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Humira for Psoriasis Review: Safe or Dangerous?

There are times where Psoriasis may take over your body. It is not easy to watch Psoriasis occupy 80-90% of it. And if nothing seems to work maybe it’s time to try other routes for success.

Biologic medications like Humira can make quite the difference when it comes to dealing with Psoriasis. They can clear Psoriasis symptoms and the visual marks of Psoriasis as well.

In this article, we are going to cover what Humira shots can do for you and your psoriasis so keep reading because we will get there in a second.

humira for psoriasis injection review

What Is Humira?

Humira is a prescription biologic medicine that is used to treat patients with moderate or severe plaque psoriasis symptoms (other forms of psoriasis may apply as well).

The active ingredients of Humira are adalimumab (20mg), polysorbate 80(0.2mg), mannitol (8.4 mg), and water.

This medicine can only be prescribed by a doctor and it is only recommended for patients who are under care for some time and are ready for systemic therapy or phototherapy.

One of the biggest claims of Humira is the potential clearance of 75% psoriasis from the skin, but individual results may vary.

Benefits of Humira for Psoriasis

There are a lot of benefits associated with taking Humira for Psoriasis, among them are:

Decrease of Inflammation

Humira works by blocking tumor necrosis factor (TNF) protein. When TNF builds up in a patient with psoriasis it causes inflammation. This ends up leading to an inflammatory reaction thus triggering psoriasis symptoms.

Reduces Joint Swelling

Humira will help in reducing joint swelling and it will lower the risks of further joint damage. This will preserve joint function and will improve a patient’s quality of life.

Patients with arthritis will also benefit from Humira as it tends to work well in chronic cases of it.

Clears Red Scaly Patches

Humira is known for clearing any scales and red patches existing on the skin. It will reduce them gradually and will promote the regeneration of the affected spot.

Some small patches may remain but the majority of them will eventually disappear.

Improves Bowel Functioning

Humira is also used to treat Crohn’s disease, this will also be beneficent for patients who have other bowel issues.

Psoriasis is known to be linked to gut issues, by improving them you are also improving your psoriasis condition, and here is where Humira enters.

humira for psoriasis review

Side Effects of Humira for Psoriasis

Unfortunately, Humira comes with its share of cons. There may be adverse reactions to it. And although this does not reflect your final results with it, these are always factors to keep in mind.

When doing Humira injections there are risks for:

Serious infections

Humira may come with the risk of lymphoma, risk of serious infections, risk of tuberculosis, risk malignancy, and other ones.

These may become very serious as they can lead you to a hospital stay. In some rare cases, these infections may even lead to death.

Cancer risk

Taking Humira injections may increase any risk for cancer such as lymphomas (they will affect your white blood cells). These cancers eventually may also lead to death.

And although these are rare situations it is also a risk to keep in mind.

Psoriasis Worsening

You may think that psoriasis treatment should eradicate it instead of worsening it, but happens that Humira can make psoriasis worse.

This will happen due to a severe reaction to Humira injection. Instead of discarding the TNF protein, your body will accumulate it in the blood, thus worsening your psoriasis symptoms.


Does Humira Work for Psoriasis?

Yes, a lot of individuals have great results using Humira to treat their psoriasis symptoms. Although results may vary, there are still good chances that Humira will work for you.

How Often Is Humira Injection for Psoriasis?

Humira shots are given every other week. Only in severe cases, doctors may recommend weekly shots. But it is always done according to the patient’s clinical picture.

How Does Humira Work for Plaque Psoriasis?

Yes, Humira can work for plaque psoriasis. It starts working as soon as 2 weeks but it may take up to 4 months to see everlasting results on the skin.

Does Humira Cause Weight Gain?

No, Humira is not able to cause weight gain or weight loss. However, if you get a serious infection during the Humira treatment, those side effects may occur due to other complications and side effects.

Does Humira Cause Hair Loss?

It is not common for Humira treatment to cause hair loss. However, in some rare cases hair fall was one of the side effects.

It’s not known the exact cause for this, but it is suspected that an unbalance of the “cytokines” molecules may be behind it.

Who Should Not Take Humira?

People who have any kind of infection, especially tuberculosis should stay away from taking Humira. These infections include bacteria, viruses, or any kind of fungi.

These infections can spread throughout the body and that is what makes them dangerous when taking Humira (it can suppress white cell functions).

humira for psoriasis review shot

Should I Start Using Humira for My Psoriasis?

Using Humira shots is not something you decide and take from one day to other.

There are some medical procedures you must endure before starting taking it, but it can benefit greatly your psoriasis symptoms.

You will need to check with your doctor if Humira is indeed the best solution for your psoriasis.

Some patients may not be a great fit for Humira, this is why you need to be sure you are making the right decision for your issues with psoriasis.

When finally starting on Humira give it time, some patients may take up to 3 months to start seeing some effects, others not so much.

The most important thing is to be patient, Humira shots can make the whole difference for you but you need to give it time. You won’t achieve results overnight, and with that said, the best advice is to never lose hope.

Biologics like Humira have helped many patients throughout the world and it may help you as well. Keep on working on what’s resulting for you and be the best you can be.

Any improvement on Psoriasis is an improvement nevertheless, do not forget that.