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Can I Use Concealer With Psoriasis?

Only psoriasis patients know how hard is to endure the stigma cause by the appearance of psoriasis flares.

In theses cases it is ok to use a concealer with psoriasis, even if you are using a treatment cream.

However, it would be best if you allowed your skin to breathe and rest whenever is possible.

Many people have the constant need to hide their psoriasis for whatever reasons (and that is ok).

So it’s nice to know that there are alternatives out there that can successfully do this job, like for example a good concealer cover-up.

Can I Use Colored Concealer With Psoriasis?

Can I Use Concealer With Psoriasis?

You can use concealers from any color with your psoriasis, green, yellow, orange, you name it.

The biggest advantage of using a concealer for psoriasis is that it is much easier to apply than other skincare products.

A liquid foundation is best for hiding the skin’s redness and swelling, but you will often find that a powder concealer with psoriasis is easier to apply.

Put the product on your face in the morning and remove it in the evening when you are ready to go to bed by washing it off.

If you use a liquid foundation then you will need to practice with some patience in a small area and allow your skin to get used to the product before applying it in general.

It may take several applications for the product to work properly on your skin, but once you know what product works best with your skin, you will have a product that you can rely on.

If your skin is too dry, don’t forget to apply a light moisturizer before applying the concealer.

You will be able to cover up any imperfections in your skin and keep it looking smooth and clear.

Cautions to Have When Using Concealer With Psoriasis

Can I Use Concealer With Psoriasis?

Concealers are great to use with Psoriasis and are perfect for covering up any skin blemishes and scars.

This is the main advantage that concealers have over other types of cosmetics that you might be interested in using.

The best concealers are very light and do not clog pores or cause excessive oil production.

If you use heavy oils, you may end up with excessive dryness of the skin, which will lead to more breakouts.

In addition, you will need to be very careful not to over-apply concealer with psoriasis as the skin will absorb too much of the concealer that you apply to your skin.

Pro tip: It is a good idea to avoid foundation as it won’t let the skin breath properly.

Can You Cover Up Psoriasis With Makeup?

You can use makeup to cover up, but don’t use moisturizer because your skin will absorb it.

Instead use a makeup primer so it can sit on top of your skin and create a smooth surface to help your makeup stable.

If your skin surface is not even due to the appearance of plaques you can always apply cover up.

Use a lightweight liquid foundation to cover any pink or red patches you might have.

Does Makeup Make Psoriasis Worse?

Certain products such as cheap makeup can indeed make your psoriasis worse. Try to search for products that contain moisturizing ingredients.

Avoid makeup such as dyes, alcohol and fragrances.

Should I Cover My Psoriasis With Makeup?

You don’t need to but if it makes you feel more confident, there are some makeup products that are psoriasis safe.

Having psoriasis flares can be really hard especially on the face, but luckily there are alternatives such as makeup that can really make a whole difference.

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Should I Cover My Psoriasis at Night?

There is no problem at all to cover your psoriasis with makeup at night. As long as you keep your skin moisturized.

If you plan to go out in a club and have fun please have in mind that sweat mixed with thick creams and makeup can worsen your psoriasis, take the necessary precations.

After bath don’t rub your psoriasis with a towel, pat yourself until dry, then use some creams to seal in water.

Before going to sleep, you can wrap your skin with plastic wrap or a bandage.

What Is the Best Makeup to Cover Psoriasis?

The best makeup to cover psoriasis is usually in cream or liquid form. Have preference in using formulations with buildable coverage, sheer and a luminous or dewy finish.

What Does Psoriasis on Face Look Like?

When psoriasis appear on face it usually comes in the form off red small bumps, they tend to grow into pink or red sores on the face.

Theses sores may build plaques that can flake off after awhile.

Facial psoriasis generally appears on the skin between the nose and the lips, upper forehead, eyebrows and on the hairline. It can be very painful if not treated on time.

How Can I Hide Psoriasis on My Face?

There is a simple trick you can use, if you buff the edges into the base it will blend really well and will cover up any major flake.

Do this using your fingers (clean) or with a foundation brush, you can also use a makeup sponge.

For better results use a concealer non matte.

Can I Get a Facial if I Have Psoriasis?

Getting a facial may reveal being very beneficial to psoriasis patients. Although some treatments might trigger a reaction, a tailored spa can prove to be very helpful for the skin.

Is It Bad if I Constantly Need to Use Concealer to Cover Psoriasis?

It would be best to let your skin rest and breath for some time.

If you really need to constantly use concealer due to specific reasons, as long as you take the proper measures, it will be ok.

Many people need to cover up their psoriasis often due to professional reasons, so it is understandable if you have the need to do it so.


You don’t have to hide the fact that you are afflicted by Psoriasis, but rather you can wear it like a badge of honor.

Psoriasis is not an easy condition, but it is not also the end of the world. Be proud of who you are.