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Vaping and Psoriasis Is Possible (But Only if You Do This)

Vaping is here to stay, it seems that this trend is rising and it’s getting a lot of popularity among smokers.

The range of choices and the flavors seem to appeal the most to the majority of people. But that’s not all, vaping brings convenience and practicality to many smokers.

But there are negative aspects to vaping as well, especially for psoriasis patients.

Although vaping may bring some better benefits than traditional smoking, it can have the same negative impact as cigarettes’ for psoriasis.

Even so, there are a few instances where you may vape without potentially harming your psoriasis. We will talk about that in just a second.

vaping and psoriasis is possible

Side Effects of Vaping for Psoriasis

Skin Dehydration

While it may seem impossible, truth is, that the nicotine in vaping is responsible for dehydrating your skin. It is possible to get premature wrinkles and very dry skin thanks to it.

In addition, vaping can also delay the healing process of wounds. This is not great news for psoriasis patients because their flares may take a whole lot longer to finally disappear.

Due to the increase in skin dehydration, vaping can exacerbate exponentially all types of psoriasis provoking bad skin overall from the top of your head to the tip of your feet.

Increase the Heart Rate

Vaping may lead you to consume more nicotine than you would get in a single cigar (depending on the concentration of the solution).

This ends up increasing your heart rate even higher than smoking would normally do.

This all comes down to the number of cigars people usually smoke vs the quantity of e-juice they are consuming on a daily basis (this scenario is for those transitioning from one to the other).

However, those who start vaping even without a smoking history can also go down the same road if not careful.

It is scientifically proven that there is a strong link between psoriasis and heart diseases. Psoriasis patients have a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases than others normally would.

Deplete Vitamins Levels

One of the side effects of vaping is the increased exposure to free radicals in your body. This ends up depleting the levels of vitamins A and C.

It will also have a serious impact on the antioxidants’ role on the skin, they are extremely crucial to the production of collagen and elastin.

Without them, skin cells tend to die faster because it affects the regeneration process.

Vitamins follow the same path because they also play an important role in restoring skin that is suffering from psoriasis.

Unfortunately vaping will only contribute to these consequences and may even contribute to sagging skin on the breasts and arms.

Does Vaping Make Psoriasis Worse?

Vaping can make your psoriasis worse.

If you are ingesting higher quantities of nicotine through vaping than you normally would in smoking, you are setting yourself for disaster.

Due to the convenience of vaping, this habit may end up harming you more than smoking actually would.

Because vaping is easier and tastier to do, your tendency will be to indulge it a lot more.

Does Vaping Cause Psoriasis Flare-Ups?

The higher consumption of nicotine present in vaping liquid may cause psoriasis to flare up more often. This will lead to skin dehydration and consequentially to even more flare-ups.

Vaping will also potentially worse the healing time for psoriasis flares. It is bad enough to have them already, let alone prolong their disappearance.

Does Nicotine Help Psoriasis?

Recent studies have determined the possibility of using nicotine patches as replacement therapy in order to mitigate the effects of psoriasis in certain patients.

It is a chance to be considered, but there isn’t a final verdict (yet) that it is 100% beneficial to use nicotine with psoriasis patients. You can read more about it here.

Can Vaping Cause Skin Problems?

There is no study that can relate that, however, is it known that propylene glycol from vaping can possibly dry your skin and cause other symptoms associated with psoriasis.

Propylene glycol in vaping is known to have some side effects such as dry mouth, bad breath, and an increased risk for cavities and gum diseases.

So there is no denying that it can potentially cause some side effects on the skin as well.

Is Psoriasis Caused by Vaping?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that is linked to other factors than vaping. Although no one knows its precise origin, psoriasis is more often linked to genetic causes than vape related.

Vaping can increase the risk for psoriasis symptoms, just like smoking and anything that is invasive to your body.

Does Nicotine Make Psoriasis Worse?

There is a risk that nicotine along with other chemicals contained in products like cigars and vaping liquids may lead to a worsening in psoriasis symptoms.

People who vape have the tendency to suffer more psoriasis consequences than the ones who don’t.

Although there is no direct study to prove this, it is known that the path to an improvement in psoriasis symptoms is to lead a healthy lifestyle which may imply quiet smoking and vaping.

Can I Still Vape Even if I Have Psoriasis?

Indeed you can vape even if you have psoriasis, but it would be better if the vaping liquid doesn’t contain any nicotine (or at least has a smaller concentration).

Eliminating the risk for psoriasis would require you to completely stop vaping, but the stress caused by the lack of it may lead to worsening your psoriasis as well.

And because of the previous reasons the next one, is the “best” way to vape even if you suffer from psoriasis.

To do a successful withdrawal from vaping and nicotine, it is better to initially reduce the nicotine quantity contained in the vaping juice and then eventually quit it.

If you don’t pretend to quit for whatever reason, maintain nicotine at low levels because it is a better alternative than puffing it on higher concentrations.


Dealing with addictions is hard enough let alone combining psoriasis. Quitting something for sake of the greater good is easier said than done.

While vaping is not the most beneficial thing for psoriasis it is still better to do it while controlling the quantities of e-juice that your body intakes.

The key to succeeding with psoriasis is to have a moderated and healthy lifestyle. If you vape and you’re still not quite there, you can always work your way through it.

It is important to at least give it a shot in working on a solution than ignore these problems entirely.