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5 Benefits of Collagen for Psoriasis (When Used Like This)

For an individual with psoriasis, finding the right treatment is a colossal task. It can take up years just to find something that works decently.

But thanks to treatments like collagen, that time can be shortened and the risk for severe side effects is drastically reduced due to their non-aggressive nature.

Collagen treatments can be a great alternative to treat psoriasis and can benefit patients with a lot of relief and great improvements in psoriasis symptoms.

If you want to know more about how collagen can help your psoriasis, keep reading because we are going to cover it just for you.

benefits of collagen for psoriasis

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the only and most abundant protein that exists in the human body, and it’s a major component of your skin.

It is composed of many powerful amino acids, and it can potentially be one of the best solutions out there to minimize psoriasis symptoms.

This protein is responsible for the elasticity and hydration of your skin and it’s important to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

5 Benefits Benefits of Collagen for Psoriasis

Collagen has many important roles, but among them, all these are the ones that can potentially benefit your psoriasis.

Promotes Heart Health

One of the main benefits of collagen is the ability to provide structure to the arteries. This will improve the carrying of blood from the heart to the rest of the body.

In sum, it prevents the narrowing of the arteries thus benefiting the heart and reducing the risks of heart attack and stroke. It also helps raise HDL (good) cholesterol by about 6%.

Individuals with psoriasis need all the help they can get for heart benefits, just by having psoriasis your risk for heart disease increases significantly.

Boost Muscle Mass

Being a powerful protein, collagen is able to maintain and promote better muscle mass that can fade when the increase of aging.

When combined with some form of exercise, collagen can promote the synthesis of muscle proteins and stimulate muscle growth for better health.

Collagen should not be a substitute for whey protein for individuals with psoriasis who take it for muscle growth since it’s low on leucine – it is key in muscle building.

Improves Skin Health

Collagen is an important component of our skin. It helps in strengthening, hydration, and maintaining elasticity.

As we grow older less collagen is produced by the body and aging signs begin to appear such as wrinkles and dryness.

Taking a collagen supplement will benefit the skin by slowing down these issues and promoting the production of other proteins such as fibrillin and elastin.

Individuals with psoriasis may have great skin improvement thanks to the benefits that collagen can provide to the human skin.

Prevents Bone Loss

Bone loss and loss of joint function are one of the main issues that come along with psoriasis arthritis and psoriasis as well (as it puts you at an increased risk for arthritis).

Most of our bone composition is made from collagen, this is why taking collagen supplements may help inhibit the bone breakdown that leads to this condition.

As osteoporosis is somewhat inevitable with aging it is not a bad idea to reinforce your body with a collagen supplement now and then, especially if you have psoriasis.

Relieves Joint Pain

A good advantage of taking a collagen supplement is the positive impact that can have on maintaining the integrity of your cartilage.

Some studies suggest that collagen can prevent degenerative joint disorders and reduce joint pain in general.

This is for sure one more benefit for individuals who suffer from psoriasis arthritis as it may help them to get more quality in their life.

Other potential Benefits of Taking Collagen for Psoriasis

  • Using collagen supplements will increase the strength of your hair and nails. They will become stronger and will grow longer.
  • It can potentially promote weight loss. Psoriasis patients can benefit from weight loss as it helps tremendously their skin condition. Collagen is great at accelerating the metabolism and removing a few pounds when properly dieting with it.
  • Can enhance brain health by improving mood and eliminating anxiety. This is of utmost importance to psoriasis patients, as they tend to have a certain inclination due to the social stigma surrounding psoriasis.
  • Will improve gut health as it can bring improvements in treating the leaky gut syndrome. Some studies suggest that psoriasis symptoms and leaky gut syndrome are connected by the same triggers of inflammation.

Pro tip: Although collagen is a great way to keep your skin young, Botox treatments can also treat psoriasis and benefit with other advantages.

benefits of collagen for psoriasis symptoms

Side Effects of Collagen in Psoriasis Patients

  • Some supplements of collagen may contain common food allergens and that sadly ends up affecting some individuals with psoriasis. People with allergies to eggs, shellfish, and fish should not use collagen supplements as allergies may occur.
  • Other people also have different reactions to collagen such as bloating and nausea. And although this may not be directly related to collagen, it still puts them aside from using it for psoriasis.
  • Collagen supplements may also cause digestive side effects to psoriasis patients with sensitive digestive systems. They can end up having heartburn and feelings of fullness.

Although collagen can be safe for the general population, people who suffer from such conditions should have a second thought about taking it to treat their psoriasis.

Does Psoriasis Affect Collagen?

Psoriasis affects directly your skin health by tearing it down, as collagen is a part of your skin it ends up being damaged as well.

The good news is that collagen works actively in building it all back up and will regenerate most of the damage caused by psoriasis.

Is Collagen Powder Good for Psoriasis

Yes, collagen powder supplements may not be able to cure psoriasis but they can help profoundly with psoriasis symptoms when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

When following this, inflammation will decrease and it will prompt the skin to heal better and regenerate at a decent rate.

Is Marine Collagen Good for Psoriasis

Studies have suggested that patients that used marine collagen supplements have shown significant improvement in their psoriasis symptoms.

What Type of Collagen Is Best for Psoriasis?

For individuals who have psoriasis the best source of collagen is considered to be Type I collagen as it showed to be the one that has lessened the severity and the visibility of Psoriasis symptoms in the shorter time being.

Should I Start Taking Collagen for Psoriasis?

Nowadays thanks to scientific advances in medicine there isn’t only one way to approach certain issues, the same can be said when it comes to psoriasis treatments.

Collagen is just one of them, and that is good. Due to the immense variables surrounding psoriasis, having an alternative like collagen is great for many people.

Not every treatment will work with everyone, but collagen can be the best approach for you, and the only way to know it, is by trying it out.

But before doing anything, always talk with your professional healthcare specialist about what would be best for your psoriasis clinical picture.

As you can see, collagen can have its limitations for certain individuals, but at the same time, it can be the perfect choice for you and your psoriasis.

If you have tried collagen and it has made wonders for your psoriasis, feel free to share this page with someone who will appreciate it.