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Yiganerjing Cream Review, Safe or Dangerous?

Yiganerjing is the new topical sensation that claims to revolutionize many people life’s who suffer from skin conditions, with amazing results.

But is that really the case? In this Yigarejing cream review, we are going to review it, and see what experts are telling about it.

Yiganerjing Cream Review, Dangerous or Safe for Psoriasis?

How Yiganerjing Is Used?

Yiganerjing, the brand name for Yiganer (pronounced Yung-ganer), is the trade name used by the Yigan County in China for its herbal cream.

Yiganer Jingan is taken from the root or stem of the plant, Yiganoba. This plant is a member of the mint family, Brassicaceae. It belongs to the same botanical family as lemon balm and save.

The most commonly used components in Yiganerjing Chinese herbal medicine are the main active ingredients yohimbine and glycyrrhizin, with lesser amounts of the other ingredients.

When these ingredients are combined, they produce an extract which is known as Yiganerjing or yiganoba in Chinese.

This substance has been shown to be faster acting than other pain killers and can be used to treat a large number of medical and psychiatric conditions.

These include problems such as psoriasis, depression, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease.

This property of Yiganerjing cream is made possible by the way it acts on the body.

It binds to the receptors in brain cells and travels to the muscles where it causes a rapid firing of neurotransmitters.

As a result, the symptoms of these diseases vanish as the substance travels through the body.

The latest research on Yiganerjing shake-ahol shows that it has remarkable anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Yiganerjing Cream Review, Dangerous or Safe for Psoriasis?

In addition to this, studies have shown that this plant is very effective against psoriasis, Alzheimer’s, cancer, inflammation, and other problems.

Therefore, postsurgical treatment using the tinat of yiganerind will be highly beneficial for patients suffering from these problems.

Psoriasis is one of the many skin conditions that can benefit from the use of Yiganerjing.

Many steroid creams for psoriasis use an alternative substance that contains the ingredient methyl salicylate.

However, methyl salicylate can cause skin dryness, which is one of the problems of psoriasis.

Therefore, using a steroid cream containing this ingredient can aggravate even more the symptoms of psoriasis.

The use of Yiganerjing, the herbal painkiller, can relieve the itching caused by eczema and its complications such as rash and inflammation.

These are often coupled with a fever.

That’s why people with eczema and a history of fever are particularly advised to use this cream.

Moreover, the fact that it contains a lot of soothing ingredients, such as sarsaparilla, chamomile, and spearmint, makes it ideal for relieving itching.

Yiganerjing Cream Review, Dangerous or Safe for Psoriasis?

Another potential use of the eczema-fighting Yiganerjing cream is the treatment of shingle.

Shingle is a dangerous disease resulting from the appearance of the first varicose ulcer, also known as chickenpox.

In addition to shingles, varicose ulcers may appear on other parts of the body.

Skin infection can be controlled or reduced with the help of Yiganerjing and clobetasol propionate. This active ingredient is proven to stimulate the immune system of the body.

Besides reducing psoriasis, the soothing properties of Yiganerjing include clobetasol propionate, this agent may help reduce other skin problems such as stretch marks and age spots.

Yiganerjing cream may also be used in combination with other traditional medicinal treatments, such as acupressure and vitamin A.

It may also provide the most effective relief against eczema when it is used along with other medicinal techniques, such as detoxification and herbal therapy.

It does not only works effectively at treating eczema, but it is an excellent choice when it comes to finding the best treatment for other skin diseases as well.

Why Is Dangerous to Use Yiganerjing?

The cream product, Yiganerjing, has been found to have an undisclosed steroid and anti-fungal herbs in clinical tests conducted by the Natural Products Association of the United States (NPA).

It is unclear from the information available on this compound what role it plays in the treatment of acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

Yiganerjing Cream Review, Dangerous or Safe for Psoriasis?

Yiganerjing has never been legally approved to treat or cure acne and other skin conditions, despite extensive testing by medical and pharmaceutical companies.

One of the ingredients found in Yiganerjing is called hydroxycitric acid or HCA.

This ingredient appears to be one of the acknowledged active ingredients in Yiganerjing.

The other ingredients found in this psoriasis cream are caffeine, menthol, stearic acid, and aloe vera.

Many dermatologists claim that the topical use of Yiganerjing may be beneficial in the short term but that it does not provide long-term relief for patients with psoriasis.

This is because the primary mechanism of action for HCA is to prevent the synthesis of collagen, the principal structural protein of the skin.

The loss of collagen in the skin may lead to aggravations such as redness and inflammation of the skin.

Because of this, dermatologists claim that the use of topical steroid creams such as Yiganerjing can aggravate the symptoms of psoriasis.

This is not to say however that there are no beneficial effects of the cream on other skin problems.

As with all medical products, there are risks associated with the use of any cream.

For this reason, it is advised that before any customer starts using any topical steroid cream that he or she reads the label and complies with the directions.

There have been reports of cases who got allergic reactions to certain chemicals used in Yiganerjing haloxy and hydroxy acids are one of these examples present in the formula.

Yiganerjing Cream Review, Dangerous or Safe for Psoriasis?

If you have a family history of allergic reactions, or if your existing skin condition makes you vulnerable to allergies, you should discontinue use immediately.

You should also notify your doctor if you have a history of severe anaphylactic shock.

One of the active ingredients found in Yiganerjing cream is stearic acid. Stearic acid is thought to be useful in treating psoriasis, acne, eczema, and inflammatory skin disorders.

But while this ingredient has shown efficacy in clinical trials, many dermatologists do not recommend its use on psoriasis or other skin ailments due to its potential to cause skin irritation.

It is advisable to proceed with caution when using creams with that substance.

Many dermatologists constantly advise their patients to discontinue the use of Yiganerjing and seek alternative treatments for their psoriasis skin disorder.

The alternative treatments can include tea tree oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E oil, which are applied topically to the affected area.

Again, the use of unapproved topical steroid substances can cause redness and irritation.

Yiganerjing Cream Review, Dangerous or Safe for Psoriasis?


  • The health of your skin is priceless, by risking to use undisclosed treatments like this Chinese cream you are putting yourself at risk.
  • Always opt for licensed medicine when choosing a topical treatment, and don’t forget to follow medical advice from your healthcare professionals.
  • When buying topical creams always check for the main ingredients, and avoid creams with potent steroids from shady online stores.
  • Never use herbal products on young children without medical supervision, there are no miracle creams.
  • Always have strict criteria when choosing an herbal remedy, check the ingredient list, and don’t focus only on the best deals.
  • Strong illegal steroids may be present in many new medicines, always buy your treatment at the right place.