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Can Psoriasis Cause Headaches? (This Will Cure Them Faster)

Having psoriasis unfortunately comes with its share of problems. With this condition, skin problems are only the tip of the iceberg.

Psoriasis patients sadly will often have to deal with headaches, because it comes with the territory. But the good news is, that some things can be done to mitigate migraines.

If you want to know more about how can you control better any headaches caused by psoriasis, then keep reading because we’ve got all covered just for you.

can psoriasis cause headaches

Why does Psoriasis Causes Headaches?

There isn’t (yet) a concrete answer to why psoriasis causes headaches to people. But there is some certainty that it does happen for a fact.

It is believed that the internal inflammation that fuels psoriasis is somewhat connected with migraine propagation.

The theory consists that if your whole body becomes inflamed, your brain may become affected by it as well.

And this is why so many psoriasis patients suffer from headaches right around the same time as they have severe psoriasis exacerbations.

What Does Psoriasis Headaches Feel Like?

Psoriasis headaches unfortunately are quite common (more than people are willing to admit). Most people with psoriasis will experience them many times.

They will provoke strong pain in your head or your face. And it can be dull, throbbing, sharp, or constant depending on the situation.

Most headaches caused by psoriasis can be treated with painkillers or other healing methods. But each case is unique, what works for some will not work for others.

This is why it needs to do some ongoing kind of prevention to keep them to a minimum, or at least to mitigate their intensity as they arrive.

How Can You Cure Psoriasis Headaches Faster

We all want to cure headaches in a blink of an eye, but although not possible there are still some things you can do to accelerate their end, such as:

Drink Plenty of Water

One of the main causes of psoriasis headaches is dehydration. When your body is low on water migraines start to appear.

Keep yourself hydrated, this will help your headaches but will also benefit your psoriasis. You should feel better after a few minutes of drinking it.

When you feel headaches arriving, avoid keeping yourself without drinking water for too long. Once they come in full power, it will be a lot harder to dismiss them.

Get Some Rest if You Are Feverish

The inflammation from psoriasis can potentially cause headaches but will also cause some fever. When you combine these two together, things become a little bit complicated.

The best medicine for fever and psoriasis headaches is to stop a little bit before continuing with your duties.

When you force yourself to go on in these conditions your are forcing yourself for disaster. Get some rest then take the next step.

Don’t Stress

Getting upset and stressed because of psoriasis headaches will only make matters worse. It will rise your blood pressure and from there it is all downhill.

Stress isn’t good for anything let alone joining psoriasis headaches to the equation. Do a pause and relax for a little bit, you’ll definitely feel lighter and your headache should ease as well.

Have Some Painkillers (Ibuprofen or Paracetamol)

When nothing seems to help feel free to resort to some painkillers like ibuprofen or paracetamol. Although they cannot cure psoriasis headaches instantly, they can make it better.

Sometimes it’s all you need to keep going with your day. So, don’t wait for last minute to do something about your headaches. Don’t be a martyr, use your ocasional painkiller and move on.

Take the Day off to Be Quiet (If Possible)

This unfortunately is not possible to 99% of us, but if can, you should!

Sometimes psoriasis headaches become so unbearable that your best shot is to take the day off and shutdown for the moment.

When you combine this with all the other mentioned solutions, you’ll feel a lot better the next day. It’s an ideal scenario that is not possible for most of us.

But if you can make something that makes this possible, then don’t think twice about it. You will be thankful later.

Pro tip: Having a coffee can help your psoriasis headaches, check it out.

can scalp psoriasis cause headaches

What Shouldn’t You Do When Having Psoriasis Headaches

As there are some things you should do for psoriasis headaches, there are also some that you should stay away from, for example:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol during a psoriasis headache crisis, it will only make things worse.
  • Don’t fast and don’t skip meals, even if you are not in the mood for eating, force yourself into a light meal. Fasting will only worsen your psoriasis headaches.
  • Avoid exposing your eyes to strong light sources (this includes the cellphone). Use sunglasses when driving or walking outside, avoid staring at lights for too long.
  • Don’t oversleep, sleeping for too long will only worse your psoriasis headaches. You can rest with your eyes closed but avoid sleeping more than you usually would.

Is There a Link Between Psoriasis and Migraines?

According to a study, people with psoriasis have higher chance for headaches when compared with others who are psoriasis free.

The evidence has suggested that an endothelial dysfunction may be behind of what causes psoriasis patients a lot of headaches.

And although more studies are necessary to link them together, it is a certainty that psoriasis migraines are involved with inflammatory processes.

Can Psoriasis Affect the Brain?

It is possible for psoriasis to affect the brain. When you’re having a psoriasis breakout, your brain chemicals suffer alterations.

These will influence in your mood and other aspects of it such as sadness and depression.

Can Psoriasis Cause Brain Inflammation?

It is feasible and widely recognized that psoriasis causes inflammation beyond the skin. This is potentially true for the brain as well.

There is strong evidence that links this argument because biologic, immune-modulating treatments for psoriasis tend to improve both the skin and the mood in many patients.

can psoriasis cause migraines

Can Scalp Psoriasis Cause Headaches?

Scalp psoriasis may increase the risk for headaches. The inflammatory processes that your body goes thru during a psoriasis breakout puts your brain at risk for potential migraines.

Can Psoriatic Arthritis Cause Severe Headaches?

Patients who suffer from psoriatic arthritis are associated with an increase of headaches. The inflammatory response of the body also alters the brain chemicals leading to an increased risk for migraines.

Do I Need to Worry About My Psoriasis Causing Headaches?

Headaches, unlike your psoriasis, will come and go, this is not the best news to read about, but at least you know they shouldn’t be permanent.

We all know that headaches can last several days or even weeks. Although not common it is quite possible. If your headaches don’t get better after a week, it is time to search for a GP.

There are a few instances where migraines can be troublesome, among them are:

  • If your headache keeps coming back over and over week after week.
  • If you’ve taken medication and it doesn’t help at all, in fact it gets worse.
  • If you are having constant pain in the front and the side of your head
  • If you are constantly vomiting, feeling sick, light or very sensitive (feeling pain) to noises.

Other than this it is very unlikely that your migraine will persist. We all have them from time to time. And even if psoriasis is one strong trigger for them, you should get better after a while.

Just follow some of the tips we’ve laid down for you, in order to prevent psoriasis headaches. And when having them, do your best to mitigate their passage.

Prevention will be your best bet on this one. Although having psoriasis migraines is not easy, they will not stay forever. Be strong, stay healthy, and they’ll be over very soon.