Best Nuts and Dried Fruit for Psoriasis and Their Benefits

Consuming the best nuts and dried fruit for psoriasis can be very beneficial for your skin thanks to their healthy properties.

Nuts like Cashew Nuts, Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachio, Brazil Nuts, and dried fruits like Red Date, Dried Figs, and Raisins can show some improvement in your psoriasis and constitute a good supplement in your daily diet.

In this article, you’ll find why is that.

Best Nuts and Dried Fruit for Psoriasis and Their Benefits

Nuts, Dried Fruits and Their Effect on Psoriasis

Psoriasis patients must take care of their lifestyle. These measures protect them and help in the management of Psoriasis.

One of the precautions often mentioned when managing psoriasis and health is the recommendation of a healthy lifestyle with foods rich in antioxidants and foods without saturated fats.

Therefore it is essential to give preference to a balanced diet and pay attention to weight.”

On the other hand, for better Psoriasis management, one should fight stress and fight oxidative stress by giving preference to derivatives of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, to the consumption of broccoli, nuts with polyunsaturated fat.

Nuts could play a crucial role in psoriasis control.

Are Nuts and Dried Fruits Helpful or Harmful to Psoriasis Patients?

There is a widespread idea among psoriasis patients that nuts can be harmful.

And that their use may be enough to trigger a reaction and the appearance of undesired plaques on the skin

The truth is, nuts and dried fruit can be beneficial in reducing chronic inflammation as long as there are no allergies or sensitivities to them.

Considering that psoriasis is an inflammatory disorder, nuts and dried fruit will be allies in reducing and preventing psoriasis.

Why Nuts and Dried Fruits Aren’t Good for Some Psoriasis Patients?

One cannot categorically state that nuts and dried fruit are bad for psoriasis.

Having allergies or any intolerances to these specific foods may cause or intensify psoriasis outbreaks in some people.

Nuts and peanuts, as well as dairy products and also eggs, are among the foods most likely to cause allergies.

Some of them are very severe, so it is good to be informed and have allergy checks to be forewarned.

Why Are They Beneficial to Other Psoriasis Patients?

However, if your psoriasis flares are not triggered by eating nuts or foods which contain nuts, it is certainly a wise idea to include these little goodies in your anti-psoriasis diet. The reason is that nuts and dried fruit have anti-inflammatory qualities.

While it may come as a surprise that nuts have anti-inflammatory properties since most nuts contain far more omega-6 fatty acids, which tend to be pro-inflammatory, than omega-3 fatty acids, which are famous for their anti-inflammatory properties.

So why are nuts and dried fruit generally anti-inflammatory?

The answer is actually quite simple: nuts are not only made of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, but they also contain tons of other compounds, many of which have anti-inflammatory properties.

What Are the Best Nuts and Dried Fruits for Your Skin?

From a wide and extended range of known nuts and dried fruit, there are some which, due to their properties, are most beneficial for the skin as well as for psoriasis patients;

  • Cashew Nuts – The anti-acne properties of cashews are well-known. Selenium, an antioxidant that acts in tandem with vitamin E to keep skin hydrated and reduce inflammation, is abundant in these nuts.

    Zinc improves immune function, which aids in healing and cell formation, reviving and replenishing infected or compromised acne areas. Cashew nuts are high in niacin, a vitamin that helps to prevent a variety of skin diseases.

    This dried fruit is perfect for radiant skin because it contains copper, preserving skincare and protecting it from free radicals. It also protects the skin against psoriasis.
  • Almonds – Almonds are rich in essential fatty acids, protein, and fiber and are used in almost every dish, from savory to sweet. Vitamin E in almonds keeps blood vessels dilated, keeping the skin hydrated and protecting it from conditions like acne, eczema, and dark spots.

    Almond oil or coconut oil are both beneficial to the skin. They are effective at reducing skin redness and moisturizing the skin. The perfect skin whitener is a mask made of almonds. Including frequent almonds in our diet will help us preserve our skin’s overall health.
  • Walnuts – Walnuts are a natural dried fruit for the skin because they have strong properties that keep the skin healthy and radiant. They are high in fats, minerals, and vitamins, and they help to improve epidermal attractiveness.

    Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin B levels, which are particularly critical for skin health and the prevention of age-related fine lines and wrinkles, can be improved by eating a fistful of these nuts.
  • Pistachio -Pistachios are best known for their fat-burning properties, but they’re also high in heart-healthy fats that help keep cholesterol levels in check. Pistachios’ antioxidants aid in controlling blood sugar levels, which helps to circulate the acne-causing hormone androgen, thereby reducing acne development.

    Pistachios are one of the most effective nuts for preventing dry skin. Pistachios are suitable for aromatherapy and other massage therapies due to their high-fat content. It makes an excellent dried fruit for healthy skin and makes the skin young, beautiful, and glowing.
  • Red Date – Jujube is a high source of vitamin C, and it helps to increase the elasticity of the skin. In further, it supplements the adrenal glands, making the skin fair and smooth. It can be considered the best dried epidermal fruit, helping our fine lines and wrinkles in facial skincare.
  • Dried Figs – They are actually more effective than any other contemporary masks or lotions. They are full of powerful antioxidants that can really increase the skin’s radiance and make it glow.
  • Raisins – This is actually another incredible skincare fruit, which contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that helps delay the skin’s aging process. It also helps prevent sagging skin. Raisins are rich in vitamin A, potassium, and other nutrients, which are great for our overall health.
  • Brazil Nuts – These nuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and a good source of selenium, all of which tend to enhance skin elasticity and reduce inflammation, such as pimples and acne.

    It also reduces the growth of free radicals and keeps the skin hydrated thanks to glutathione synthesis, which is known to keep the skin clean.

    To see your skin shine naturally, eat a handful of nuts or 30 grams of these delicacies every day.

    Brazil nuts can be the most powerful source of lustrous, radiant, and healthy skin. It’s high in magnesium and antioxidants, all of which fight free radicals, which cause skin aging.

    They’re also a high-protein food. These nuts are the best for radiant skin and essential nutrient absorption.


The right diet is essential to maintain a healthy life; this rule is no exception in patients with psoriasis.

Although there is no specific diet for psoriasis, foods can help control the skin’s inflammation. Use nuts and dried fruit as one of your allies.