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Girlfriend Has Psoriasis? Dating Tips, Sex, and More

Getting into a relationship is always a positive mark on a couple’s life. You’ll be making plans and discovering new experiences with your half from now on.

Starting to know psoriasis while being a couple can be a challenge but it can also be a chance to build a bigger and stronger bond between the two.

Having psoriasis it’s not the end of the world but rather a whole new exciting experience.

If your girlfriend has psoriasis there are a couple of things you should know that can help the future of your relationship, so keep reading cause we will get there in a sec.

girlfriend has psoriasis dating tips sex

How Can You Help Your Girlfriend With Psoriasis?

There are many ways you can really help your girlfriend if she has psoriasis, among them are:


Helping you girlfriend to relax is a great way to help her with psoriasis. This could be something simple just as talking.

You don’t need to aim for greater things. But if you do, there’s no harm at all in doing in them as well. People often get caught in overthinking this issue and the solution is somewhat simple.

Talk with your girlfriend and have fun. Simplicity is key.

Take Good Care of Her

Learn her routines and help her out in those things. Instead of setting her running away to a bathroom to apply topical treatment and such, help her do it so.

You’ll become more intimate and it will reinforce the bond of the relationship for both.

Acknowledge the Condition

Talk about the elephant in the room, don’t ignore it. Having open talks about it will make the subject less sensitive to approach.

If a couple is together is for better and for worse, there is no in-between, that’s why communication is very important to thrive.


After a while, if your girlfriend can handle it, there is no harm in using humor in the situation.

You don’t need to be ridiculous, instead, be sexy or funny about it (as long as you two are confident enough about it).

It will help break down the ice, especially on those blue days. You will find it amazing what a little bit of humor can do for a bad day.

Have Sex

What is a relationship without sex? It can be so releasing to have some sex and intimacy on certain days.

As a warning, only do it when she is comfortable doing it so. Inclining your girlfriend to sex just because, will not get you the desired effect, only quite the opposite.

girlfriend has psoriasis dating tips sex legs

Be Honest

Be honest with yourself and be honest with your girlfriend, if you both are not happy with your current situation, fix it or part ways.

There is no point in continuing something where both are miserable. Sometimes cutting ties is the best way to help the other out. Just beware of that.

Can a Person With Psoriasis Get a Girlfriend?

Of course, they can! There are a lot of famous people that have psoriasis and still manage to have a great family life. They should serve as inspiration for you.

There is nothing in the dating book (if one exists) that rules out dating for people with psoriasis. Someone out there will be the perfect match for you and your psoriasis.

Pro tip: Collagen can help to get better improvement in psoriasis symptoms, and it can help boost your girlfriend’s confidence too.

How to Tell Your Partner About Your Psoriasis?

There are some things you can do to tell your partner about your psoriasis the right way. Just like:

  • If flares shake your confidence cover them until you are comfortable showing them.
  • Decide when it is the right time to tell them, too soon or too late is not an option.
  • Educate your partner about psoriasis, don’t make it a big deal, but let them know it’s real.
  • Prepare them for what to expect during intimacy, that way, it won’t be a shock.
  • Keep working on improving your psoriasis so you’ll be in great shape, don’t neglect it.

Other Psoriasis Dating-Related Questions

Is Psoriasis an STD?

Psoriasis is not an STD it is a skin condition that provokes exacerbations on the skin that leads to a lot of itching and will visibly manifest into red patches throughout the body (or the genitals).

These symptoms may resemble STDs but they are far from being it. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that will only be present in the carrier.

Can Psoriasis Be Sexually Transmitted?

It is impossible to get infected by psoriasis. This disease is not contagious sexually nor by any other means.

Psoriasis may affect the sexual organs of the person who has it but will never pass through another during intercourse or direct skin contact.

Is Psoriasis Contagious Through Kissing?

You can’t get psoriasis through kissing. Although it may cause some discomfort if you are dealing with severe exacerbations’ of psoriasis on the face, it won’t infect others by it.

In the past doctors used to get confused between Psoriasis and Leprosy thus the origin of this stigma towards people with psoriasis. But rest assured it’s not infectious by any nature.

Can Psoriasis Spread to Your Partner?

There is no possible way for psoriasis spread to your partner. Although it might reassemble as an infectious disease, it is not.

The more both embrace the condition itself the better the relationship will be. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Do People Date People With Psoriasis?

People with psoriasis date all the time. They marry all the time too. There is nothing wrong with having psoriasis.

There is no cure for it and that’s why there are so many people with psoriasis. But since psoriasis symptoms can be controlled with great success, you won’t even know how many of them really have it.

Is It Okay to Marry Someone With Psoriasis?

It is perfectly normal to marry someone that you love. Them having psoriasis is just a plus to your life. People with psoriasis marry all the time and they are perfectly happy to do it so.

And although this may seem an odd question, it is important to raise awareness about psoriasis so questions like these get answered in the first place.

Can HPV Lead To Psoriasis?

No, a human papillomavirus (HPV) infection cannot get you psoriasis, however, HPV can trigger psoriasis symptoms in someone who was unaware that has it.

Actually, this is quite a common scenario for many people. They don’t know that they have psoriasis until something triggers it.

Can Psoriasis Be Hormonal?

Hormonal imbalance can have an active role in triggering psoriasis symptoms. They are not the major cause of psoriasis but can represent a significant part of what causes it.

When your body is better balanced, the risk for psoriasis symptoms is significantly lower.

girlfriend has psoriasis dating tips sex hands

Can Psoriasis Affect Your Erection?

Unfortunately yes, it has been discovered that men with psoriasis have a greater disposition for erectile dysfunction when compared to others that don’t.

Nowadays you have many options when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction. Following a healthier lifestyle will help prevent further aggravations.

Can Psoriasis Affect Your Libido?

There are several factors in psoriasis that unfortunately affect the libido such as skin desquamation, the individual appearance, and the inconvenience caused by topical treatments.

It is really important to constantly keep working on the physical and mental aspects of it. That can be the main difference between success and failure in relationships.

Can Psoriasis Affect Penetration?

Studies have revealed that psoriasis can affect penetration by the physical and emotional problems that come with it.

But it is not a general rule for everyone, just be conscious that it is a real struggle and it needs to be addressed so you won’t be affected by it.

Can Psoriasis Affect Periods?

There is no correlation between psoriasis symptoms affecting periods, however, the stress caused by the visual aspects of psoriasis can influence periods.

Every hormone imbalance during the menstrual cycle can have a strong influence on it. While it may seem that psoriasis is the culprit, actually is the other way around.

Can It Be Difficult to Find a Partner if You Have Psoriasis?

It can be challenging to find a partner if you have psoriasis but not impossible though. Dating and connecting with partners come down to confidence and other aspects.

Having psoriasis should not be a huge factor while trying to get a partner. And although it makes things a little bit harder, don’t let it discourage you from the dating scene.

Can You Make a Normal Life With Your Girlfriend Having Psoriasis?

There is no real definition for a normal life, but you can have a great life with your girlfriend even if she has psoriasis.

Many people don’t work their relationship, this ends up resulting in divorce or a break-up and then they blame it all on psoriasis. But it’s not like that.

This disease has some luggage with it, but by learning how to control psoriasis you will be able to do basically almost anything that everyone does.

Don’t be discouraged if someone tells you that they have psoriasis, it is just a part of their life. Be happy to make part of it. That is the true meaning of life.