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Water Fasting for Psoriasis: Benefits and Dangers

Managing psoriasis is all about what you eat and the lifestyle you choose. This can make all the difference in the world when it comes to controlling psoriasis exacerbations.

Embarking on a journey of water fasting to lower psoriasis inflammation can bring many benefits to your skin and reset your body in the right direction. But is it the best option?

If you want to know more about water fasting and what can it do for improving your psoriasis symptoms then keep reading because we’ve got it all laid down just for you.

water fasting for psoriasis

What Is Water Fasting?

Water fasting is the period where you fast and only drink water. You cannot eat or drink anything else.

A water fast can last from 24 to 72 hours, going above this period is not recommended without any kind of medical supervision due to the risk of health issues.

Most people will drink around 2-3 liters of water per day during this fast. That is good to clean your body from many accumulated toxins and it will help burn the fat cells in your body as a fuel source.

When water fast detoxifies the body it will lower the inflammation and it helps to decrease most of the psoriasis symptoms.

Benefits of Water Fasting for Psoriasis

Drinking water during a water fast is crucial to maintain your psoriasis skin hydrated and to keep bodily functions running smoothly. There are associated benefits such as:

Lowering Inflammation

Keeping inflammation to a minimum is the best thing psoriasis patient can do for themselves.

When inflammation levels are high, they come with a heavy burden for individuals with psoriasis as they tend to suffer a lot from the exacerbations that happen in their skin.

If now and then a water fast can help keep psoriasis symptoms smoothly then it is time to think about introducing it into your life.

Cleaning Kidneys and Liver

Kidneys and the liver are the sponges of our bodies, they clean and filter everything that goes in. Enduring water fast to let them rest for a couple of days seems to be a nice approach to preserve your health.

If kidneys and liver become overloaded with toxins, that will have some serious consequences for your whole body.

Since we know that psoriasis patients, unfortunately, have them working around the clock, it is something to try out whenever possible.

water fasting for psoriasis

Protecting Muscles and Joints

Psoriasis is known to affect many muscles and joints. Protecting them at all costs and delaying anything that might come is something every psoriasis patient should think about.

With healthier muscles and joints you will be able to enjoy more quality of life. Leading a healthy lifestyle with moderated exercise is important to manage many psoriasis symptoms, it is of utmost importance to keep them in shape at all costs.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Another benefit of water fast is the advantage of lowering blood pressure. By keeping it low you are sparing your heart and are preventing a lot of cardiovascular risks.

Psoriasis patients once again are at higher risk from strokes and heart attacks, thus the importance of being able to lower blood pressure by “itself” without recurring to pills.

Improve Insulin and Leptin sensitivity

One of the most talked-about “resets” of water fasting is the reduction of insulin and Leptin resistance.

When cells become used to insulin they required a bigger dose each time digestion occurs, this is bad for your body and your liver as both suffer from this lack of sensitivity.

Psoriasis patients are at greater risk for diabetes due to their condition, this is why an occasional water fast can be very healthy for their bodies.

Pro tip: Drinking American Yellow Saffron Tea can also benefit Psoriasis Patients by Reduce Symptoms.

Who Should Not Fast for Psoriasis?

water fasting for psoriasis who should not fast


Is Fasting for 3 Days Healthy?

Fasting for 3 days is probably the best period for doing a water fast without any risks. As long as people are healthy and have no special needs in their diet, doing a 3-day water fast won’t hurt anyone.

Can Psoriasis Be Cured With Fasting?

Unfortunately no, there is no cure for psoriasis, however, by fasting, you can lower the inflammation in your body and consequently decrease any major psoriasis symptoms.

Does Hydration Help Psoriasis?

Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the key things to do especially if you have psoriasis. Having hydrated skin is a must for keeping psoriasis from generating skin cracks and potential open wounds that can infect.

Side Effects of Water Fasting for Psoriasis (The Dangers of It)

Not everything is good with water fast, unfortunately, it can come with not-so-great benefits for some, among them are:

  • You can lose the wrong type of weight by losing muscle mass, thus getting weak.
  • It can aggravate some other problems such as eating disorders and gout.
  • You may experience orthostatic hypotension and this may lead you to faint.
  • Although you are drinking water, you can become dehydrated worsening psoriasis.

Should I Start Water Fasting to Helping My Psoriasis?

Water fasting can bring a lot of benefits to your body when done properly. This is easier said than done, and should only be attempted if you know your body well.

It is quite a challenge to do water fasting, even for only 3 days. Many people are not well prepared to do it so.

Of course, you can always mention it to your doctor and ask if your clinical picture is favorable for trying something like that.

You might be surprised by the results of it. Water fasting can be the small boost you need to start clearing all psoriasis from your body.

It is wise to start a water fasting cycle to clean the body and then follow with a healthy diet intake. This can make all the difference in the world.

Above all, never stop trying in getting better from your psoriasis. Water fasting may not result for everyone, but in reality, you need to try and see what works best for your psoriasis.

If you have tried water fasting and had great results with it, feel free to share this article with someone who will appreciate it.