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Saltwater Therapy for Psoriasis (For Faster Results)

Patients with psoriasis often feel insecure when it comes to showing their beach bodies.

Dressing in that bikini or summer dress requires a lot of confidence and higher self-esteem, basically a trauma for life.

Washing your skin in salt water or if you can, get a dive in the sea to relieve with great success psoriasis symptoms.

Why is saltwater one of the treatments for psoriasis you may ask?

Saltwater uses clean ocean water to treat deep skin problems such as psoriasis.

It cleans, detox, and purifies the epidermis thanks to the presence of more than 80 natural elements.

What Consists the Saltwater Therapy?

Saltwater Therapy for Psoriasis, Why Is the Best Treatment?

This form of therapy is used for curative or preventive purposes to relieve the integumentary system, for well-being and fitness.

It has proven to be very effective against psoriasis symptoms since it allows the skin to be treated in the depths of its various functions.

Saltwater is effective since it acts as an anti-tumoral, antibacterial, and antiviral protector.

The four main minerals present in its composition (zinc, sodium, Iodine, and potassium) can penetrate the skin layers, reaching the body in an osmose process.

By itself, the therapy can have a therapeutic or preventive force, enhancing the well-being of those who undergo this type of treatment.

It is available to buy in many stores and also accessible in many spas.

Is Salt Therapy Safe for You?

Saltwater Therapy for Psoriasis, Why Is the Best Treatment?

Saltwater therapy should not represent a problem since it is constituted mainly by natural elements.

Nevertheless, always consult your dermatologist before initiating any treatment at all.

Some elements of saltwater therapy can be contraindicated in case of infectious diseases, respiratory, allergic problems, and hyperthyroidism.

The number of diseases on which it is possible to act through saltwater therapies is extensive. In these cases, the influence of seawater proves to be a therapy of excellence.

If done correctly saltwater therapy can improve significantly your psoriasis.

Where Can It Be Done?

Saltwater Therapy for Psoriasis, Why Is the Best Treatment?

You can do this at local therapeutic spas, at your own house, or if you live near the coastline, in seawater at the beach.

When doing it at the beach it can be pleasant to swim with all the fish around you.

Nowadays, many spas have this treatment available; this practice has gained popularity since many people have great results with its effects.

Some specialized spas collect seawater for this treatment up to 600 miles from the coast to ensure it is germ-free from any sewer disposal.

The treatment is usually done in polls or with hydro-massage; the effect between both is pretty much the same.

This will help you to relax muscles and other body parts while collecting the benefits of the therapy.

You can also buy small pots of salt which can then be used in bath water. This is a therapy that you’ll need to repeat a few times to achieve better results.

You can also collect seawater from a clean beach and use that water to wash at home. Do what works best for you.

If you live near a coastline or have access to a beach near you, feel free to dive in and enjoy the true power of seawater on your skin.

Avoid places that have pools with saltwater since they probably contain chemicals to control water purity. It will probably worsen your condition than treat you correctly.

In summertime, you can enjoy a little bit of sun in your skin while you dry naturally; it is recommended that you do it so in the safe hours where UV rays are less harmful.

Studies indicate that exposure to ultraviolet rays helps in the regeneration of skin cells, which means less probability of more acute psoriasis seizures and a certain relief in its symptoms.

As long as a suitable sunscreen is used and the hottest times of the day are avoided, short sunbaths can be of great help.

It is probably best to avoid diving in the sea in winter; it can be filled with strong waves due to strong winds that can severely hurt you if you don’t have any experience swimming at sea.

Even experienced swimmers should wait a few more months for better conditions to proceed with treatment.

Main Benefits of Saltwater Therapy

Saltwater Therapy for Psoriasis, Why Is the Best Treatment?
  • Saltwater therapy has an analgesic effect, reducing pain both at a general level and in specific body areas.
  • It is beneficial to relieve rheumatic processes.
  • It helps to treat dermatological pathologies, in particular psoriasis.
  • It improves osteoporosis and various affections of the spine.
  • It is beneficial in all kinds of pathologies that need functional recovery.
  • Corrects stress problems, insomnia, depression, and fatigue (beach, sun, mild climate, among others) play a vital role.
  • It prevents and combats flaccidity and cellulite, improving the elasticity of the tissues and stopping skin aging.

Not Only but Also

The saltwater and the bath’s relaxation can help in overcoming anxiety, depression, physical weakness, fatigue, insomnia, and overall tension in the body.

It is perfect for ending routine weariness.

Due to its analgesic effect, you can get prominent improvement in acute or chronic pain that strikes the body.

It will benefit your circulatory system, allowing blood flow to run perfectly through your veins and arteries; it will also prevent the sensation of leg weightiness.

Along the way it will improve your breathing, the humidity present tends to keep the bronchi clean and hydrated, being this way very helpful in asthmatic and pharyngitis processes.

Inconvenient symptoms that appear in hormonal disorders such as puberty and menopause/andropause will receive their share of good as well.

Triggers in psoriasis are many times caused by the accumulation of other factors.

If you treat those before focusing on your psoriasis problem you achieve great success sooner than you expected.

Saltwater will then treat your psoriasis skin by cleansing it, detoxifying it, and favoring the best condition for it.

It is very beneficial for all types of Psoriasis, especially Psoriatic Arthritis as it can fight inflammation successfully.

Other Benefits of Saltwater Therapy

Saltwater Therapy for Psoriasis, Why Is the Best Treatment?
  • It will act on your skin as a gentle exfoliant, opening your pores and deeply cleaning them, allowing this way your skin to absorb better nutrients.
  • Can give you a rejuvenating scrub; the truth is that if you don’t have sensitive skin and are looking for a way to get softer skin, this is a must routine.

    The salt present in the water will help your skin cells turnover, leading to a softer skin texture.
  • The effects present of saltwater therapy can also be used in the hair. It can loosen and then remove dandruff stuck in it.

    The scalp can then benefit from better blood circulation.
  • Just like honey, salt has an anti-inflammatory property and is capable of calming outbreaks and irritations. It can be a perfect balancing mask when applied as an exfoliator.
  • It can be a good facial toner for removing all the excess oil and thwarting bacteria from your face, preventing acne and eventually violent breakouts.
  • The salt will gently act as a natural exfoliator brushing off the dead skin while at the same time softening and restoring hydration to your body.
  • Your body will allow the salt to absorb the grime, toxins, and dirt present in your skin cells. It will act then as a protective barrier and will help to hold hydration down.

    The skin then will retain most of its moisture, and the magnesium will act by preserving the water from bloating in the rest of the body.
  • It is a great teeth whitener; It is not new that dentists use salty solutions and other substances to clean your teeth.

    Salt, just like baking soda, is a gentle abrasive that can remove stains and promote a bright smile for your gums and teeth.
  • Can be used as a natural mouth wash, Saltwater as a soluble solution will kill the bacteria responsible for bad breath and other conditions such as gingivitis.

    It is recommended that you only use prepared solutions and not water from the beach since it may contain germs contamination.
  • Nails can become brighter by using it, saltwater will soften skin and the cuticles allowing nails to be strengthened.


Saltwater Therapy for Psoriasis, Why Is the Best Treatment?

Saltwater treatment can be something you can try with low risk and at affordable prices anywhere. Doesn’t matter where you live or what season is it.

It can restore your skin and body in wonderful ways;

Salt may be something you cannot consume in excess but for your psoriasis condition, it can make that recovery you’ve been expecting.

Talk to your doctor to see if it’s an applicable solution for your skin type, and have a great time using it.

Almost everyone who tries it outstays a fan, maybe you’re the next one!