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Onion Juice for Scalp Psoriasis (Best Way to Use It)

Onions are just more than food that you prepare while you are cooking. They have great healing properties thanks to their anti-inflammatory composition and can be quite useful.

Many people don’t know but it is possible to use onion juice for scalp psoriasis symptoms. It can be a good treatment and when used properly it can prevent the spreading of scalp psoriasis.

If you want to know more about how can onion juice help control scalp psoriasis then keep reading because we have a whole article about it just for you.

onion juice for scalp psoriasis

Benefits of Onion Juice for Scalp Psoriasis

Using onion juice to control scalp psoriasis symptoms can do wonders if done right, there are benefits such as:

Helps With Scalp Scars

Onion juice is effective at treating scarring, when combined with aloe vera it can even boost your results.

When severe scalp psoriasis flare-ups appear on your scalp, sometimes it will become scarred.

This will result in bald spots here and there due to the scars that remain on the scalp. The antioxidants present in onion juice will help scar and regenerate those spots.

Controls Scalp Irritations

One of the most common problems with scalp psoriasis is the irritations that occur. When using onion juice you are ending bacteria proliferation thus stopping effectively scalp irritation.

If you have irritation going on, it will help terminate any bacteria activity and will accelerate the healing of the scalp.

Increases Blood Circulation

Massaging your scalp with onion juice will increase effectively blood circulation. This is good for regenerating cells and accelerates the healing of any present wound.

Prevents infections

The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of onion juice are great to clear your scalp from any possible infections. This will minimize any infection risk and will help you control scalp psoriasis symptoms.

Moisturizes The Scalp

Another aspect that happens during a crisis of scalp psoriasis is the dryness of the scalp. This makes the skin breakable and it starts to flake.

This can lead to wounds and infections if patients don’t do anything about it. Using onion juice, it will keep the scalp moisturized and will reduce the chances of flakes.

How to Use Onion Juice for Scalp Psoriasis

  • Start by taking 1 or 2 onions and peeling them.
  • Then you need to cut them into smaller pieces and put them in a blender.
  • After the blend, filter the onion juice until you have no chunks left in the blend.
  • Prepare your scalp for using the juice, give yourself a good massage first and apply the onion juice in circular motions while massaging it.
  • Let it sit for an hour or so, then wash it off with warm water and rinse it off with a mild shampoo, this will get rid of the onion smell.
  • When drying your scalp use a tapping motion, do not scrub your head with a towel.
  • You can repeat this once a week or every other week for better results.

Side note: If the blend is too strong due to the acidity of the onions, mix it with a small cup of warm water when starting out. This will dilute its strength of it and it will ease any burning sensation.

onion juice for scalp psoriasis composition

Side Effects of Onion Juice for Scalp Psoriasis

There aren’t many side effects reported by the use of onion juice, still, there are some that might occur.

  • You can be allergic to onions and this will cause rashes on your skin, worsening any situation you are trying to treat.
  • The smell of onion juice can make you tear and dripping snot all over. Not everyone is able to handle it.
  • You can also become very nauseous with the onion smell and it can lead to vomit.

The best way to avoid any onion juice side effects is to patch test yourself first and 24 hours later apply it on yourself. This way you are minimizing any risk that can exist.


Does Onion Juice Help Scalp Psoriasis?

Onion juice can be of good use to help scalp psoriasis patients treat their condition. Onions have healing properties that are used in many topical treatments for scalp psoriasis.

Is Onion Good for Psoriasis?

Using onion to treat psoriasis is a good way to use a natural ingredient to your benefit. Onion has many antioxidants that can really benefit psoriasis symptoms.

Can I Apply Onion Juice Directly on Hair?

You can apply onion juice directly to the hair, just make sure you have no allergy to onions otherwise some side effects may occur.

How Can I Use Onion Juice on My Scalp?

You can blend some onions and filter their juice to use directly on your scalp, you will need to wash it off after the treatment is done to get rid of the strong smell of onion.

Can I Use Onion Juice Overnight on Scalp?

If you can handle onion juice odor you can leave it overnight on your scalp, however, you can limit that to 1 hour and still reap the benefits of using it.

Is Onion Good for Scalp?

Yes, onion can be very helpful for the scalp thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It will also clean it and make it brighter.

Does Onion Juice Reduce Scalp Inflammation?

It is possible to benefit from a reduction in inflammation when using onion. The antioxidants present in onions will help decrease any ongoing inflammation.

Is Onion Good for Itchy Scalp?

Onion is one of the best ingredients for an itchy scalp, it may sting a little bit when using it but it will end the itchy sensation in minutes.

onion juice for scalp psoriasis benefits

Should It Start Using Onion Juice for Scalp Psoriasis?

Onion juice is not necessarily meant for everyone and that is a fact, but it can replace many synthetic solutions for those who prefer natural treatments for their scalp psoriasis.

Certain individuals are too sensitive to certain topical treatments, so, instead of only relying on biological shots, they opt for going natural when scalp psoriasis is just minor or in a mild state.

But it’s really up to you to decide whether you want to do it or not. Onion juice has proven to be reasonably effective against scalp psoriasis flare-ups and it can ease and prevent further issues.

It is ok to try natural treatments once in a while for scalp psoriasis. The good part of going natural is that even if having any side effects it won’t cause any huge impact on your condition.

Always do a patch test before starting out and give yourself a chance to collect the benefits of onion juice for your scalp psoriasis.

If you had a great experience with treating scalp psoriasis with onion juice, feel free to share this content with someone who might appreciate it.