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Inverse Psoriasis Treatment, Dos and Don’ts!

Inverse psoriasis, also known as intertriginous psoriasis, is a skin disease that causes the skin folds to turn red and inflamed. The presence of the lesions with inflammation differentiates between inverse psoriasis and other psoriasis forms. The inverse psoriasis is found in the skin folds of the body as red, smooth, and bright lesions. This type of psoriasis usually occurs around the genital area, armpits,… Read More »Inverse Psoriasis Treatment, Dos and Don’ts!

Coconut Oil for Psoriasis Control, Can It Help?

The use of coconut oil for psoriasis control has been proven to be very efficient in clinical studies. Coconut oil can be safe and effective in improving psoriasis skin disease symptoms. Using a Virgin Coconut Oil as a moisturizer on the lesions caused by psoriasis, will get you a calming effect that relieves the symptoms immediately. Sometimes, when applying the Coconut Oil three times a… Read More »Coconut Oil for Psoriasis Control, Can It Help?

Can Psoriasis Spread? (Only if You Ignore This)

Those who live with psoriasis end up facing more than the difficult situation of the disease itself. They often become easily prejudiced targets. Raising awareness and alerting people to their disease’s reality, ends up becoming a necessary initiative in their lives. And although it’s not easy sometimes, it is something that has to be done. How Can Psoriasis Spread? Psoriasis can spread if not taken… Read More »Can Psoriasis Spread? (Only if You Ignore This)

11 Triggers That Make Psoriasis Go Really Bad

Psoriasis is a complex and multi-factorial disease. Knowing the mechanisms and causes of psoriasis allows one to control flares better and accept the disease in everyday life. In fact, psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease for which there is still no definitive and complete treatment. It is essential to highlight that the available treatments work very well but do not prevent a new outbreak, hence… Read More »11 Triggers That Make Psoriasis Go Really Bad

Is Psoriasis Contagious or Not?

When one talks about psoriasis, the contagious question often comes up. If you are a psoriasis’ everyday carrier, you probably may face some looks around you that can make you feel uncomfortable, but you can learn to deal with them as time pass by. Psoriasis is not contagious, psoriasis is a chronic skin disease without a cure, but it isn’t something contagious that will pass… Read More »Is Psoriasis Contagious or Not?