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Oregano Oil Treatment for Psoriasis (Avoid This Mistake)

Oregano oil is one of the best oils recommended by doctors to treat many health issues. It is specially designed for dealing with bacterial infections and it can be used as antibiotics as well.

This is why oregano oil is a great choice to treat psoriasis symptoms and other skin issues. It can aid in controlling psoriasis exacerbations and take care of other infections as well.

If you want to know more about oregano oil and what it can do for your psoriasis then keep scrolling because we have a full article just for you.

oregano oil treatment for psoriasis

What Is Oregano Oil?

The oil of oregano is a plant-derived essential oil that can be used as an antibiotic to treat and prevent many infections. Its properties are composed of antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial agents.

Unlike many antibiotics, oregano oil doesn’t represent a high risk due to overuse. It won’t put you at risk for antibiotic resistance, nor will destroy your gut health.

Other antibiotics tend to destroy your probiotic bacteria, leaving you with reduced vitamin absorption and a leaky gut syndrome. They will completely trash your whole gastrointestinal tract’s lining.

And although many see oregano oil as only good for fungus and such, truth is, it can be a powerful aid for psoriasis symptoms.

Pro tip: Some people may be allergic to oregano oil, but they can use magnesium oil instead, to treat their psoriasis.

Benefits of Oregano Oil for Psoriasis

Oregano oil will provide many aiding benefits for psoriasis patients by helping with:

  • Indigestion
  • Bacterial infections
  • Candida
  • Parasites
  • Tumors
  • Viruses
  • Allergies
  • Inflammation

And this is how oregano oil will act while fighting psoriasis symptoms.

Helps Improving Cholesterol Levels

One of the biggest benefits of using oregano oil is the lowering of cholesterol levels. Patients with psoriasis are at higher risk for cardiovascular diseases, so this essential oil is a great win for them.

When combining healthy habits with oregano oil, it will react by lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol and keeping it that way up to 48 hours later

It’s a Natural Alternative to Antibiotics

Oregano oil is a great help to fight bacteria, this is crucial for psoriasis patients who are prone to infections in their psoriasis.

It is also very effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Oregano oil can be used in many forms and it shows great potential in improving psoriasis symptoms when used as a supplement.

Will Help Managing Inflammatory Diseases

When free radicals attach deeply to patients that suffer from psoriasis they will contribute to common chronic conditions related to the disease.

Thanks to the strong antioxidants present in oregano oil, it will promptly reduce the oxidative damage induced by free radicals.

oregano oil treatment for psoriasis tea

Can Fight Infections and Bacterial Overgrowth

Patients that have recurrent scalp, pustular, and nail psoriasis are in a constant battle against infections and bacteria.

Oregano oil prevents the spread and overgrowth of them by ceasing its development and preventing future breakthroughs.

Pro tip: Castor oil can be a great alternative to treat psoriasis as well.

Can Treat Digestive Issues

When used wisely oregano oil can line your gut health and will promote its good functioning. It will stimulate the existent gut bacteria (they are good for you) to prevail and thrive.

This will lower the risk for inflammation spreading thus reflecting in fewer psoriasis breakouts. Having a healthy gut is key to keeping psoriasis symptoms under control.

oregano oil treatment for psoriasis chart

How to Use Oregano Oil for Psoriasis? (Avoid This Mistake)

Oregano oil is very simple to use, but the main secret to its success will depend on what issue you’ll be treated with it. This is where many people fail either overdosing or not using enough for certain conditions such as psoriasis.

Here’s how you should do it:

  • If you are using oregano oil in tea leaves you can make a digestive tea. Steep 15 grams of oregano in 250 ml of water for 5-10 minutes. If you are going for an infusion leave it for 24 hours.
  • In oil form for internal use, you can take 2 to 4 drops of oregano oil daily. Do this for 10 days and then stop completely.
  • For direct use in the skin (e.g. in a psoriasis flake) apply 2-3 diluted drops in the affected area.
  • When used in capsule form the oral supplementation of oregano should be around 600 milligrams daily (You can take it in 1 or 2 doses)

Caution: If you are taking other medications, oregano oil might interfere with them, feel free to talk first with your doctor about using it. They will know better your clinical picture for a correct recommendation.

Side Effects of Oregano Oil for Psoriasis

When you use the commercial version of oregano oil to treat your psoriasis, have in mind that it is highly concentrated. And when taken too much for too long some side effects may occur, such as:

  • central hyperactivity (inappropriate talkativeness)
  • nausea
  • gastric distress
  • and vomiting

Some people may have reactions to oregano oil, this is why they should test it first before normally using it.

Pregnant women and children with psoriasis should be kept away from using oregano oil as there aren’t many studies done on it.

oregano oil treatment for psoriasis intestinal distress

Is It Ok to Take Oil of Oregano Every Day?

Due to the powerful nature of oregano oil, you should only use it to do a treatment and stop for a while.

Most treatments don’t usually last more than 10 days, this is the average time one should take oregano oil.

How Many Drops of Oregano Oil Can I Take a Day?

You can take up to a maximum of 4 drops of oregano oil daily, more than that can cause you some side effects such as nausea and intestinal distress.

When starting with oregano oil use 1 drop wait 24 hours for any reactions and slowly build your way up.

Does Oregano Oil Raise Blood Pressure?

On the contrary, oregano oil has a record of lowering blood pressure readings up to 24 hours later.

Should I Use Oregano Oil for My Psoriasis

For many people with psoriasis, oregano oil is a great natural way to treat psoriasis symptoms without using powerful synthetics in their skin.

Some patients are just too sensitive to use corticosteroids in their bodies. So, using essential oils is their best bet when it comes to soothing psoriasis symptoms.

As you might guess, this doesn’t mean that oregano oil will work flawlessly on everyone, but even so, it is still a far better alternative than having none.

In the end, it’s really up to you to decide if you want to use oregano oil for your psoriasis or not. If you are redundant in trying it out, do a patch test first and decide upon the reaction of your skin.

You can always talk to your healthcare professional about trying oregano oil for your psoriasis or even discuss other options.

They can share their thoughts with you, but the choice will always remain yours when it comes to using it.

Always give yourself a chance in trying new treatments and keep looking out for improvements in your psoriasis. One day you’ll find what works best for you and that will be it.