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Can You Get a Hair Transplant if You Have Psoriasis?

Having psoriasis is one of the great challenges people can have in life. But when psoriasis starts to affect your hair it can really shake you to the core.

Luckily enough, medicine has advanced so far that we now have some great alternatives, even when going bald because of psoriasis.

People with psoriasis can get hair transplantation with the right follow-up. There is always a possibility for the Koebner phenomenon, but it won’t affect the hair transplant outcome.

This means you will need to follow some proper instructions so the whole process goes accordingly, but we are going to explain everything in detail down below, so keep reading.

can you get a hair transplant if you have psoriasis

Advantages of Hair Transplant for People With Psoriasis

Scalp psoriasis and stress can play a huge role in the downfall of hair. Although psoriasis is not directly responsible for baldness, the stress that comes with it may be.

During an intense scalp psoriasis exacerbation hair loss may occur, and although concerning it will be only temporary.

Unfortunately, when scaring occurs in the scalp, things become more complicated. Scarred tissues will close and no more hair will be growing up again.

This is where a hair transplant takes place and psoriasis patients can have it too. Hair transplants are much more successful than OTC restoration products.

Here are the main advantages of a psoriasis patient doing a hair transplant.

1. Elimination of Baldness

Some people with psoriasis don’t mind getting bald, but to others, it can really shake their confidence off.

A hair transplant works by thickening the hair volume in the thin/bald areas and will reshape your receding hairline.

Nowadays hair transplants are very effective in psoriasis patients. Even if in the future you have scalp psoriasis outbreaks, you will never see balding again.

2. Restored Hairline

One of the main concerns of a hair transplant for people with psoriasis is the possibility of not looking natural. But you can rest assured of this.

Hair restoration will be unnoticeable, and it will allow you to have a natural-looking hairline. You will be delighted with the results of it.

3. Great Appearance and Improvement of Self-Esteem

Losing hair is never easy no matter at what age it goes off. It generates a lack of confidence, and experiencing scalp psoriasis along the way doesn’t help either.

People usually get emotionally affected by this change. It can affect their professional life and their personal life too.

With a hair transplant, you can get all that back and feel like yourself again. Removing this stress from your mind will also improve your psoriasis considerably.

4. It Requires Low-Maintenance

What many people don’t know is that transplanted hair actually behaves like your natural hair. This means it doesn’t need any special maintenance.

After surgery, you will need a small period for healing, but after that, it’s just a normal routine.

You can wash it with your usual shampoo and it won’t lose its thickness. You can even do a scalp psoriasis treatment because it won’t have any negative effect at all.

5. It Is Really Cheap Nowadays

Thanks to a lot of innovative techniques, hair transplantation has become cost-effective. It is better to do it than to add up a lot of individual OTC treatments.

In the long run, individual treatments tend to fail while a hair transplant is by far a better permanent solution than what’s out there.

Many patients who become bald after psoriasis have done a hair transplant and are very happy about the results.

Treatments with natural products such as jojoba oil are good at maintaining hair health, but for everlasting results (if you are already bald), it is preferable to perform a hair transplant.

Disadvantages of Hair Transplant for People With Psoriasis

Unfortunately, hair transplants may not work for everyone and there can be some side effects with them too, such as:

  • Bleeding scalp
  • Scalp pain, itching, and swelling
  • Infections
  • Losing sensation around the treated spots
  • Uneven visible areas of hair
  • Crust and pus drainage
  • Inflammation of hair follicles

This is not the norm for everyone, but you may need to consider that it is also a possibility.

Who Is Not Eligible for Hair Transplant?

There is only one condition that can prevent you from getting a hair transplant and that is, not having hair since birth.

Hair transplant is performed by transplanting hair follicles from one side of the scalp to the other. Those who have no hair to do it, cannot receive hair from anywhere else.

Can You Go Bald With Psoriasis?

Psoriasis does not cause hair loss. However, the extreme stress in some cases caused by psoriasis affliction may accelerate the baldness process in some people.

Pro tip: Using onion juice to treat scalp psoriasis may lower the risks for baldness.

Can Hair Still Grow With Scalp Psoriasis?

Yes, as long as scarring doesn’t occur in the scalp due to severe complications of psoriasis, your hair will still grow again.

Is There a Risk for Koebner Phenomenon When Doing a Hair Transplant?

Yes, unfortunately, there is always the risk of the Koebner Phenomenon in psoriasis patients. But the good news is, that doesn’t affect the outcome of a hair transplant.

Once the exacerbation is treated and gone, hair growth will continue normally as it would go on a natural hair.

Should I Have a Hair Transplant if I Have Psoriasis?

If you have psoriasis and are losing hair, feel free to look for a hair transplant specialist. Only you are able to know how you feel about your hair loss.

If having the opportunity to do it, there is no reason to look back. It will make you feel better and will improve your visible psoriasis spots.

You already have a rough burden dealing with your psoriasis. Don’t let any baldness come in your way.

If you have met all the requirements needed for a hair transplant, then go ahead and make your decision.


Dealing with psoriasis and managing hair loss is a challenge that it’s not up to everyone.

Luckily for psoriasis patients, there is the opportunity to do a successful hair transplant. It can be a great morale booster, and also improve the quality of life.

If you are struggling with both of these problems then consult a hair transplant specialist and wait no more. You have all the right to feel good about yourself again.