Can Banana Peel Help Treat Psoriasis?

Dealing with psoriasis is neither simple nor easy. This skin problem might not only be unpleasant, but it can also harm your self-esteem.

While there are plenty of topicals and medications to relieve the symptoms, many patients turn to natural solutions to get the longed-for cure they crave.

Banana peels are among these solutions because of their anti-inflammatory properties.

Is Banana Peel Effective in the Treatment of Psoriasis?

Even though there is no scientific evidence to support the use of banana peel to treat psoriasis, it is one of many home treatments that have helped people with skin disorders.

Banana peel is high in antioxidants, and its extracts are commonly used in soothing lotions due to the fruit’s anti-inflammatory properties.

It helps to relieve psoriasis and hydrates, and soothes dry skin.

How to Treat Psoriasis With Banana Peel?

Banana and its peels can be used to treat psoriasis in several ways, as follows:

  • Apply the peel of a banana to the affected area

Cut a banana peel into tiny pieces so that you may scrub it more easily. Begin rubbing the injured region carefully until the peel’s insides become brown. Do this at least two to three times a week for the most noticeable results.

Banana peel has a cooling and moisturizing effect on the skin. The peel’s antioxidant content and strong anti-inflammatory effects soothe the skin, relieving irritation and pain.

  • Psoriasis Banana Peel Paste Mask

With the help of a knife, scrape off the white part of the banana peel and then grind it with a blender to obtain a smooth paste.

Apply it to the affected areas as if it were a topical ointment and wait for it to work. To achieve better effects, do it once or twice a day if you can.

This treatment is a natural alternative to psoriasis ointments. It will aid in relieving the discomfort while moisturizing your skin.

Can Banana Peel Help Treat Psoriasis?
  • Psoriasis Treatment with Banana Peel and Coal Tar

One banana peel and one tablespoon of coal tar are required to make this mixture. Before applying them to the affected area of your skin, mix them thoroughly and shake them well.

Apply this paste as a topical ointment and keep it on for a few minutes. Make it a habit to do it once or twice a day.

Psoriasis is usually treated with coal tar. It helps relieve the problem by slowing the fast proliferation of skin cells.

Also, it helps in reducing the redness, itching, and scaling that are common side effects of the disease.

While coal tar alone may be drying, it can keep the skin moist and supple when combined with a banana peel.

  • Banana Peel And Honey For Psoriasis

To prepare a smooth, soft paste, chop the banana peel into small pieces and combine them.

When you are done making a soft and smooth paste of banana peel, add two tablespoons of pure honey with the paste and stir well.

Apply the paste and honey to the affected area of your skin after thoroughly mixing them. You must leave the paste on your skin for at least half an hour for a successful result.

Once half an hour has passed, use only warm water to rinse the applied area. Psoriasis can be improved by applying a banana peel and honey paste twice a day.

Honey is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory by its very nature. It also helps keep your skin hydrated by locking in moisture.

Honey and banana peel are a great combination for soothing and calming psoriasis.

  • Place a banana peel on the affected area and tape it down

Use the banana peel to cover the afflicted areas, then tape it up with medical tape. After around 8 hours, remove the peel and reapply it if desired.

Banana peel softens scales and relieves irritation while keeping your skin fresh and hydrated.

Banana peels, are also great for skin care

Other Banana peel benefits can be:

  • To soften your skin and decrease wrinkles, rub a banana peel on your face
  • To minimize puffiness, place a banana peel beneath your eyes
  • A banana peel can be used as a natural moisturizer
  • To help diminish acne scars, rub the peel on them
  • Place a piece of a ripe banana peel on a wart and leave it there overnight to remove it.


You can clearly observe a tendency of the entire world shifting to natural cures in order to heal illnesses.

Since it ends up having little to zero side effects, people all over are using natural remedies to manage psoriasis. This can be a frightening task for many but it is definitely manageable.

Banana can be a great deal to consider as a natural remedy to treat your skin problem. The banana peel has many medicinal values, especially for the skin.