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Kim Kardashian Psoriasis: Opens Up About Her Skin Journey

In a recent candid conversation, Kim Kardashian opened up about her journey with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, shedding light on her experiences, coping mechanisms, and the path to acceptance and self-care since her diagnosis.

Growing up, Kim was no stranger to the effects of psoriasis, witnessing her mother’s struggle with the condition firsthand. Despite this familiarity, she admits to being unprepared for her own battle with autoimmune diseases.

kim kardashian psoriasis

How Kim Kardashian deals with her Psoriasis

Reflecting on her journey, Kim recalls her initial encounter with psoriasis at the age of 25, triggered by a common cold. Thanks to prompt medical intervention, her symptoms subsided for several years, only to resurface in her early thirties, marking the beginning of her enduring journey with the condition.

One pivotal moment came during the opening of her family’s DASH store in New York, where she experienced an unexpected flare-up. It was her mother’s discerning eye that confirmed the diagnosis, setting Kim on a path of acceptance and proactive management.

Over the years, Kim has faced the unpredictable nature of psoriasis, with one persistent spot on her lower leg serving as a constant reminder of her condition. Despite the challenges, she has embraced her journey, finding moments of empowerment and acceptance along the way.

However, it was a recent flare-up that brought Kim face to face with the reality of psoriatic arthritis, causing debilitating pain and discomfort. Amidst uncertainty and fear, she sought answers, eventually receiving a diagnosis that, while daunting, offered clarity and a sense of direction.

Kim’s journey towards healing has been marked by experimentation with various treatments, from conventional medications to holistic remedies. Despite moments of frustration and exhaustion, she remains committed to her well-being, prioritizing a plant-based diet and self-care rituals to manage stress and maintain balance.

Through her journey, Kim has learned valuable lessons about resilience and self-compassion, encouraging others facing similar challenges to find solace in community and to never lose hope. Her story serves as a beacon of strength, reminding us all that amidst life’s adversities, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.