Does Vicks Vaporub Benefits Psoriasis Symptoms?

Despite not being a common psoriasis treatment, Vicks Vaporub is surprisingly used by a significant number of people who claim to enjoy its benefits in psoriasis care.

It is used as a topical cream to soothe the itching sensations of psoriatic lesions.

It is refreshing, and the calming effect helps to get a good night’s sleep by easing itching sensations.

Some people have also experienced a reduction in flaking.

Understanding Vicks Vaporub Effects

Do you remember when you were a child and your mother massaged your chest with Vick Vaporub when you got sick?

This was the routine for families all over the world when children had colds and flu- and the tradition is still very alive today.

Formulated with menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus oil, the ointment is indicated for relieving coughs, decongesting the nose, and soothing the muscular discomfort associated with respiratory illnesses.

Although its use is very traditional, you may not know some other uses of Vick Vaporub, quite different from its original purpose. Take note:

  • Relieve migraines
  • Treat muscle pain
  • Stop nail mycoses
  • Moisturize cracked heels
  • Make an exfoliation
  • Scare away insects
  • Prevent animals from scratching your furniture
  • And also calming and soothes psoriasis by reducing inflammation, itching, and scratching associated.

How Can Vicks Vaporub Helps Psoriasis?

There are no research studies to confirm the precise benefits of Vicks Vapo Rub for psoriasis.

But, it is used as a handy home remedy for quick relief from psoriasis-related itching and inflammation.

Vicks Vapo Rub has got a cooling, soothing effect that helps to calm down the itching sensations of psoriasis lesions.

It may temporarily help with a reduction in scaling as well.

However, this should be a gradual process, and any major change can take at least a few weeks.

But as always, you should find safe and convenient topical remedies (creams, oils, shampoos) to treat external psoriatic lesions on a regular basis.

How to Use It?

If you have plaque psoriasis, start with a good shower to cleanse the skin and make sure the cream is better absorbed.

Then spread Vicks Vaporub on the lesions, avoiding the most sensitive areas. Do not use it if the psoriasis is on a wound.

For scalp psoriasis, apply Vicks VapoRub to the scalp’s infected area, using only a thin layer. (less is more) and on the surrounding areas.

Again, be careful with sensitive or injured areas and protect your eyes. Leave overnight, and in the morning, wash off with your shampoo.

If you have nail psoriasis, apply Vicks to the affected area (in this case, use a generous amount). It is best to have your nails very short to make them easier to maintain.

If you can, wear gloves to prevent you from “losing” the cream by accidentally bumping into something.

Vicks Vaporub Benefits for Psoriasis

Cautions When Using Vicks Vaporub

If you are giving Vicks Vaporub a chance to improve or lessen your psoriasis, the following precautions should be kept in mind;

  • Patients with a history of respiratory tract disease, intense airway hypersensitivity, or asthma should not use Vick Vaporub.
  • Do not use the product with any heat source (such as a heating pad or hot water bottle)
  • Never heat the product in a microwave oven or place it in any container you are heating water. Such misuse may cause the mixture to splash, resulting in skin and/or mucous membrane burns.
  • Discontinue use in case of allergy or skin irritation. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and genitalia.
  • Do not ingest nor place inside the nostrils. Do not apply directly to the face, wounds, burns, mucosa, or damaged skin.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, consult a doctor before using Vicks Vapor.

Does Vicks help psoriasis?

Scientists have found that the menthol components of Vicks can have an effect on how cells communicate with one another.

It’s uncertain if this is the case for psoriasis sufferers who take Vicks or not, but some people see improvement nonetheless.

Does Vicks help with nail psoriasis?

Vicks vaporub contains camphor which has been shown to relieve itching and treating nail psoriasis by constricting blood vessels in the skin.


Vicks Vaporub may not be your #1 conventional use cream for psoriasis.

But some patients do report that its use helps relieve their symptoms.

If you want to give it the benefit of the doubt, keep the above precautions in mind and try it. If it works for you great!

All help regarding psoriasis issues is always welcome.