World Psoriasis Day – Bringing Awareness to Psoriasis

World Psoriasis Day is celebrated annually on October 29th.

With more than a decade of celebration started in 2004, it is an opportunity for those who suffer from the disease to share some self-love and let go of the pain and frustration brought about by psoriasis.

The event is celebrated nowadays in more than 50 countries worldwide.

World Psoriasis Day - Bringing Awareness to Psoriasis

Psoriasis affects millions of people around the globe and causes itching, rashes, dry skin, and other discomforts.

This condition is more about embarrassing the condition itself than embracing a sickness that causes people to suffer from it a great deal of pain.

Also, know everything about psoriasis here, if you understand it well, there is a bigger change in controlling it.

What is World Psoriasis Day?

World Psoriasis Day

It is an internationally recognized day that highlights the symptoms and complications of the disease to promote research and raise awareness.

The disease affects millions of individuals around the globe not only physically but emotionally, psychologically, and financially as well.

On this special day, aim to raise awareness about the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatments of this distressing skin condition.

People usually invite friends and family to attend any of the activities planned for the day and be a part of the gathering of support for others who suffer from psoriasis.

Why Is World Psoriasis Day Important?

World Psoriasis Day

World Psoriasis Day is an event that reinforces that this can be the most perfect time to come forward and raise awareness about psoriasis condition.

Each year, more people are diagnosed, but the disease is not so common anymore.

Because of that, there is less awareness, less help available, and, therefore, even less motivation to do something about it.

The goal for the World Psoriasis Day organizers is to make as much awareness as possible for the disease, its symptoms, the cures, and, most of all, to support the millions who suffer from it every day.

The objective of the event is to draw even more attention nowadays to the disorder through social networks, especially when it involves something as distressing as psoriasis.

The disease has been featured in some popular television shows, which have inspired many people to find out how they can treat psoriasis.

Additionally, the disease has received some positive coverage in the world press, making awareness levels increase even further.

Psoriasis disease affects about one percent of the global population, and therefore there are plenty of reasons to celebrate when it comes to raising awareness of this problem.

Every year, on October 29th, sufferers of the condition can mark the day by meeting at a local chapter of the National Psoriasis Foundation, or NSPF.

The number of people affected by the disease is much higher in the developed world than in any other country.

The disease affects a much higher number of men than women and affects a much higher number of children.

It can have a profound effect on families, affecting the whole family unit. However, the disease can be managed. There are various treatments for psoriasis.

All these efforts, coupled with research and increased knowledge about the disease, can help make the world psoriasis day a success.

Are There Any Activities on World Psoriasis Day?

World Psoriasis Day

Members of the World Psoriasis Day organization will participate in fun activities, like trivia contests, art exhibits, book signings, panel discussions, and even movie nights.

The organization also encourages people with the disorder to share their stories at the events, which serve as a way to bring more attention to the condition and raise funds as well.

On this World Psoriasis Day, patients around the world are encouraged to support and participate in regional activities aimed at reducing skin conditions.

Events include regional fundraisers, blood drives, and educational seminars and forums to promote the cause.

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that causes disfigurement, itchiness, and inflammation, and is most common among African Americans.

World Psoriasis Day is celebrated every year now, with the objective of spreading the word on the disease and the impact it can have on patients and their families.

Activity examples may include:

World Psoriasis Day
  • Walks or running events to raise awareness
  • Free information attractions for everyone
  • Health professionals carry out seminars about the subject
  • Distribution of brochures throughout the city area
  • Painting competitions
  • Writing World Psoriasis Day postcards to send them out
  • Some clinics or hospitals offer psoriasis consultations
  • Fun activities for kids, mothers and babies
  • Photo galleries about Psoriasis
  • Reporters do interviews to health experts
  • Q&A sessions
  • Concerts
  • Human get-together walks
  • Outdoor exercises specialized to psoriasis patients (usually yoga)
  • National media coverage of the whole day

How Can You Make a Difference in World Psoriasis Day?

World Psoriasis Day

One way is to go online and visit the official website of World Psoriasis Day.

On the site, you will find out about how the disease affects the lives of the people living with it, how you can help support them and find out more about the causes of the disease as well.

You will also find out about the various ways you can join in on the celebrations, such as selling products at the event, drawing attention to the disorder with your artwork, and volunteering your time to speak at events.

Is There a Cure for Psoriasis?

There is no cure for psoriasis, but there are treatments available to relieve some of the symptoms, which have made it a worldwide phenomenon.

For sufferers, one of the easiest ways to gain access to information about the disease is to join a support group. Support groups provide an outlet for people to share their feelings and experiences, whether they are positive or negative, which helps give others the courage they need to fight the disease.

For example, a support group for those with type 2 diabetes may discuss psoriasis symptoms such as the red, dry thick skin that is characteristic of the condition.

Others who are diagnosed with the disease may speak about how the disease has affected their daily lives.

In addition to the traditional medical cures for the disease, there are also alternative methods.

Many herbalists use herbal treatment as a form of treatment for various types of diseases.

There are also many who believe that diet has a role to play in the development of psoriasis.

The inclusion of a proper diet in the treatment of the disease may help to make the symptoms disappear and may also help prevent the disease from developing.

This is why it is important to bring about awareness among the general public about psoriasis and the disease can be better managed with the knowledge about the disease and the various available treatments.


World Psoriasis Day - Bringing Awareness to Psoriasis

It is of extreme importance to raise awareness on Psoriasis disease each passing day.

This can be a struggle that should have worldwide recognition because of the numerous factors that it brings about.

Even if you don’t have psoriasis, never take your skin health for granted; always take care of it and enjoy life to the fullest.