease Your Stress

Just having a dog around is enough to ease your stress. When you relax with your dog your psoriasis symptoms will improve.

Less stress equals less inflammation, and that of course leads to a body clear from psoriasis.

8. A Dog Will Boost Your Morale and Body Image

Last but not the least, a dog will boost your morale and body image. Regardless of how you feel and how your skin looks, a dog will always love you no matter what.

They will be your inseparable best friend, they won’t judge you by your looks and they’ll always want your well-being. This is what makes a dog a perfect companion for psoriasis patients.

Can Psoriasis Be Caused by Pet Allergies?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease it is not caused by external factors. However, there may be some conditions that might trigger psoriasis symptoms.

But no study correlates pet allergies to triggering psoriasis. Coincidently you may have a stressful situation related to your pet, and that may trigger psoriasis symptoms.

Does Dog Saliva Heal Psoriasis

Dog saliva will not heal psoriasis dog saliva contains good and bad bacteria. This means that it can provoke an infection if you have any open wound on your skin.

Psoriasis plaques often leave open wounds while they are scarring, it is imperative to prevent dog licking in these exposed areas of your skin.

Letting a dog lick those wounds may result in severe infections, and that is something to avoid.

Is It Ok to Let a Dog Lick My Psoriasis?

As long as you don’t have an open wound on your skin, it is ok to let a dog lick your psoriasis. It can be a beneficial symbiosis.

Your dog will relieve stress from licking your skin and you will feel appreciation from them. This is one of the main reasons why humans have pets, to give and receive their affection.


Having psoriasis is not a reason to discard the possibility of having a pet dog.

Although it is not safe to have them lick you every time, it is beneficial for you to have them around making you company.

A dog can be a really good friend, and some days, that’s all you need to calm your psoriasis symptoms down.