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5 Major Benefits of Bodybuilding for Psoriasis

Many of us seek actively a permanent solution to end all psoriasis problems, but truth is, there isn’t one. However, there are some things you can add to your life that might help control psoriasis indefinitely.

This might be the case for practicing bodybuilding to keep most of the psoriasis symptoms under control. It’s not an overnight change but it can change your life overnight.

There are many advantages linked to bodybuilding when it comes to aiding psoriasis, if you are interested in this topic then continue reading because we got it covered just for you.

bodybuilding for psoriasis

Benefits of Bodybuilding for Psoriasis

Bodybuilding has many benefits not only for psoriasis patients but also for the skin in general, the pros of it include:

Improvement of Sleep

Bodybuilding can make you tired, but can also make you sleep a lot better. By sleeping a solid 7 hours you are helping your skin regenerate better.

This includes any spots that are currently affected by psoriasis, you will also feel a lot fresher in the morning.

A good night of sleep will give you a better skin look and you’ll be better energized to face another day.

Increase in Blood Circulation

Another aspect of bodybuilding is that when you work out your whole body you are pumping blood everywhere.

Better blood circulation is crucial to increasing cell regeneration, especially if you have psoriasis.

Your skin ends up learning the right pace for cell regeneration and decreases any overstimulation that might lead to excessive flakes.

This movement will also carry more oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells making them appear healthier and more radiant each passing day.

Smoother and Firmer Skin

Losing weight is of utmost importance for psoriasis patients, but doing that without building muscle mass makes you end up with saggy skin (and no one wants that).

When you do regular bodybuilding the body fat is replaced by muscle mass, this puts your body into a toned and fit shape.

Not only that but as you gain muscles they will provide a strong and healthy base for your skin, this helps skin with psoriasis to become more elastic and firm.

When this happens all physical aspects of psoriasis starts to mitigate and eventually disappear.

bodybuilding for psoriasis

Slows Down the Effects of Aging

When you do bodybuilding your body releases endorphins that will help your overall skin to look younger, this is important for psoriasis patients as their disease tends to accelerate the aging process.

Another great benefit of bodybuilding for psoriasis is that when combined with a well-balanced diet you preserve the Elastin of your cells.

Elastin is responsible to regenerate the youthfulness of your cells. Psoriasis, unfortunately, leads to an accelerated loss of Elastin, this is why bodybuilding ends up being an added value for the disease.

Reduces Stress

Stress is the major culprit for many diseases nowadays and it can trigger major symptoms of psoriasis, but as long as it’s well managed you can counter any effects of it.

When you are bodybuilding complex exercises are key to reducing stress effects and you end up feeling happier and healthier too.

It is the best medicine for improving your mood and your mental health, by improving these 2 factors you are positively impacting your psoriasis to regress and improve your skin health.

Detoxifies the Skin

The build-up of toxins in your body can also lead to deploy many psoriasis symptoms, when you engage in bodybuilding you are constantly filtering those toxins out of your body.

When you combine that routine with good hydration you are detoxifying with success your skin impurities.

Sweat will flush out all the things that you don’t need and that would mostly lead to psoriasis exacerbations.

Not only that but you will surely notice that a bath after a workout will make your skin look brighter and it will be glowing too. Yep, that’s the beauty of bodybuilding to get rid of psoriasis.

Pro tip: Steam rooms can help recovering intensive workout effects on psoriasis.

Side Effects of Bodybuilding for Psoriasis

Not everything in bodybuilding will be sunshine and rainbows so you better be prepared for the side effects of it your psoriasis, such as:

  • Bodybuilding can lead to some initial psoriasis breakouts, this is the response of your body to a change. It will get better with time, but the first months can be rough.
  • Sweat can make your scalp and your skin very itchy during a workout. Avoid scratching it because it might lead to infections. Bathe after your workout to eliminate major sweat, and apply your usual anti-itch treatment at home.
  • Outdoor workouts can cause more damage to your skin, this is due to the sun and free radicals such as pollution. Apply sunscreen to counter it, but you’ll still be a major risk.
  • Outdoor workouts can also cause a lot more itchiness due to external factors, and it will give you rashes too which can lead to more wrinkles. This will make you look a lot older, avoid working out outdoor on days where weather conditions are harsh.
  • Sharing bodybuilding equipment can cause skin infections and other issues, when working out in a gym or fitness center clean your equipment well before using it. Getting an infection is very dangerous especially if you have an open wound due to psoriasis.
  • If you work out too much you will look older, nothing in excess is good for you or your skin. Know when to stop and when to rest. Your body and your psoriasis will thank you.
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Should I Start Bodybuilding for My Psoriasis?

Having an active life is the most healthy thing to do when it comes to controlling psoriasis symptoms.

It doesn’t matter if you are doing it with bodybuilding or other kinds of exercise, the most important thing to do is to stick to it.

People with psoriasis often start to work out but fail to stick with it, resulting in results that never had a chance to appear.

If you like to keep your body toned and in shape then yes, bodybuilding is the perfect exercise for you and that will end up controlling your psoriasis symptoms.

Although this represents a major part of the treatment, you should not forget to lead a healthy lifestyle by caring about your diet and your mental health.

In sum, this is the main secret to a life without active psoriasis symptoms. If you have found this article useful feel free to share it with someone who might appreciate it.